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How Your Liquor Store Should Be Using Facebook Events

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 3, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Facebook events are described as calendar based resources. These are used to alert your audience of upcoming events in your business calendar. They can either be public or private and can be created by anyone. Events are an easy way to spread the word about upcoming occasions as they have the ability to reach a vast audience in a short time.

Facebook events have features such as an RSVP list. The event will be displayed on the invitees’ page as a reminder when the date arrives.

In order to make your liquor store Facebook events stand out and gain the attention and attendance they deserve, utilize the tips below.


Liquor Store Events Facebook Marketing


  1. Create your liquor store Facebook event on your page using your personal profile as host

This works to promote you in different ways.

  • Invitees to the event have a link to your personal page
  • Invitees can see all the other events you have created
  • You can directly message all of your invitees using your personal profile. Do not abuse this feature as your messages can easily be seen as spam.
  1. Provide all relevant information

Do not make people have to search for information. All important details should be at the top of the page. Any other information pertaining to the event can then be found by clicking on “see more”

  • If attending the event requires registration on a website, this should be the first detail on your event.
  • After adding all the relevant details, list all links pertaining to the event. These can be a link to an audio file, a video, twitter or instagram page.  These links will also be highlighted in relation to your event
  1. When choosing a venue, use one that is recognized by Facebook instead of an address

Facebook will auto complete the name of a venue it recognizes when you type it in the location bar. If not, add this venue before making it your event location.  If there is no map to your event, Facebook will usually not recommend it.


  1.  Create multiple events if your schedule is longer than 5 days

Facebook events are automatically imported into people’s calendars. If your event will take more than 5 days, this means that you will be squatting on someone’s calendar for more than a week: this is an easy way to annoy your audience. You should also add a start and end time as the default is 3 hours.


  1. Do not restrict who can post on your event wall

Clicking on “admin only” will restrict your invitees from communicating with you. Allow people to engage with you.


  1. Add a relevant cover photo of the recommended size

This picture is just as important as a magazine’s cover photo. Most people will use the picture on their event flyer as their event photo. Unless all the information on it can be clearly seen in a 714x264 pixel rectangle, don’t do this.


Facebook Event Marketing Tips


  1. Have one official event

Everyone in your store should be involved in your Facebook event.

  • This will enable Invitees to see everyone attending on one page
  • Hosts spread the word on your event on one page
  • A true number of attendees can be seen
  1. Choose your invitees wisely

You can use a hack such as “invite all friends” to find attendees. You can also select and target your invitee list by choosing friends by location, interest or work.


  1. Keep people excited

When an event is first published, half of your invitees will reply or buy tickets within the first few days. The other half will only respond in the last few days leading to the event. You should also keep in mind that those that are excited about the event at the beginning will not necessarily turn up for it, or remember to do so.

  • Post regularly on your event wall so as to refresh your audience’s minds.
  • Post pictures, articles or reviews that have been published about the event.
  • Send updates regarding the event using your business page
  • Using the host page, send messages to the invitees directly to their inboxes.


It is also important to promote your events outside your circle. Use any other social media networks to spread the word on your event to assure maximum attendance. 


For more information on how you can more effectively utilize Favebook to market your store, download your free copy of our 'Liquor Store Marketing Tip Sheet' by clicking the link below:

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