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An Introduction To HubSpot And Inbound Marketing

Posted by Amy Baker on Apr 1, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Hubspot provides companies with a software platform that takes care of all inbound marketing.

What they have done is essentially taken the old school method of marketing, and thrown it out of the window.

The idea is that this one piece of marketing software can simultaneously look after attracting visits, closing customers and effectively converting all leads. People have grown tired of the constant bombardment of incessant banners and pop ups and as such find them a source of annoyance. HubSpot have made it their mission to think outside the box and innovate new strategies.

Instead of interrupting users, the idea is to attract them. This is done by inbound marketing. Your website must gain viewers on merit and this is done by creating strong and relevant content, optimised for search engines. The utilisation of social media with interesting messages and calls to action, as well as personalised email campaigns and engaging website platforms are the keys to the new generation of online marketing. 

 HubSpot And Inbound Marketing

The creators of HubSpot noticed that trends began to change around 7 or 8 years ago. The sales cycle completely changed, and put the power back in the hands of the customer. This meant that people were deciding for themselves where they wanted to go, and how they wanted to make a purchase. The harder companies try to seek out their optimal clientele, the more elusive they become.

With the HubSpot software you are essentially getting a platform with all the necessary tools and measuring devices to be able to effectively market your business to the masses, without them really knowing that they have been marketed to.


The tools that HubSpot offer you:

  • Help with publishing blogs and relevant content. 
  • Tips and information relating to convering visitors into leads
  • Tools to help people find you online via keywords and SEO.
  • Tools that enable you to follow up on leads effectively.
  • Comprehensive analytics that enable you to see how effective your current strategies are.

 HubSpot And Inbound Marketing

HubSpot software allows you to optimize your content, including: your website, blog, social media, email marketing, calls to action, and much more.

Attracting your customers using eBooks and tagged videos, imaginative blog articles, and various content which is relevant and informative to the user is the idea here. Creating the right message and optimising it for search engines, as well as adding value to the client are the objectives to get the attention you deserve.

Converting visitors into leads by actually offering something to them is a core objective, combined with attractive landing pages, with a distinct message once a link has been followed. Making sure there is a call to action once the user arrives at the destination, will engage the visitor and turn them into a potential lead.

HubSpot also helps you gather information on any potential customers so you know what interests them and you can help them with the things they actually want from you.


Let’s throw a hypothetical scenario out there to give an example of how HubSpot might work for you:

If we take a head of marketing at a mid-size company that provides solutions to financial institutions, let’s say that the head of marketing is a HubSpot user. As a head of marketing, the user can write blogs via HubSpot, these blogs are very informative and relate to the latest technology solutions that are specific to help with an area of financial services.

Let us now take an MD of an Investment Brokerage that is searching Google for a way to drive productivity in his business. He comes across the blog and finds it extremely useful. The call to action at the end of the blog is clicked on and he goes to the landing page which offers an eBook that will potentially offer the solution for his problem. He submits his email, name and downloads the eBook. The eBook is indeed full of great insights relevant to the next steps he is looking to take.

He then returns to the website, and finds out that the company that the marketing head works for offers solutions for financial operations. Now as much as this may seem quite relevant, our MD is reluctant at this stage to call for outside assistance because as all MD’s do, he thinks he can take care of his problem on his own.

What HubSpot does is personalise emails and content specifically targeted at the MD, he receives perhaps an email every week or two that eventually convinces him to go back on the site. HubSpot notifies our Marketeer that he has re-visited, this means he has now become a lead, contact is made and the business is done. This is how it works. 


Over 10,000 companies in 56 countries use HubSpot and all have reported not only increased lead generation and sales, but they have been able to slash their marketing budgets too. It’s pretty much a win win situation.


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