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Learn How to Use Facebook Advertising to Drive a Result

Posted by Amy Baker on May 27, 2014 6:00:00 AM

There are many different views when it comes to Facebook ads. Can you relate to any of the feelings below?

  1. I have tried Facebook ads before and they don’t work.
  2. I have never tried Facebook ads as I do not have the budget.
  3. I have tried Facebook ads and they have worked, but I would like to know how to get better results.

Keep reading if any of the statements above apply to you.

Facebook Advertising The 360 Degree Marketing Group

The effectiveness of your Facebook advertising strategy is dependent on 5 things:
  • Knowledge of your audience. Figure out where your audience spends the most time online.
  • Setting a budget before you begin advertising. Setting a budget will allow you to track the effectiveness of your ads. A set budget on a defined timeframe is the easiest way to determine the ROI you gain from your campaigns. Make sure you know the number of factors affecting the price before you get started.
  • Providing something your audience wants. Your ad must give your audience a reason to click on it.
  • Know your advertising terms. CPC, CPM, CTR can get confusing brush up on advertising terms so as to understand exactly what you or your social media manager is doing.
  • Keep track of your campaign. Tracking is vital, do not neglect this. Tracking allows business owners to know what is working and whether their investment is worth it.
  1. Convert ad dollars into aales as quickly as possible

While the number of fans that your Facebook page has is easy enough to improve, it should not be the focus of your campaign. The number of clicks your page receives that convert into sales is. Figure out the “money page” on your website and customise it to your ad. This way, every person who clicks on your ad is automatically directed there.


  1. Target your ads

Facebook allows marketers to laser target their audience. This can be done in two ways:

  • Precise interests: this allows marketers to advertise to users who have listed specific interests on their pages For example a user who has listed canoeing as a hobby can be advertised to by a small business that sells life jackets or oars.
  • Broad categories: this allows advertisers to target a large group of people. For example, soccer fans, or people who have a birthday in the next two weeks.
  1. Get into newsfeeds using promoted posts

The average post is only seen by about 16% of people. Promoted posts are a great way to get featured in people’s news feeds, which is where 70% of the traffic on Facebook is.


  1. Target decision makers precisely

You can use targeting to get in touch with people who have buying power, or a vested interest in what your company is selling. For example targeting people based on their occupation or job title e.g. CEO, Architects or dentists. Choose your audience wisely.

Facebook Advertising Audience The 360 Degree Marketing Group

  1. Use demographics

When you run any sort of ad, you try to target as many people as possible who have the same interests as your audience. Your friends’ actions dictate the type of information that they will show. Facebook uses two methods to do this,

  • Page suggestions
  • Newsfeed stories
  1. Create ads with calls to action

Pictures are a simple way to send a message, without necessarily using words. Your messages should be consistent and tell a story. Experiment and try something unusual to get more clicks. Calls to action can be a great tool if used correctly.


  1. Use Facebook campaigns to create better ads

The campaign manager and insights are an easy way to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Spend some time reviewing your ads and figure out which ones have the highest click through rates and why, then create versions of these ads and spread them around.


  1. Turn your “likes” into sales

You can and should post offers and promotions on your Facebook page and allow your audience to claim these incentives. The offer should not devalue your brand, but be good enough for your fans to share.


  1. Out-last your competition on Facebook

Facebook has more than 800 million users. Your Facebook advertising strategy should be to craft campaigns that will get you noticed. If your ads do not have a CTR, they will stop running on Facebook. To prevent this, monitor your ads and pause non performing ones before they hit rock bottom.


Running a Facebook competition is a great way to increase your fan base, awareness, and sales. For information on how Facebook competitions work, download your free case study by clicking the link below:

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Competition Case Study For Business Owners


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