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How Liquor Stores Can Use Facebook Competitions To Generate Sales

Posted by Amy Baker on May 20, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Every Facebook page should have the ability to do two things. Firstly it should provide enough entertainment and incentive to keep people subscribed to your page and secondly it should attract people into your store. Social media marketing is only as valuable as what you get out of it. Advertising on Facebook only loses you money when you use it ineffectively.

The below liquor store Facebook tips below should help you to gain customers as well as awareness online.


Give people a reason to subscribe to your page.

A simple, cost effective way to keep your audience engaged and generate new likes is by offering free stuff. Free stuff does not necessarily have to be monetary in nature. You can provide your audience with recipes of the cocktails you offer. List all ingredients used and remember to add a photo of the finished beverage.

You can even go as far as stocking all the supplies necessary to make the cocktails and encourage your audience to come to the store to stock up on the necessary ingredients for a small discount. This opens up a new “business” for your store.

Facebook Competition or Contest for Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Ask poll questions

Chances are that every so often, a customer walks into your store and asks for a special drink. Custom orders are the norm at bars and liquor stores, and a savvy businessman will view this as an opportunity to expand his beverage menu.

Ask questions on your feed about the drink and post photos in order to get an idea of what your customers’ preferences are. Poll questions do not need to be complicated. A simple yes, no, or maybe question should give you all the information you need.


Advertise your products subtly.

One liquor store Facebook marketing tip that everyone should keep in mind is that sometimes, it’s best to use a little tact when promoting items. Do not be afraid to post an article you find online of a product that you stock at your store. This article will not look like advertising but will have the effect of creating an interest in the consumer’s mind of the product. This interest is exactly what is necessary for a customer to walk into your store so as to try the product out for themselves.

Liquor Store Facebook Competition


Run Facebook specific competitions

Keeping your subscribers glued to your page is a necessary marketing strategy. Running a liquor store Facebook competition, promotion or offering a discount specific to your Facebook audience is one way that businesses can do this.

You will most likely also get more “likes” if you have ongoing deals for your audience. A competition does not have to involve prize money. You can ask your audience to create a cocktail and post it to your feed. The drink that gets the most votes gets a prime spot at your store. This is also a great way to introduce new drinks into your store, without having to think too much about them.


Remember that the best way to keep your store in the mind of your audience is by posting regularly. Liquor store Facebook marketing only requires that you be creative and offer fun deals for your audience so as to keep them coming back. For a wider variety of marketing methods for liquor stores besides Facebook check out our blog specifically on that topic.


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