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Why Email Marketing Works So Well For Liquor Stores

Posted by Amy Baker on May 13, 2014 6:00:00 AM

With more fashionable venues such as social media and mobile marketing; which is now getting all the attention, email marketing has come to seem old fashioned and therefore assumed not to work. Some are even claiming it is dead.

Reality, however, disagrees! It has been found that when concentrating on content as a marketing strategy, email marketing becomes even more powerful than ever before, ironically, thanks to social media.

Email Marketing for Liquor Store by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Why would this be so?

Conversations are perceived to be more personal when you use email marketing as opposed to posting on a wall for all to see. The fact that the message reaches the user’s inbox makes it an invitation into “personal space”. It provides a direct line to the user, which allows for better conversion rates. No savvy marketer is willing to give up this invitation.


Email marketing is also very cost effective

What makes liquor store email marketing work? In a broad sense, email marketing can be classified as every single email sent to a current or potential customer. Therefore, whether you are following up on an order, or sending out an ad, or requesting business, you are email marketing. Every single correspondence you send should build loyalty, enable trust and ultimately spread awareness of your brand while being a budget marketing option.

Anyone who’s ever owned an email address knows all too well about spam, daily newsletters that waste time and fill up our inboxes as well as sales pitches that are just annoying to say the least.

Valuable information however, works. Offering something valuable to the user in exchange for their time tells them that they can trust you and that you aren’t just trying to get them to buy something. Valuable content deepens relationships. This is done through the effective use of the subject line and delivering niche specific content that is sharable.

Email Marketing for Liquor Store by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Types of liquor store email marketing:

As mentioned above, email marketing can be done using different types of emails.


1. Transactional emails

These types of emails are based on a customer’s already existing relationship. In order to be classified as a transactional email, the message’s main purpose should be to confirm or complete a transaction that had already been entered to by a customer. Order confirmations or email receipts fall into this category.


2. Direct emails

These are sent in order to communicate a promotion or announce an offer. These are the most well-known, and perhaps common form of email marketing. 


3. Opt-in email advertising

Also known as permission marketing, this type of email advertising requires the recipient to allow the advertiser to send them regular emails. The material sent is usually anticipated, meaning that the receiver knows that the email is coming and wants to receive it. With a foundation of contact information in your database liquor store marketing is much easier as the audience is interested in the product you want to offer them.


Bottle shop email marketing suggestions that work:

  • Content is really the most important asset when it comes to email marketing. Liquor store email marketing has the highest rate of response when compared to other marketing strategies with regard to business to business marketing as well as business to consumer marketing.
  • Buy or build your own list of emails then write an email advert. Send the list out and wait for the orders to start coming in. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It is, but the best way to do it is to build your own list, this assures you don’t get spammed.
  • Write your emails like you’re writing to a friend. Be as personal as possible and don’t use caps or colored backgrounds on text that you want to highlight.
  • If you do not receive a response immediately, do not resend the same email. Give it a while before creating another email to send. You will get results if you follow the rules.

If you can’t write the best copy, hire someone to do it. It will be worth the investment. If your emails do not provide unique value, chances are that they won’t be read. Give them something exclusive in return for their email. Send out a coupon, or discount code in your email so as to keep them interested in our product and willing to purchase it. 


Discover the marketing statistics that are most relevant to the Australian liquor industry by downloading your free infographic below:

Liquor Store Marketing Infographic for Bottle Shop Owners by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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