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10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted by Amy Baker on May 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Facebook has over 845 million users, which makes the social network one of the top marketing tools for brands who are looking to market their products or services. Whether your business is established or not, marketing on Facebook does not need to be overwhelming or expensive, as there are simple tactics you can use to raise brand awareness. The cost of Facebook marketing is minimal.

Are you ready to talk to an audience of 845 million? The Facebook marketing tips below will get you on your way to the top

Facebook Marketing Tips by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

1. Use a vanity Facebook URL

Ensure that your URL is available by using a simple service called namevine. This software checks domain names and Twitter and Facebook extensions in seconds. Then, pick a simple and memorable name that relates, or is, your business name.


2. Distribute your content using a third party platform

It gets tiring and time consuming to log in and out of different networks to post content. There are third party platforms available that allow you to integrate all your social media profiles seamlessly so as to publish your content once, and then distribute it everywhere. Hootsuite is currently the most popular platform in use.


3. Build a Facebook community

The only way to turn leads into actual sales is by keeping your audience interested and engaged. Like ads, and promoted posts were created to help businesses who were seeking to implement their Facebook marketing strategies. As are not limited to the news feeds of your fans, and non-fans can like your page directly from the ad simply by clicking on it. 


4. Make use of Facebook applications

Small and medium sized companies do not have unlimited budgets for custom applications and promotions. However, a number of services, such as Northsocial are available that run on the 'freemium model' and provide the basic applications that every business needs. Marketing on Facebook will be much easier if you make good use of the tools available.


5. Provide local content

Nothing is more frustrating than landing on a page that’s written in a foreign language, or being enticed by a great offer, only to find that it doesn’t apply in your region. Target locals by;

  • Providing your audience with incentives to physically visit your store
  • Providing details specific to your audience’s location
  • Using Geo-targeting, even if you do not have multiple physical locations.
  • When targeting countries that speak a different language, change the language settings so that the different users see only the updates that are in their native tongue.


6. Create a QR code

QR codes can be easily created on Facebook in a matter of minutes. It is a simple and effective Facebook marketing strategy that can also be leveraged on napkins, coasters, billboards, magazines and a myriad of other marketing materials.


Facebook Advertising and Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

7. Buy Facebook ads

Most people imagine that buying ads will cost an arm and a leg but in reality, a budget of as little as $100 a month can be sufficient for a small company to make waves and get noticed. It is important to keep in mind that just because your ads aren’t “liked” doesn’t mean that they aren’t being seen.


8. Use “Custom Audiences”

Your Facebook marketing strategy should be simple: sell more. While buying ads will help to garner a larger audience, the custom audience feature allows you to target concrete leads. This is done by uploading your existing email list onto Facebook. When you create an ad, select the “custom audience” on the dashboard to increase your ads conversion rates.


9. Use Facebook insights

This is a great way to find out which updates get the most reactions from your audience in order to figure out how to increase your likes. It is also an easy way to present a report of your Facebook metrics. Simply export the data onto an excel spread sheet and filter the data according to your chosen metrics.


10. Engage with your fans

Enable your fans to engage and give feedback and ensure that you provide solutions and answers to their concerns. Writing on the wall is the easiest way to do this on Facebook, and will show your audience that you are engaged. 


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