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Marketing To Gen Y: Liquor Store Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on May 6, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Even during a downward slump, it is a well known fact that the alcohol industry is always in business. It is the one industry that has been able to weather the storm of a slumping economy.

Generation Y has some interesting trends when it comes to their liquor purchasing and consumption habits. For many bottle shop and liquor store owners in the Australian market, this generation is vital to their business growth strategies. And in order to tap into this growing market, they need to understand them.

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How can liquor stores capture the technology savvy crowd and boost their revenues?

In order to answer this question, some key facts about this generation first have to be understood.

  • Gen Y were generally born between 1980 to about 1990
  • Millennials will splurge on expensive products when they have the cash
  • They are not afraid to try out new products
  • Unique and foreign products appeal to them
  • They are not as loyal to specific brands, but will be more effected by the price point
  • They are proponents of new technology

Is it possible that this demographic can redefine the alcohol industry? The good news is that, this age group is willing to trade the cash they have for various wine and liquor, irrespective of the amount of expendable income they have.


So what is the best liquor store marketing idea for this demographic?

Build a brand, connect on the web and provide your audience with an experience they won’t want to forget. 


Marketing in the liquor industry

It is a commonly held belief that a struggling economy has no effect on alcohol consumption. Reduced disposable income and low morale is exactly the reason why more people would want to hit the bottle. During the good times, people want to celebrate their good fortune with a bottle or three of their favourite brand, whatever is going on with the world, the liquor industry wins.

The only shift is in the location that consumers choose to partake in their drinking sprees. Most consumers prefer to take their drinks home with them, as opposed to going to a bar. This is a logical step as you will spend less on a bottle of wine at the liquor store, than you would on the same bottle at a bar. Not to mention the extra expenses incurred.


Liquor Store Marketing to Millennials and Gen Y by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Liquor store Facebook marketing & internet essentials

Reasonable prices, a great selection, and a good location are simply not enough when it comes to generation Y. Yes, a physical presence is necessary but you will also have to find them where they are every single day: the web. Socialize with the community and become one of them, this is the best way to market yourself.

The internet is not just a place to socialize but is also a great place to put your liquor store marketing ideas into practice. Through social media, retailers can create a following of thousands which will translate into sales if you can create a relationship with them.

You have to create a traditional online presence too. Creating a domain that allows for the user to shop for items, and have them delivered to their doorstep makes things convenient for this generation. The key, however, is to provide all the necessary information about your store, as well as the services, without having to physically visit it.

In order for your liquor store marketing ideas to be effective on Gen Y, your plan has to be creative yet simple: an active presence on social media that directs traffic to your website, where the user can purchase products, or find incentives to physically visit your store. The visitors will then tell their friends of their experiences who in turn become your newest customers and so on and so on.

Ensure your store runs efficiently and stock popular items by using your relationships to learn what is “in” and what isn’t, so as to stay ahead in the game. 


Other great Gen Y marketing ideas can be found in our free Facebook marketing for liquor stores tip sheet. To download your free copy, and start generating more sales, simply click the link below!

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Marketing for Liquor Stores Tip Sheet for Liquor Store, Bottle Shop and Bar Owners

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