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Event Marketing for Liquor Stores

Posted by Amy Baker on May 2, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Heineken sets the bar for liquor retailers:

In 2007, Heineken decided to run a campaign that would energize its brand in Puerto Rico. The brand realized that they needed more than the traditional television ads to capture their audience. This led to the creation of a virtual universe called Heineken city, modeled to resemble a luxury residential development.

Property was acquired through engagement with the brand and the size of a user’s apartment depended on the amount of “Heikens” they had. These were points earned playing games on Facebook. The campaign wasn’t just virtual, but also extended into real life.

Players received welcome kits that included a “key” to their apartment: which could also be used as a bottle opener. Residents of Heineken city received a free email service using a Heineken domain, name@heicity.com and winners of the various games earned VIP status to attend parties and events held by Heineken. The campaign generated over 10,000 loyal fans!

While you probably don't have a multi-million dollar marketing budget like Heineken, there are still a myriad of public relations efforts and events that could work for you and your store!


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Liquor store public relations: a high-definition media and marketing ecosystem

The term “high definition media and marketing eco-system” was coined by advertisers to describe the new media landscape. Consumers are targeted not only online, but also in the real world. Digital marketing is not only cheaper, but is also leaps and bounds beyond television advertising in regards to allowing consumers to interact with you and your brand.


Consumers want to engage with your brand in a more meaningful way than simply being bombarded with messages to buy, buy, and buy some more.

Increasing profits, attracting new customers and boosting sales is what every liquor store owner wants. In order to expose customers to new products and encourage them to spend, you need to come up with imaginative reasons why they should come to your store. Special in-store events or innovative expense reduction techniques are some ways to help improve profitability.


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Bottle shop event ideas to increase your profitability:

1. Hold wine tasting events at your store location

You can introduce customers to wines by inviting winery representatives to your store. The representatives can teach your customers about vineyards and the different types of wines for different occasions. 

Wine tasting events not only draw people into your store, but they educate your customer base about your selection. People tend to stick to wines that they know; so this is a great way to expand their horizons and increase your average sale.


2. Bring in a professional mixologist

Invite a professional bartender to your store every once in a while to teach your customers how to mix drinks. The bartender can simplify cocktails for your customers using liquors stocked in your store. 

It is important when organizing events such as trainings and tastings that you market the event appropriately. Understand who it is you are trying to target and what their tastes are before you start planning the event.


3. Get active online and create a website for your bottle shop

Hire a professional to design a website for your business which is user friendly. Use the website to create an email list and spread information regarding your events.

You should also use your website to teach your customers about the different products on your shelves. Include links to reviews of wines and spirits. You can also provide a portal that will allow your customers to make purchases.


4. Use Facebook events and advertising

Facebook allows you to create events which can be promoted to fans and non-fans.

Whether your bottle shop is running an online event, in store event, or is running an event in conjunction with another brand or shop - Facebook's event tool is a fantastic marketing tool.


5. Run a liquor store competition

There are numerous ways to run a successful competition. Competitions can be run in store, on Facebook, on your website, or in a combination of the above. These are a great way to gather customer data; simply ask entrants to fill in a form which provides their phone and email address and then you can start utilizing email and sms marketing.

Competitions can also help in increasing your store's average basket size - by requiring entrants to have spent at least $50.00 to enter.


6. Get involved in your community

Whether it is through sponsorship, by taking part in a local event, or helping a charity, there are a huge number of community sponsorship options. Community events will not only get your business seen by attendees and members, but may also result in press. 


7. Get your store out there by attending expos

Expos are a fantastic way to generate brand awareness while also making money. Relevant expos will ensure that you are reaching your target market. By running a competition during the expo you can also collect email addresses and phone numbers for future marketing efforts.


Other great liquor store marketing ideas can be found in our free 'Liquor Store Marketing Tip Sheet'. To download your free copy, and start generating more sales, simply click the link below!

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