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What You Need To Know About Facebook Advertisements

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 21, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Having a Facebook page allows potential customers to find out about your business, see the products or services that you are providing, and find out about any upcoming events or promotions. However, many small businesses misunderstand, and think that simply creating a page and inviting people to become fans is enough.

The unfortunate truth is, if you don’t promote your page people aren’t going to visit it. If you think that by just doing the odd update and uploading a picture every so often that you are doing the best you can, you’re sadly mistaken.

Even if your content is the most engaging the world has ever seen, and you include a call to action with a brilliant graphic or photo and a link to your website, how can you even be sure that anybody relevant will even see it? Without advertising; you can’t. 

Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

The EdgeRank Algorithm is what decides what shows up in news feeds. Essentially it filters out the stories that are less interesting to the audience and promotes the posts of relevance.

Every action that a user takes on Facebook whether it is a like, a comment or a link share is called an Edge. When an Edge is generated it means that the user is likely to be shown any other posts that may relate to the original edge that they created. Most of your followers will never see your posts. Therefore most will never interact with you. Customer interaction is usually measured at anywhere from 0.1% to a maximum of 1% on average. Now this may seem like nothing, but for Nike or Coca-Cola who have millions of followers, this is quite a significant figure. 

What You Need To Know About Facebook Advertisements

Making The Most Of Facebook Advertisements

Like with any form of marketing, you have to invest money. Signing up to Facebook may be free but utilising it effectively as a driver for business involves investment. Promoting your posts on your fan’s news feeds is certainly something that is worth your while. By simply trialling this for a month you will notice a huge uplift in interactions, and if you’re content is good and encourages visits to your website, you will be on the right path to making Facebook actually work for you.

The problem is that many users will become fans of a business but don’t actually have any interest in being sold to, while they are trying to see what their friends did last night. So even if you are throwing thousands of dollars at promoting your business, it is money down the pan if your content is neither engaging nor interesting. You should always aim to include a call to action as people respond to these. It is also proven that - by asking a question, you will encourage more comments.


Promote Your Facebook Posts To Engage Your Audience

When you invest in promoting your posts on the news feed, you also gain access to a huge amount of analytics to enable you to be able to see which posts are most effective, and how many people your post reached out to, compared to the number of followers you have and the number of people that actually interacted with it. If a company has 2000 followers and they get 2 likes on a post, this is pretty much standard. The idea however, is to be so completely out there in terms of imagination and inspiration, that you stand alone and offer your followers some kind of value in return for appearing on their feed.

What You Need To Know About Facebook Advertisements

To Stand Out On Facebook You Must Give Your Audience What They Want

Users like videos and visuals a lot more than standard text updates. Facebook is usually used for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time and the attention span of users is probably measured at about 5 seconds, so you have your window, but it’s up to you to utilise it.

Spending money to see how your activity increases is recommended, even for a short experimental period. But remember that you have to pay very close attention to the visual nature of your content. You must directly attempt to lead the user onto your website. Learn the EdgeRank Algorithm and use it to your advantage, and also make sure that you don’t clog the feed with relentless posts. Finding a balance between maintaining a presence, and not completely going over the top is also critical.

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