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8 Tips for Improving Your Business Facebook Page

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 14, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Facebook used to be mostly for getting to know new people and reconnecting with old friends. It’s still very much about that in many ways; however, in 2014 we’re not only learning about our friends on Facebook. We’re learning about new products, new services and new companies. If you’re a small business owner who is looking to step up your Facebook presence, then start with these eight tips for improving your page.


Before your start any Facebook marketing: come up with a strategy!

These days, too much guess work in business will likely result in only wasted time and money. What meaningful purpose will your Facebook page serve as? Why should people care about it enough to engage with it? How will it help and assist your client base?  Before doing anything, it is key to articulate what your goal is with Facebook. Once you have a defined purpose for your page, it will become much easier to fit the next steps into place.

Improving Your Business Facebook Page


Keep your Facebook marketing engaging!

Second, come up with several creative ideas to engage your audience with. Ideally, you will want some of the ideas to be “evergreen,” meaning they will always be relevant to your audience and not pertaining to any particular event or situation. You will want to come up with ideas that will still be useful six months or a year later.

The good thing is that you can incorporate other social media channels into your Facebook page – for example, if one of your evergreen ideas happens to be a YouTube video series, then you can post a link to the video on your Facebook page.


Integrate your social media platforms.

Third, invite your email contacts to like your Facebook page. By automatically inviting your email contacts, your page will generate likes from those who work and deal with you in real life, rather than strangers. Having a foundation of Facebook likes from people who know you in real life also increases the chance of your referral likes being more valuable. It’s also a good idea to include a call to action to like your page in your email signature.

Fourth, utilize the built-in apps that Facebook makes available to you, including contests, giveaways, gifts and referral programs. There and even more third party apps that can add to the fun including quizzes, trivia and games.

Improving Your Business Facebook Page

Fifth, use your Facebook page to relay important and/or serious announcements. That way, your page not only becomes a destination for social engagement, but your customers may feel inclined to like your page so that they can stay in the loop on a more practical and logical level.

Sixth, it’s important to engage with the people who like your page. Try to respond to comments individually, or thank people for liking your page. It goes against the nature of social media to appear disengaged or standoffish. The driving force of Facebook is the desire for transparency and authenticity. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.


Facebook is a visual medium: market your page in this format. 

Seventh, use the photo album feature to its full potential. The best way to do this is to think about your old photo albums from home. It’s likely that each of those albums has some sort of individual theme, whether it is a certain period in time or a specific event. Take the same approach to your Facebook photo albums – make the effort to create photo albums that each has their own identity. It will provide another layer of discovery and experience for your viewers.

Lastly, use Facebook for the right reasons and make sure you understand proper social media etiquette. In a sea of businesses who use the platform only to shamelessly self-promote, you may find it refreshingly easy to stand out and above by making your Facebook page about both your company and your customers. If you focus on creating content and providing information that is valuable to your audience, then you will have a much better chance of seeing a return on investment from Facebook.

The formula for success on Facebook for small businesses is a combination of hands-on, contemporary knowledge and good old-fashioned business sense. While it’s critical to understand and navigate around the various features and tools that Facebook has to offer, it’s equally important to maintain a strong sense of customer service and client appreciation, which can’t be programmed.

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