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Understanding The Importance of Blogging And SEO

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 11, 2014 7:00:00 AM

A lot has changed over the past couple of years in terms of what it means to be a blogger. It used to be a little bonus - a little extra way for business owners to attempt to reach their audience or colleagues easily and instantly. It used to have a very personal vibe, as a sort of sanctuary where professionals could go for some respite in order to unload their personal thoughts and feelings regarding any particular situation. That all remains true today; however, the difference now is that blogging has gone from a luxury for business owners - to a necessity.

Online marketing is always changing. When new technologies arrive on the scene, it’s the job of online marketers to figure out how to help businesses adapt to these new technologies. When search engines like Google and Yahoo became the go-to way for almost everyone to find what they were looking for, it was the job of marketers to show businesses how to compete. Enter SEO.


The Importance of Content Marketing is Only Increasing.

When Facebook burst out of dorm rooms and into living rooms and kitchens everywhere, it was the job of online marketers to figure out how to help businesses adapt to a whole new medium of communication. The point is that blogging is an integral part of the next SEO, the next social media – it’s called content marketing. You should more excited than anxious, however, because it’s very likely that you’ve been doing content marketing all along – just without realizing it.

When you proactively answer the most pressing and important questions your customers are likely to have, and put them down on paper and deliver them to your audience, you are content marketing. Businesses have been doing it for years. The difference today, however, is only that the stakes have been raised. Instead of only helpful information that is relevant to us, we also want information that is shareable. We want you, the business owner, to help us – but we also you want to help us help our friends and family.

Importance of Blogging and SEO

The importance of blogging in 2014, however, goes far beyond providing helpful information.

Blogs level the playing field, by allowing every business to leverage their unique experience and establish themselves as a thought leader of their particular industry. A company’s blog is not only a place to help and assist your audience – it is a place to express your vision, your ethics, your values and your soul as a business.

On the ground level, blogging is absolutely critical for good SEO in 2014. Google’s latest update, Hummingbird, has ensured high quality and consistent content creation as one of the most important factors regarding how their algorithms determine search engine rankings. If you need better SEO, then start blogging today.

According to Social Media B2B, B2B companies that blog produce 67% more leads per month than their competitors that don’t blog. According to Content+, compelling content is one of the top reasons why people choose to follow certain brands on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The only problem with blogging is that many businesses simply don’t take advantage of it.

Why? There are a number of reasons. Some business owners may not have the time or budget to dedicate to a consistently active blog. Some business owners may not be good writers. Some business owners may feel that they simply don’t have much to say. The issue is that in 2014, revving up the blog once more is now something that business owners need to do, whereas in the past it was considered a fun little extra.

The good news is that running a blog can be made easy for any small business owner. It will take an investment of time and effort, but by outsourcing your content marketing, you will be ahead of the game in terms of reaching your customers before the competition. If you think you're not a great writer, or that your business isn't that sexy and you don't have much to say, start discussing the matter with an onling marketing expert - you may or may not be surprised at how much valuable information and insight will pour out onto the pages from all your years of knowledge and experience. 


Considering starting a blog?

If you have been thinking about creating a business blog and want to know more about how you can source material, how to create it, and the benefits it can provide; get in touch with the experienced team at The 360 Degree Marketing Group. 

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