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The Increasing Importance of Web Design

Posted by Amy Baker on Mar 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The increasing importance of web design is not only about visual appeal; it’s also about functionality and construction. Meaning, a slick and smooth website is meaningless if it can’t properly move your leads through the sales process, or handle the amount of data you need without crashing.

The problem is that small businesses often either A.) pay too much for bells and whistles that they don’t need or B.) pay too little for a website that wasn’t built to handle what they actually do need. It’s likely that the problem occurs because it’s too easy to get caught up in the visual aspect – which is understandable, given that it is a huge component of proper marketing. But it’s not everything.

Importance of Web Design

Don’t fall into the trap of paying for too much or not enough. If you take the time to do some research on the current state of web design, then you’ll find that it’s not so difficult to get a really great deal, while getting exactly what you need and want.


Why is web design increasing in importance?

Online, your competition is always right next door to you. Whether or not your business is facing more competition than ever before depends on your particular industry or niche. There may be even less competition for you now than in the past. However, the important thing is that you and your competition are occupying the same space. Think of the Internet as a mall, and you and your competitors are all lined up right next to one another. 

That means the difference between a lead and a sale could come down to not only the visual aspect of your web design, but also the mechanics of it. If something is not working on your site, or if there is some kind of glitch or delay, then you can expect your customer to click off and look elsewhere. In 2014, the average online shopper’s attention span is extremely short, considering that we have seemingly infinite available options.

Importance of Web Design

You’re not only competing in terms of price and offering, but you’re also competing in terms of how easy (or difficult) your site is to deal with. The reality is that a glitchy or malfunctioning website can make customers wonder “Geez, it’s 2014; if they can’t get a website right, then what else are they messing up?”


The point is that there is little patience left online for websites that don’t work.

In a perfect world, the facts alone would be enough for people to buy the best quality product or hire the most reputable and honourable person for the job. However, human beings are complicated. We are often drawn to certain things and people based on how we feel. Those feelings may range from excitement, to nostalgia or appreciation.

That’s where the artistic element of web design plays a big role. They can either be overt or subconscious, but nonetheless powerful. One of the most increasingly important aspects of web design is the ability to inspire emotion in your visitors.

In the age of the informed consumer, it’s important to acknowledge that one of the best ways to increase your business is by providing relevant and valuable information to your client base, without expecting anything in return. Your website should be much more than a static sign; it should be a constantly evolving space. The information that you give your clients can come in many forms from videos, to text to images. If you are offering valuable content to your leads and customers, then you can expect a lot more visitors to your site.


It's key to make sure that your site is based around the idea of content marketing.

Have a constant place for new videos, new images and new text. As content marketing becomes more and more popular, if you do it right, your website may likely become a more popular destination then it was only a few years ago. Make sure it’s dressed and ready for the day.

By focusing on content management, functionality and visual appeal, you will create for your business much more than a “site” – you will create an experience.

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