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When Is The Best Time To Run An Ad On The Radio In Sydney?

Posted by Amy Baker on Feb 21, 2014 8:00:00 AM

One of the best things about advertising on the radio is that it allows small businesses to reach a captive audience that is simultaneously in motion. There are not many other times when consumers are captive while also free – meaning, although a person may physically be sitting in one place (the car), they are simultaneously doing, arriving, leaving, planning, remembering etc. Radio ads reach listeners at a time when they are physically still, yet mentally and emotionally on the go.

So what’s the big secret for producing a successful radio advertisement?

As with most things in life, a big part of it is good timing. What is one of the most important factors in a successful sales call? Catching your prospect at exactly the right time. Similarly, if we want to engage with our audience successfully, we need to catch them when they’re willing to listen.

A big part of that means thoroughly understanding your own target market and demographics. Who is your ideal customer? What is their occupation? What are their priorities? Furthermore, it is important to designate whether your radio advertisement is meant to promote a specific and timely product or offering, or generally promote your small business.

Best Time To Run An Ad On The Radio In Sydney

If you are promoting something more specific, then you will need to take your targeting a step further – who is this particular product for? Why? Half the battle begins and ends in front of your computer screen, before you even begin to consult with a radio advertising representative.


There is a psychological and emotional component to understanding the best time for radio ads.

For example, if you are marketing a product or service that is more of an obligation than a luxury, then it may be smarter to run radio advertisements earlier in the week and earlier in the day. For example, on Monday or Tuesday mornings, while hardworking men and women are mapping out their responsibilities and obligations for the week.

Similarly, if you are marketing a product or service that is more casual or leisurely in nature, then it may be a better idea to run your ad toward the end of the week and in the afternoons. On a Thursday or Friday, those same hardworking folks may be much more receptive to hearing about your offering while they are on their way home for the day and winding down the work week.

The best radio advertising times are essentially subjective, because each unique small business is targeting different people from all walks of life. What may be the best time to advertise on radio for you may indeed be the worst time for someone else. However, the good news is that most radio stations will allow you to run your ads at specific times of the day or night, as opposed to only at random.


What does run of the station mean?

Here’s what you need to know: “run of the station” (ROS) refers to when your advertisement is played at random times throughout the day. This is a popular option because it costs less than targeted timing. On the other hand, radio stations will also allow you to pay for specific times only, such as during the morning or evening commute. These are referred to as “flights.” A key spot during these peak hours is obviously more coveted, and therefore more expensive. However, these days, people are on the road all the time, as the idea of the traditional office takes a backseat to more flexible working environments.

Best Time To Run An Ad On The Radio In Sydney Advertising


It’s up to you in regards to choosing ROS or flight radio advertising. However, length is another cost to factor into the equation. That’s where good writing comes into play, and you may want to start thinking back to those old lessons from English class. In the case of radio advertising, using fewer words to make your point will shave seconds off of your ad, and therefore save you money.

Ultimately, only you know the best time for your business to advertise on the radio, because only you know your customer base like nobody else. Before consulting with a radio advertising representative, be sure to do your due diligence and understand whom you are trying to engage, why and most importantly - how. 

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