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Reviewing Advertising in the Sydney Morning Herald

Posted by Amy Baker on Jan 31, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Advertising in The Sydney Morning Herald is a great option for the small business owner.

Especially those who are looking to market their products or services to a huge audience. The newspaper reaches 4,543,000 citizens and has been around since 1831.

If you’re looking to cast a wide net, then you have found the right place. However, before making a decision, it’s important to understand more about The Sydney Morning Herald and what advertising option works for you.

As with almost all media outlets, The Herald has gone far beyond the printed page. They’re now on smart phones and tablets everywhere. Therefore, it’s key to understand your demographics and the way in which they are likely to receive their news.

Advertising: Sydney Morning Herald

For example, 1,482,000 members of the paper’s total audience are print readers, and 25% of them fall into the 50 – 64 age group. This is the kind of information you need to know. The first step is to understand whom you are trying to reach. The second step is choosing the advertising product that works for you.

If you’re looking to advertise in the printed edition, then you should note that the cost of your advertisement depends on the amount of colour, its location and the size of the ad. In terms of size, there are several different options.

You can choose from a full page, junior page, ½ page, large strip, ¼ page, corner block, postcard and more. For print advertisers, there is a tiered discount program, and the discount increases in accordance with your annual spend level. For small business owners, there is a fit for everyone.

Advertising: Sydney Morning Herald

If you’re looking to advertise digitally, then take note of the several different online options offered by The Sydney Morning Herald, including an advertorial photo gallery, a “big unit”, “chameleon”, “helmet”, “gateway” and more. What are these? They’re different styles – for example, big units are functional ads that allow viewers to do things like watch videos or download images within the ad.

Chameleons are interactive and expanding ads, helmets are photo galleries and gateways appear on masthead homepages and on section home/index pages. If you are interested in advertising online, then check out the Fairfax Media Ad Centre and take a look around. The Sydney Morning Herald has 2.5 million mobile and tablet visitors per month, and 6.5 million website visitors.


The Sydney Morning Herald And Mobile Advertising

Beyond advertising on websites, small businesses can also collaborate with The Sydney Morning Herald to advertise via video or on mobile phones. On mobile, you can purchase banners, expanding banners, full-page rich media, over the page (OTP) or a mobile “sushi train.” What is a sushi train? It’s an innovation that allows viewers to interact directly with your ad by swiping left to right.

Video advertising is also an exciting option. You can choose from solutions such as AdSelector, FPVC, Instream Video VAST/VPAID and Social TVC. Each of these proposes a different value, yet they are all placed during or before the airing of a news clip.

Video viewing is on the rise, and for advertising, it may be the right fit for you.

According to Borrell Associates, within the next five years, online video will make up more than one-third of all online advertising spending globally.

Tablets are defined as having a screen size of 7” or larger, and therefore they require their own specific ad formats with unique functionality. The newspaper offers an array of native tablet advertising options, including full-page image and video ads.

Whether you are looking to advertise through print or online, there is an ad format and cost structure that fits into anyone’s budget. But before contacting a representative, examine and research your target demographics, and form a strategic approach. Do your homework.

When you’re armed with data and analytics, it is much easier to purchase an effective ad at a lower cost.

Similarly, going in with blind guesswork may likely result in wasted time and precious ad dollars.

The Sydney Morning Herald has successfully reached the masses for centuries – but in 2013, the success of your ad mostly depends on you!


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