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Advertising: The Sydney Morning Herald Versus The Daily Telegraph

Posted by Amy Baker on Jan 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

If you’re new to newspaper ads, then you may be wondering:

“Which is better – The Sydney Morning Herald or The Daily Telegraph?”

Well, the answer is that they’re both good, and in the end it really depends on you.

Both newspapers are highly regarded, widely circulated and enjoy dedicated readerships. Therefore, what you should be asking yourself instead is “What are my goals? Who is my market? Which newspaper are they reading?”

Sydney Morning Herald versus The Daily Telegraph

An “unashamed cheerleader for Sydney,” according to Editor Paul Whittaker, The Daily Telegraph enjoys a readership of over four million people. The Daily Telegraph reaches approximately 35,000 people every week through smart phones and tablets, and the publication as a whole reaches a total of 4,188,000 citizens.

Similarly, The Sydney Morning Herald also reaches between four and five million people, and in March of this year they reduced the size and material of their print format "from the traditional broadsheet format to a compact-size" to provide a more convenient experience to their readers. The Sydney Morning Herald’s combined audience (print & digital) is 4,813,000 people.

Sydney Morning Herald versus The Daily Telegraph

Both outlets are innovative in their own ways, both provide extremely high exposure and both have comparable, flexible ad cost structures. Like all outlets, the cost of an advertisement is based on the size of the ad, the location, the amount of colour and any extra features. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph are similar in this regard, and small businesses of all shapes and sizes have the opportunity to find a cost structure that fits their budget.

You know both newspapers will reach a ton of people, but how will you know which one to choose? Again, it really comes down to demographics. Although each newspaper is similar in their size and scope, they are a bit different in terms of their content and demographics.

For example:

The Daily Telegraph takes pride in its female brands Taste, Body & Soul, Shop Smart and Best Weekend. 

The Sydney Morning Herald says that their tablet audience is primarily made up of men – 61% - versus 39% female.


Your newspaper choice depends on your target audience

Therefore, although it’s extremely important to consider your budget, it’s equally important to consider whom you’re reaching, how and where. Take a good hard look at each newspaper’s individual brands, and download their media kits to get a feel for which newspaper specializes in which demographic. If you’re looking to reach mom in the morning, then you might need The Daily Telegraph. Similarly, if you’re looking for dad on the train, then The Sydney Morning Herald might be your solution. Consider whether you're interested in a printor digital approach.

While you’re doing that, don’t forget to examine your own analytics. You can highlight every little detail of each newspaper’s key demographics and numbers, but what’s the point if you don’t understand your own base? Remember to take a deep dive into your own business, and align those figures with whatever goal you are currently trying to achieve. Is it a short-term sale? Is it long-term awareness? Who is your ideal customer, specifically?


Sydney Morning Herald versus The Daily Telegraph


You may likely find that each newspaper is similar in many ways. They have to have similar cost structures in order to stay competitive. They both have gone off onto the smart phone and tablet platforms. Each outlet reaches all walks of life, however, each newspaper also has its own unique brands with unique voices.

After doing your homework in regards to both each newspaper’s media kit and your own business analytics, you may find that the best way to understand which newspaper is better, is to simply pick them both up and read them. Check out the editorials, flip through the features and simply get to know each paper a little better – as a customer.

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