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Is It Better To Advertise On Channel 7 Or Channel 9?

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 20, 2013 8:00:00 AM

What is the best television channel for Sydney advertising?

A better question is “Who watches each channel?” Ultimately, both channel seven and nine each have millions of viewers and equally strong followings. It’s not about which channel is better, but how far you as a business owner are willing to go in order to understand your customer base. On television, the term “better” is subjective, since everyone likes something different. What matters is what your customers enjoy watching. They key is to understand who your customers are, which channel they’re more likely to gravitate towards and finally what type of device they are watching on.

Channel 7 reaches 13 million viewers per month, while their online affiliate Yahoo!7 has 8.2 million unique users. However, television advertising is not what it used to be, and their advertising market declined by 1.7 per cent in 2013. For small businesses, Channel 7’s metropolitan television advertising market declined by 2.2 per cent. If you’re interested in advertising on television, now may be a good time to secure a good deal, given the likelihood of more flexibility and reduced contract rates.

Advertising on Channel 7 or Channel 9


Again, however, it’s all about whom you are trying to reach. For example, their affiliate channel 7mate is the most-watched additional channel for men ages 16-54, while Channel 7’s early morning programs, Sunrise and The Morning Show, are in their 7th and 10th consecutive years of leadership. It’s also important to remember that no television channel is just a television channel anymore – for example, Channel 7 now has three digital channels that are mobile-compatible. By advertising on these digital channels, you may be able to gain high exposure without the high cost.


Think outside the box!

For example, Yahoo!7 is developing the Seven News mobile app, where you can also advertise to reach your audience. The viewer may not be sitting in front of their television, but they’re still tuned in to Channel 7. They’re also developing a companion app, FANGO, which allows Channel 7 devotees to connect and engage with one another surrounding their favourite shows. The app provides a social media component, program trivia and polls. And for the business owner, it provides another, perhaps smarter, way to advertise with Channel 7 today.

Advertising on Channel 7 or Channel 9

In recent years, Channel 9’s hit show Underbelly and their digital channels Go! and GEM have made them attractive to younger audiences. Much like 7, however, the idea of television advertising today has gone far beyond the traditional screen. Channel 9’s advertising wing, Mi9, reaches 12 million Australians every month through not only through television but via online video, mobile phones, email newsletters and even Skype. According to Mi9 research, women aged 35 to 54 are the most active on mobile phones – therefore, if that’s your target market, Channel 9 mobile may be your answer. Furthermore, 35 per cent of Australian mobile phone owners use their device while watching TV. At the same time, according to Mi9, 53% of tablet users in Australia happen to be male.


Ultimately, it’s not about what channel to advertise on, but your demographic

And what format to use (TV, PC, mobile phone, tablet). Channel 7 and 9 are both giants, so there’s no need to worry about or compare their reach. What you should consider is which channel caters more toward your demographics, and the intersection of where your customers meet their devices. That way, you can optimize your television ad spend and craft more appropriate, meaningful and powerful advertisements. The more time and effort you spend understanding each television channel, and who their audiences are, the more prepared you will be to make an educated decision regarding which one is right for your audience. 

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