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Outdoor Advertising: Is Your Ad Money Blowing Away In The Wind?

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 13, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Outdoor Advertising Offers A High Return On Investment

It’s true that outdoor advertising is expensive. However, the return on investment can be very high – if you advertise the right way. Print ads may be dying due to online marketing, but life outdoors as just as grand as ever. Small businesses that fail to see a return on their investment usually don’t do the necessary research and homework before purchasing a billboard or other type of outdoor ad. It’s easy and affordable to optimize your ad spend with the right data, so make sure that you’re prepared before inquiring with an ad agency.

If bus shelter ads cost too much, then find out where they are taking the bus to, figuratively speaking. Meaning, it makes more sense to purchase a very small and inexpensive ad, at a location where a smaller number of your specific demographic is likely to be, rather than a large and pricey ad at a place where there are simply a ton of random people who may not have anything to do with your product. Today, it’s more about niche targeting rather than the old school approach of flinging a bunch of stuff at any old wall and seeing what sticks. It’s less of a numbers game, which is why for the small business owner, less may indeed be more when it comes to outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Advertising

If you are willing to make the effort to better understand and connect with your customers, then outdoor agencies have the right products for you. For example, digital billboards allow you to change your message weekly, daily or hourly. When we’re online, it’s easy to capitalize on current trends and events – but what about outside in the real world? With digital billboards, it’s now possible. Consider the possibilities of being able to change your billboard by the hour – morning, afternoon and night, and how those times align with your sales data and analytics.


Integrate Digital Marketing With Outdoor Advertising!

In the past, outdoor advertising meant that if a consumer was intrigued by your ad, then they still had to wait until they got home to learn more. Today, however, smartphones have actually made outdoor advertising more effective. According to APN Outdoor, 44% of survey respondents seek brand and product information whilst out and about, through their smart phones and tablets. At the same time, 50% actively notice ads outdoors and 36% say that outdoor advertising is actually a welcome distraction. Although print ads are dying, the combination of mobile technology and more active lifestyles means that outdoor advertising may be better than ever.

It’s not enough to acknowledge that your customers frequent airports, for example, and therefore you should set up a billboard in an airport. For example, according to MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure), they measure ad effectiveness at a variety of areas inside an airport: check-in counters, security screening, retail areas, baggage claim, taxi ranks, club lounges, food courts, airport entrances and arrival/departure gates. Again, the small business owner who makes the effort to gain greater insight into their customers will likely have a better experience than the business owner who haphazardly throws an ad up without the necessary due diligence.


So is outdoor advertising worth the price?

Today’s consumer is more informed than ever before, as well as more resistant to hype and fluff than ever before. That’s why content marketing is so popular now – it’s all about providing people with valuable, practical information or an inspirational and entertaining story. Many companies will throw down thousands of dollars on outdoor advertising, yet if they’re sending the completely wrong message, then what’s the point? As a small business owner, you know that good judgement is something that money can’t buy. The cost and effectiveness of your outdoor ad, in many ways, comes down to you. Ask yourself: in the end, does this ad serve me, or my customers?

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