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Understanding The Cost Of Bus Shelter Advertising In Sydney

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 6, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Today, business owners have so many advertising options, both online and offline.

So inevitably, some of the most effective choices get overlooked. While online advertising rules the day, as print advertising struggles, offline options such as bus shelters are still very viable for small businesses. However, it’s important to understand the cost of bus shelters versus the return on investment.

How much do bus shelter ads cost?

There are a couple of factors to consider. Bus shelter advertisement costs in Sydney vary depending on the neighbourhood and the type of product. If you’re going to make some inquiries, remember that bus shelter advertisements are typically managed by the furniture contractors, not the bus companies. The majority of shelters are maintained by APN Outdoor (for State Transit buses), Adshel and JCDecaux, so start there.

When you contact a representative from these companies, keep in mind the two above factors – ad type and location. Think outside the box – the most high-traffic and hippest areas, although they seem attractive, may not always be the best fit for what your company offers. Take into consideration who you are and whom you market to. That way, you may be able to spend considerably less money on a more effective bus shelter ad.

The key is to understand what you really need. Do you need to be in the inner city, or in the suburbs with mom and dad? Do you need to engage your audience with a flashy tech-driven ad, or something more subtle? Often times, companies will simply throw a bunch of money at the most high-traffic areas, wasting valuable ad dollars. Today, all marketing is targeted, so make sure you take the same approach to advertising on a bus shelter.

Bus Shelter Advertising

For example, Adshel offers many bus shelter ads to choose from. They range from the traditional poster, which can either be a static or scrolling screen (for storytelling), to transforming the entire shelter into a miniature cinema or rain garden, for high-level campaigns that require something more spectacular.

For the small business owner, however, it’s all about getting the most bang for your buck. That’s why the tried-and-true products, like Adshel’s posters, will most likely be your best solution. However, in 2013, we are fortunate because better and cheaper access to technology has really improved some seemingly basic ads. For example, many of the billboards can now incorporate touch screen technology, augmented reality, interactive games and/or facial recognition.

If you’re looking for the perfect bus shelter advertisement, then check out MOVE, the Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure system, which measures and analyses the ROI of outdoor advertising in Australia. Add this to your arsenal of data before approaching an advertising representative.

Ultimately, the price of Sydney bus shelter advertisements all depends on you.

The more you analyse your own demographics, the better chance you have at purchasing an ad that gets results at just the right price. Today, there is a wealth of online analytics tools out there that can help you optimize your offline, outdoor advertising whether this be at a bus stop or on the bus.

As of 2010, there were more than 205,000,000 State Transit bus riders in Sydney. About 300,000 people work in Sydney’s central business district, however, new suburban bus routes are making public transit more popular in more places. Since Sydney’s dense population has already put quite a strain on the city’s public transportation system, it’s logical to expect that there will be new routes, and new bus shelters, created throughout the coming years. For the small business owner, that means the increased likelihood of your target market being exposed to your advertisement. 

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