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Party in the Back: A review of Taxi Back Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 3, 2013 4:30:00 AM

So you know that taxis tend to cluster in the busiest parts of the city in order to maximise their profits, and as someone who is looking to hail a taxi you kow that it makes sense to go where there are the most people. What you might not have thought about however, is that this common knowledge is just as relevant when considering this method of advertising.

Which Sydney taxis have advertising at the back?

This review of taxi back advertising in Sydney would be absolutely incomplete if it didn’t go into detail about these unique taxis.

These Sydney taxis are an iconic fixture in the city, and according to ROVA; one of the best operators of taxi back advertising, their taxis are: “Inseparable from the lifestyle of the
population and visible everywhere, this one vehicle links business communities, tourist attractions, shopping areas, cultural and entertainment quarters and transport hubs.”

What that literally means is that taxi back advertising has a really large outreach, of diverse demographics. Taxi back advertising operates in a way which beats flyers, and conventional billboards hands down!

Why is taxi back advertising better than a conventional billboard you may ask?

Well, that’s really simple; it’s a matter of distance and reach.

Whilst the average billboard is viewed from a significant diistance, and is passed quite rapidly depending on the flow of traffic, taxi back ads are at eye level and can be viewed by motorists, their passengers, and pedestrians, without the risk of being ignored, or tuned out because there’s always a new one a couple of cars up!

Better yet; the distance travelled by the average taxi is one that would make your car blush—even a freight truck cannot touch the distance that a taxi in Sydney has to travel on a daily basis, which gives you amazing brand exposure!

Taxiback advertising

Why not place my ad on a bench, or a bus?

Most people have come to associate mobile ads simply with advertising their business on the side of a bus, but there are a few drawbacks to that plan. Namely;

Unlike taxi back advertising, ads that are placed on a bus differ according to which side of the bus you are looking at, and the view is easily obstructed. You will not be able to get the same amount of brand exposure as you would with a taxi. Not to mention the cost.

The other reason why taxi back advertising is much more successful at reaching your target
audience is their nature. Unlike buses, or placing your ad in a static area like a park bench, or billboard, taxis are able to move around in a manner that is not constricted by routes, or lanes. If you choose to use taxi advertising, your product can literally be seen by everyone in the city even if they are in a neighbourhood unreachable to other forms of rapid transit 24 hours every day.

Taxi back advertising is weird, but good!

When reviewing taxi back advertising, the conclusion is that it’s pretty unique. The originality is also something that provides a huge amount of leverage to someone running a small business...

Since advertising on the back of a taxi is already a strange way to get the message across, you can really begin to take advantage of this medium by piquing people’s interest.

Your business can communicate plenty of information on the back of that taxi, that old media is just afraid of, or not original enough to spot.

For instance, using GPS information you can find out if the taxi is usually in an area that has a large community of tourists. If your business relies on a specific demographic, you can pick taxis which cover a specific route that will reach your ideal audience!

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