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Advertising in the Newspaper: Obsolete or Evolved?

Posted by Amy Baker on Jan 7, 2014 4:50:00 AM

Some people really do believe that newspapers are facing the end of their time. They seem to think that we have become so modern that we don’t even need to read the newspaper anymore. Perhaps they think that soon we'll be able to synthesize the news via neuro-receptors by simply blinking a couple of times when we wake up.

Okay, so perhaps there’s more fiction than science in that rhetoric, but have you ever asked yourself; “Are newspapers obsolete?” As a small business owner, you have to ask yourself that question right after wondering: “Should I advertise in the newspaper?”


Are people still reading the newspaper? 

People are definitely still reading the newspaper. In fact, more and more people are finding that their Sydney based newspapers have more relatable news so they are choosing to read industry niche newspapers rather than going online and reading international press.  

Sydney newspapers have discovered that instead of competing with major news outlets, it’s more profitable to speak directly to locals, and advertise local products!

These newspapers have gone back to their roots, and the result is that more people are finding out about local events, local news, and reading advertisements through their local newspapers. 

This is not something coming from a puritanical person who doesn’t like change, I love everything digital! But there are literally almost a million newspaper readers in Sydney alone, so how can anyone say that no one reads the newspaper anymore? 


Advertising in the Newspaper


Is it worth advertising in newspapers? 

Just like a high achieving local school or local bulletin board; without your acknowledgement, and support, newspapers will not be able to attract the readership that they need. But in the same vein,  businesses need newspapers to ensure that their advertisements reach a greater audience. 

You probably understand that newspaper readership and advertising go hand in hand, but this supportive relationship is important to consider when choosing where to advertise and how.

The worth of your advertisements is directly related to the readership of the newspaper!


When does newspaper readership and advertising become valuable to you?

It becomes of worth to you, when you understand that your advertising will reach an important audience. Demographic information is collected and analyzed on a consistent basis so this information is readily available from your local marketing or media agency.

If you know the exact worth of your target audience's attention, this can make deciding to advertise in a newspaper very simple.

Even though many pessimists are saying that the number of people who read Sydney newspapers are dwindling; the  media statistics disagree. They show that in a metropolitan city like Sydney, with a population of over 4 million, at least 1.6 million are still reading a physical newspaper. Some people still wonder why people read the newspaper but they do, and they have good reasons for doing so.


Are newspapers becoming obsolete?  

You will be happy to hear, the answer is a definite no. However, the way in which the advertiser and the reader interact on this platform is evolving, so it’s important—for the sake of your business—that you heed this change, and review your approach to newspapers, and how you would like to be presented to each paper’s readership.

From a purely psychological perspective, we know that some readers use newspapers as a security blanket, that surrounds them, and keeps the world out ironically—it’s a habit that very few mass rapid transit commuters can’t seem to let go of, no matter how much they are told that the newspaper is “doomed.”

There is a great deal of useful psychological marketing data available to advertisers that advises them on the best approach when targeting their specific audience.


So are Newspapers still worth advertising in?

Newspapers are a much more personal medium for gleaning knowledge than their digital counterparts, and so advertising on this medium must also reflect the nature of that beast. It makes no sense for you as a business owner, to not want to connect with the readership on a more personal level.

When you are advertising to these people, it’s worth showing that your business is also informed; e.g. Advertising something that is related to the biggest story of that day, week, or month—paying mind to the Sydney newspaper readership, and advertising costs of such a creative feat!

Unlike television, or any other digital marketing, more often than not; newspaper ads are both interesting and entertaining, so people not only read them, but they review, dissect, and share them.  That round-table becomes a form of free publicity that your business may not have even considered possible, but is well worth the effort of newspaper advertising.  

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