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Good Marketing Decisions - Dealing direct or using a Media Agency

Posted by Aaron Monks on Nov 20, 2013 11:02:00 PM

Do these marketing quotes sound familiar?

“I feel like I get a better deal when I go direct.”

“No one gets what my rep can get.”

“My reps deal is the best deal.“

“Agencies charge fees don’t they?”

“It will cost me more to use an agency won't it?” 

These are common phrases heard by marketing agencies all around the world. When I was a direct rep these were the words I loved to hear! The fact of the matter is however, these concerns are way off the mark. Now for the truth!

Reps do a great job at media networking. They make clients believe the hype that having a direct relationship is better than going through an agency. Even when a client is signed to an agency, reps still continue to call clients directly; offering promises of better rates, better deals, and tickets. Because this is the key to every great media campaign right…?

But “I can get a better deal direct” you say. Possibly 5% cheaper? Or 10% maybe? I ask you: is cheaper really cheaper if the campaign doesn’t work? 

Content is very important. Your ad may have seemed great when you heard it, saw it, or clicked on it, but did it make your cash register tick over? Did it help to build your database? Did you and your rep even ask what ROI you were looking for? Or how you were measuring the success of this campaign? Or was it just cheap? 

Now this article isn’t written to criticise direct media sellers, they make great sales people and they are vital to the success of any media organisation. But they are chasing exactly the same things as your business sales people are chasing: a budget, a rate increase, and money. In most circumstances the reason for their call is to get their budget and it is rare to find a direct rep whose sole motivation is to help a client grow their business.

In all my time running an agency, I have never once had one salesperson say to me “how can I help to grow your business?”

The fact of the matter is, they can only offer a one dimensional solution in whatever medium they are selling. They then wrap this up with buzz words and "smoke and mirrors"; all for an ad campaign which will be sold at a premium.

“So how is an agency different?” You may ask.

Marketing Decisions

Whilst some agencies charge fees, they are usually justified and will add massive value to your business by saving you both time and money. For example, I know for a fact that all of our clients who pay an agency fee, get 4-5 times the value compared to what they would get otherwise.

It usually costs them nothing from month one. This is because they save time, they save money, and we plan around what they are trying to achieve! So the client, the media, and the agency are all on the same page and are all driving towards a common goal!

Most agencies, particularly the good ones that I see in the independent space, have a low turnover of clients, low turnover of staff, and operate as an extension of (and in some cases are) their clients’ marketing teams.

This, I feel, is the major reason to use an agency. It is our job to offer unbiased media plans based on driving results for your business whilst saving you time and ultimately saving you money.

So to summarise, by using a marketing agency like 360 you will get:

  • An unbiased opinion and broad knowledge of all media

  • More time as you're not bogged down trying to see 15 sales reps from the media every week

  • Consolidated media plans to help control your budget

  • Someone who cares about your results as much as you do

  • And if you're lucky the direct reps trick to sign off tickets! (In our case we are really good at sourcing tickets - although this really isn't the only reason to call us!)

With most independents now being open to working with all kinds of businesses, the question I ask you is “why aren't you using a media/marketing agency??”

If you want to find out how an agency can possibly be of benefit to you, please call us on +612 8302 4200 or email Aaron on aaron@360dmg.com.

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