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Twitter 101: Online Marketing What You Need To Know Now

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 24, 2013 4:01:00 AM

Twitter is a highly personable medium! Even the largest corporations must tweet in a personal and responsive manner in order to be successful in engaging and communicating their message.

Twitter should not be used solely as a broadcast medium.

Kristin Moore, a media, politics and criminology tutor at the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney uses the ‘dinner party’ metaphor as a standard guideline for online marketing engagement, with the usual amalgamation of good and bad types of people or businesses in attendance.

The types of people on Twitter:

There are many types of people on Twitter including the arrogant bore, the know it all, the boring person, the person who talks about themselves and their achievements all night and doesn't listen, the person who just repeats things they've heard from other people, the complete idiot, the flirt, the nuisance and a few others to boot.

Fortunately, amongst these negative types are also a whole lot of smart, witty, well informed people who love to have a laugh, a discussion, an argument and who enjoy interacting on a personal level.

So how do you become one of the positive personality types so your audience wants to engage with you and assist in your social media marketing efforts?

Seek out like-minded people and companies.

Seek out people with the same interests as your organization by searching hashtags and words and then following 'leaders' or prominent people or organisations in your field. Look who they follow and who follows them, follow more people etc.

In order to be social, you must engage and not just broadcast to your followers and influencers. At least half of your tweets should be @someone whether it is in a conversation, response, or comment. Linking to interesting and relevant articles that either your company has written or otherwise is also fine, and great for linking people to your hub; just make sure this isn’t all you do! Our top ten tips for Twitter can be found here.

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Do Don't
Make sure your tweets make sense in context. Say anything you wouldn’t say in real life.
Be personal and be yourself. Be genuine and honest.  Don't always retweet or follow others when they do the same for you. 
Respond to every tweet that's directed to you and respond personally to new followers - a simple 'hi, thanks for the follow' is fine. Don't be passive aggressive or obtuse - instead be open and say what you mean
Polish and edit your tweets to make sure you are saying what you think you're saying and ensure you can be understood.  Constantly advertise and push your products or services. 
Make your tweets 80-100 characters or less. This makes it easier for others to retweet you. Don't overuse hashtags - one or two per tweet is fine.
Use hashtags to keep your tweets on subject and be consistent in your use of hashtags around your topic.  Don't leave large gaps between comment and reply time. 


When in doubt, refer to the standard societal norms and rules! These have not been suspended for internet interaction.


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