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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Marketing on Pinterest

Posted by Amy Baker on Dec 10, 2013 4:49:00 AM

Pinterest is one of the youngest social media platforms to enter the digital marketing mix, but don’t let that put you off. 

It is also one of the fastest growing. In fact, Pinterest has experienced a 66% increase in web traffic in just the past year, and now it has a whopping 70 million active users.

Over 500,000 businesses have found Pinterest to be a valuable social media marketing tool. There are many benefits to this specific platform, and depending on your business goals, it may be just the ticket for you too.

 Marketing on Pinterest

 1. Pinterest makes buyers out of browsers

If you have a beautiful product or service, then this is just the medium for you. Unlike many other social media platforms, Pinterest makes the path from posting to purchasing fast and easy. In fact, simply by putting a price on your product or service pin, you will increase your sales, click through rates, and see a 36 percent increase in likes.


 2. Pinterest improves your search engine optimisation

Whether you have stunning images to share or not, Pinterest is an invaluable tool for creating inbound links. Because every pin contains a link, you can simply link your images back to your website or Facebook page. Then sit back and watch as your referrals rise, traffic increases, and your search engine rankings improve.


 3. Pinterest makes research easy

The Pinterest search feature is a great marketing tool. By searching for your keywords and areas you can quickly get a grasp on what is trending and what is popular in your area. By following your followers you can also see what your fans are interacting with, what they enjoy, what they want to see, and then hone your pins to increase engagement.


 4. Pinterest quickens consumption

This may sound counterintuitive; because you want people to spend time with your content. But the fact of the matter is, people want information quick, and in an easily consumable format. If you are posting a lot of text heavy content, you are simply not going to get the audience. Pinterest allows you to reach a massive audience in a format that they enjoy.

 Marketing on Pinterest

 5. Pinterest makes interaction easy

Whether you are repinning your target audience’s posts; following your partner’s accounts; commenting on your client’s pins; or following an industry leader’s board; Pinterest makes interaction easy. Not only does this allow your brand to create another point of contact; increasing brand awareness, but it also allows you to add value to your own social media account by using their content.


6. Pinterest increases engagement

If not managed correctly, businesses on social media can come across as pests. This is because users are generally looking to interact with people, not products. Pinterest, however, has turned this idea on its head. Images pinned by individuals are not given preferential treatment on Pinterest. In fact Pinterest users are twice as likely to interact with brands as Facebook users. This makes Pinterest an excellent target for advertising.


Pinterest is no longer just a place for cat photos and baking pictures. It is a sturdy marketing tool that can be utilized profitably by a majority of Australian businesses. Whether you are looking for another way to improve your SEO, or you can advertise your product or service, Pinterest could be a key tool for your business. 


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