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Launch of EMMA: What You Need to Know

Posted by Christine Murphy on Oct 23, 2013 3:43:00 PM

The media market place has always been dynamic. With the introduction of new technology, modern media platforms, and consumer’s media usage, consumption has diversified even further. The Australian media and marketing industry recognised that the available research feeds were struggling to keep pace with the changing face of media usage and they cried out for a more comprehensive and progressive research provider.

The Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) came onto the Australian market to meet this increasing demand. Developed by Ipsos, a recognised global research company, EMMA is supported by the Media Federation of Australia. 

EMMA Marketing Statistics Sydney The 360 Degree Marketing Group

EMMA comes to the Australian market with a single database for print, website, mobile and tablet usage and will provide data for 600 newspapers and magazines, including 160 community titles and over 250 regional titles. Print readership will also be fused with the Nielsen Online Ratings, to provide cross-platform planning capability.

The EMMA database includes:

• Print readership across national, metro, regional, newspaper inserted magazines, community newspapers and magazines.
• Sectional newspaper readership.
• Cross-platform readership with Nielsen Online Ratings, mobile smart phone and mobile tablets.
• Other media usage; TV, radio, cinema, outdoor and internet.
• Insights into media consumption, demographic, and consumer segmentation.
• Plus they also offer insights into the major media and marketing categories including banking and financial services, automotive, retail, FMCG, communications, food and beverage, travel, pharmacy and personal care.

Emma research methodology is comprehensive, with a survey database of 54,000 consumers per annum. It is also independently audited, making it a reliable source of data for marketing and advertising agencies Australia wide.

Emma recruits respondents in two ways:

90% of respondents complete the survey online with computer assisted web interviews, which is in line with penetration of internet access in Australia, and 10% of the sample complete the survey face-to-face via computer assisted personal interviews. This ensures that people who do not have internet access are included in the sample, so that the sample is truly representative of the Australian population.

As surveys are conducted throughout the year, with both face to face and online interviews, respondents engage with EMMA every day of the week. This ensures a more accurate recall of how, when, and where participants have read print and digital media. The additional benefit of shorter surveys is that it minimises respondent fatigue, rushed completions, and drop-outs.

EMMA’s use of more visual stimuli also provides more accurate recall. The survey allows for stops and starts, and it does not need to be completed in one sitting. This gives respondents the choice of when, how, and where they complete the survey, which generally results in greater engagement and a more accurate response.EMMA Marketing Statistics Australia 360 Degree Marketing GroupThe Emma database will be released quarterly, with monthly reports. It will provide advertisers and marketers with a greater understanding and insights into Australian’s consumer behaviour, habits, media usage, lifestyle, activities and beliefs.

Information is power and is always changing! Better consumer insights, allows for improved strategy and planning. Greater knowledge allows The 360 Degree Marketing Group to develop media solutions that can work harder for our client’s brands, products and businesses.

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