Aaron Monks

With a background in Radio, TV and Sponsorship, founder Aaron Monks has always taken an entrepreneurial approach to business.

Aaron came to understand that the best results come from the strategic combination of different media.

Years of buying and selling media has made Aaron an excellent negotiator, which is at the core of what we do for our clients.

Aaron Monks


Paul Dunn

Holding a business degree and MBA, Paul is well known for his successes as a business coach.

He understands that business is competitive and works hard to get world class results for his clients.

His practical experience on the front-line helping business gain market share means he will uncover new and innovative ways for you to succeed and grow quickly.

Paul Dunn

Head of New Business

Christine Murphy

With over 30 years media experience working across all key industry categories, christine brings a wealth of knowledge that enables her to get the full value for the clients’ advertising dollar.

As the head of the media team Christine drives a team of professionals to deliver consistently strong results in all areas of the media.

With a focus on consistency and accuracy Christine is a key member of the 360 DMG team.

Christine Murphy



Angela is a highly skilled television sales professional who has worked in the television sales and advertising industry for 24 years. She has a proven track record of being able to deliver results and motivate others.

In her time at 360DMG she has participated in growing the media team and assisting with the onboarding of some of our largest clients.



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