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Who Should Use Facebook Advertising?

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 20, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Imagine if you could connect with as many potential customers as radio or television while targeting your exact audience? Facebook allows you to do this at a fraction of the price of other media platforms.

Users go on Facebook to connect with their friends, work, and interests; but using Facebook advertising can allow them to connect to your product as well. Facebook allows you to use better targeting to help you reach your ideal clientele as well as promote your brand and help you connect with customers. 

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Targeting

Facebook is able to target your message to a specific group of people in multiple ways. One way is through the various targeting options available. Facebook consists of profiles containing people’s age, gender, location, education, interests, jobs, life events, likes, apps, groups, travel, email lists, relationships, mobile devices, purchase behaviour and any other information included in their Facebook profile, so it is much easier to aim your advertisement towards a carefully selected group of people. 

In addition to targeting through people’s profiles, you can also target people through a custom audience. You can target people who view similar websites as yours as well as people who have liked related pages. You can even target a group of people who have a specific companies’ mobile application.  By using this targeting technique, you can reach a wider, yet more focused, group of people.


Price Management

Many times paying for television ads and radio ads can be very pricey. You pay for all viewers or listeners of a specific station to be exposed to your message. One of the highlights of advertising on Facebook is the ability to choose a less, more targeted group of people to get exposure to your advertisement. By doing this, you gain a great ROI, reaching people who are interested in or looking for what you have to offer. The minimum spends on Facebook advertising are considerably less than other advertising mediums and so are worth considering as one option.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Who Should Use Facebook Marketing?

Depending on your business, you may think that Facebook advertising is or is not appropriate for you. In general, Facebook advertising can be effective for all business models. Whether you are a business dealing with other businesses or a business dealing directly with consumers, you can implement Facebook advertising to market your company.

Choosing the size and type of audience your ad reaches, means you can adjust targeting options to appropriately match your business. Local businesses can use the location filter along with other desired targeting mechanisms to reach people with specific interests in their local area. On the other hand, large companies trying to appeal to a certain age group can do so quite easily. Facebook advertising really lets you control who views your advertising content and so it is appropriate for almost any business.


Tips For Your Facebook Advertising:

When trying to set up your own Facebook advertisement, remember to ask yourself what the purpose of your ad is. Do you want to create traffic? Perhaps you want to generate a conversation or start a discussion. Maybe your main goal is to get a lot of views and shares.  By deciding what your ideal outcome is, you should specifically tailor your advertisement to appeal to that goal and target the ideal group to make your goal a reality.

Remember, more visual ads get more responses than advertisements simply consisting of words. In addition, people can see what their friends’ activities are and are strongly influenced by such. The connection of your ad to a specific group of targeted people can branch out much further than you originally intended with the right response. 

Using Facebook advertising in your marketing plan can be a good way to get the most bang for your buck!  You are able to control how much and to whom your Facebook advertisement is reaching. This marketing strategy can be effective no matter what your business type is.  Facebook advertising is a smarter, more direct, and cheaper way to advertise your product through a social media platform.

If you want to utilise more advanced Facebook advertising strategies, would like help with your campaigns, or have a significant budget that you need to ensure you are getting the most from - we can help. Contact us for more information.

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Spotify Advertising: Choosing your Platform

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 13, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Spotify allows users to stream music, podcasts, and videos on their mobile device, desktop, or phone.

Users can not only search specifically for their favourite songs, but they can choose specific playlists to match their mood and preferred genre. With these wide range of options, there are multiple formats in which you are able to have your advertisements featured.

Using content targeting, Spotify can target listeners with particular habits, attitudes, and styles that align with your desired target audience.

The average user listens to 148 minutes of music throughout all 24 hours of the day, making advertising on Spotify an appealing marketing tool.

There are a multitude of ways to begin your advertising experience through Spotify. Depending on which device you wish to be featured on and what type of medium you would like to use for your advertisement, one of the following Spotify advertising platforms should suit you and your marketing vision.

Types of Spotify Advertising

Sponsored Session

A sponsored session is one of Spotify’s new formats.  This platform allows you to sponsor a thirty minute, ad-free session in exchange for the user viewing your 15 second video ad. When your ad concludes, an end card with a clickthrough URL makes further engagement available. This is only currently available through mobile devices. When a viewer has completed the full ad, you are charged.

Spotify Advertising Sponsored Session


Video Takeover

This method is also one of Spotify’s new formats. Your 15 second video ad can be displayed across the entire Spotify page along with a display ad with a clickthrough URL in the cover art. This video ad plays in between music sessions and is currently only available on desktops. The video will not play if Spotify is minimized and only completed views are billed.

Spotify Video Advertising



An audio advertisement plays between songs and music sessions on a user's desktop, mobile device, and tablet. You can choose between a 15 and 30 second audio option. In addition to your audio commercial, an ad image in the cover art section appears as well as a clickable campaign name to further guide your audience. Every 15 minutes, a 30 second ad is played.

audio lg


A display includes a clickable image across the bottom of the users’ desktop or web platform for 30 seconds. Your ad image will not display if Spotify is minimized and no other ad is displayed at the same time as yours. This allows listeners to continue to listen to their music while viewing your ad. 

Spotify Display Advertising


A billboard is a large screensaver projected on the users’ desktop when they are inactive for more than five minutes.  Upon returning, the screensaver will remain for two seconds and then resize to a Leaderboard ad at the bottom of the screen for 30 seconds.  Users are able to reopen and close the expanded format. 

billboard lg

Homepage Takeover

A homepage takeover allows you to be able to take over the Spotify homepage with 100% Share of Voice. With a background image and interactive area, the two images are designed to fit together.  The interactive area is the main messaging area and is laid on top of the transparent skin of the background layer.  Both the interactive and the background image are clickable to navigate you to a URL. This platform is only available for desktop users. 

homepage takeover lg

Branded Playlist

In a branded playlist, you are able generate a minimum of 40 different tracks (one track per artist) in a personalized playlist.  The cover art image is a branded ad and you are able to include a clickable link in your playlist description as well as custom text containing 200 characters. This option is only available through the users’ desktop. 

branded playlist lg

Advertiser Page

This option allows you to have an interactive microsite within Spotify. It can include videos, clickable images, blogs, links, and comments. This option blocks all other ads except audio ads. Users click on any other type of ad to open the advertiser page. This is available only on a user’s desktop.

advertiser page lg

Now that you have been presented with the eight options for advertising on Spotify, choosing the method that suits your advertising vision most effectively should be a little easier.

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Instagram Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 9, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Instagram is more than just a collection of bad selfies. In fact, the social media platform has turned into a global phenomenon. Facebook acquired the mobile app in 2013 for $1 billion, and it has since grown to a membership of over 300 million. The majority of the users are between the ages of 18 and 34; however, social media has a tendency to slowly spread to the older generations, and the app’s popularity is only expected to continue skyrocketing.  

If your business is not yet marketing on Instagram, let me welcome you to the concept. Whether you are just now creating your business’s profile or simply looking to improve your Instagram marketing skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram marketing

1) Promote Your Instagram

The point of your Instagram is to publicize your company, and so it is essential to promote your profile as much as possible. Your aim should always be to enlarge your following and get more likes on your posts.

  • Pick a Smart Username. Your username should mirror your company title as much as possible. This may seem obvious, but keep in mind that there are millions of Instagram profiles and your company name may already be taken.

  • Connect Your Instagram With Your Facebook and Twitter. This will make sharing photos across all social platforms much easier.

  • Share Your Information. Business cards, posters, fliers, basically anything and everything with your company’s information on it should have your Instagram contact included.

  • Geotag your Posts. Geotag is an option in which you are able to connect a post to a physical location. This is a fantastic way to help promote a particular business location.


2) Build and maintain costumer relationships

The true purpose of social media is simple… to be social. Instagram is an arena in which you can humanize your business and truly engage your costumer, so take on some of these tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform.

  • Hashtagging. Hashtagging is essential for numerous reasons. It allows you to engage your followers by encouraging them to use your hashtags. A popular hashtag helps to promote your page across multiple profiles. Additionally, hashtags provide a means to create a smaller community within a larger one of millions-- thus allowing your followers to interact with one another. There are three types of hashtags which you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Brand specific: Brand specific hashtags pertain solely to your business. These hashtags are necessary in creating that smaller community and distinguish you from your competition.

  • Trending: Keep track and take advantage of trending hashtags on Instagram for a chance to end up on Instagram’s “popular” page.

  • General: General hashtags (locations, broad interests, product type) are a great way to try to attract new followers.

  • Host contests and giveaways. A great way to excite your followers is to host photo contests, hashtag competitions, and comment giveaways. You can offer the opportunity to have the winner of said contest be featured on your Instagram page or you can give away prizes. These events help hold your followers’ interests while also attracting new members.

  • Encourage comments and questions. In your caption invite your followers to leave comments and questions.

  • Show appreciation for your follower. Like their photos and reply to their comments. Your followers have expressed a genuine interest in your page and will continue to do so if you engage with them. 


3) Tell a Story

The most important aspect of your Instagram posts is the content. Your posts should obviously be directly related to the operations of your company. However, there must be a delicate balance between explicit marketing and genuinely relating and engaging with your followers.

  • Showcase products in a creative way. An Instagram needs a personality. Nobody wants to follow an Instagram that resembles a department store catalogue. However, even companies with the most mundane of products can have incredible Instagram accounts.

  • Present a lifestyle. Marketers have long taken advantage of the human desire for a higher standard of living. Showcase your product in a setting that triggers your consumers’ innate wants.

  • Utilize your Instagram community. Don’t underestimate how creative and enthusiastic your fans are. Keep an eye on your brand’s hashtags and tagged photos—there may be a photo worth reposting!

  • Humanize company. Give a behind-the-scenes look at your business by posting pictures of your employees, company get-togethers, your office space, etc.

  • Publicize events. You can build up excitement for upcoming events and product launches through carefully planned posts.

  • Tell your brand story. Instagram is the perfect opportunity to tell your company’s story, promote your mission statement, and present an undistorted view of your business.

  • Keep it short and sweet. Social media is designed to service short attention spans and so it is important to keep your posts to the point. Nobody has time to read a caption that resembles a novel…


4) Prioritize aesthetics

Instagram is an image-based platform, and so your content must be visually pleasing and engaging to your audience.

  • Take appealing photos and videos. Make sure you maintain professionalism and take high-quality photographs and videos.  

  • Know your filter and frame options. In addition to Instagram filters, there are several photo editing apps, which are worth downloading. These apps give you a myriad of options to make your posts unique and attractive.

5) Maintain your Instagram

  • Keep posting. The entire point of your business’s Instagram is to engage your consumer. If you never post then you’re failing before you even begin.

  • Don’t post too much. This may seem trivial but this is perhaps the most sensitive rule to abide by. No Instagram user wants their feed cluttered by one profile. It can be infuriating and even entice the person to unfollow you in order to tidy up the feed.

6) Treat Your Instagram Like a Business

You should track your Instagram progress in the same manner in which you keep track of company sales.

  • Utilize Analytic Tools. There are numerous analytic programs which can be used to monitor your Instagram’s success. These programs will inform you of when your posts are getting likes and comments, which hashtags are being used, and numerous other statistics that are necessary for a successful marketing campaign.

  • Keep on top of trends. Instagram is a mercurial site and there are new, innovative “instatrends” every week. Stay ahead of the curve by maintaining a strong grasp on the Instagram world.

  • Invest in your social media game. Social media is an integral aspect of marketing, and it may be worth your time and money to invest in a social media manager.

Any more questions about how to manage your Instagram marketing? Contact us today and we would be glad to provide you with some information.
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Improving Your Hashtag Marketing Strategy

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 6, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Using a hashtag marketing strategy in your company can help expand your content reach, intensify your brand, target your market, get your merchandise found, improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and more! The main types of hashtags highlighted here are brand and campaign specific, trending, and content hashtags. The right combination of these different hashtags can be used effectively to improve your hashtag marketing strategy. 

Hashtag Marketing

Brand And Campaign Specific Hashtag Marketing

Brand Hashtags

These hashtags are made specific to your business, intended to market your brand. Once you find an appropriate unique hashtag for your market, you should try to campaign this hashtag on all social sites to better engage with current and potential customers.

Campaign Hashtags

You can create a hashtag to promote an event happening within your company. For example, having a photo contest in which the winner of the best uploaded photo using your specific hashtag receives a prize would be an effective hashtag marketing strategy. By doing this, you are networking your company and hashtag to everyone who sees these posts as well as displaying mindfulness and commitment within your marketing efforts.


Tips For Brand And Campaign Specific Hashtags:

  • Choose something that uniquely represents your business and is not overused.

  • It should be relatively short, easy to spell, and simple to remember.  

  • Check social sites before deciding on a hashtag to see its popularity.


Trending Hashtag Marketing Strategy

Trending Hashtags

Many times, a certain hashtag will start to trend. By using trending hashtags that relate to your business, you are able to get your message or campaign to a wider audience by using it.  

Niche Trending

Try to find hashtags within a certain niche.  When you specify to a certain group of people with certain interests, you can better connect with current customers in addition to potential ones. For example, a restaurant could use the hashtag “#FoodFriday” to market their food in their store while people using that hashtag discover that business.


Tips for trending hashtags:

  • Check Twitter, Google+,, Statigram, and Trendsmap for current trending hashtags.

  • Use niche trending hashtags to connect with your target audience.

  • Remember that trending hashtags change within minutes.

  • Do not over use hashtags due to risk of seeming uncreditable and being reported for spam.  


Content Hashtag Marketing Strategies  

Product Hashtags

When you post pictures of your products, reach out for more common product hashtags in addition to your brand hashtag. A coffee shop could use “#cappuccino” or “#caffeinefix” to be easily searched and found. 

Lifestyle Hashtags

Think about hashtags that surround the lifestyle of your product by thinking about your target audience’s routines and demographics.  Using lifestyle hashtags can also help reach more of your target audience as well as connect with your current customers.

Event Hashtags

When an event comes up that is related to your product you should post hashtags that can be seen by your followers as well as people searching for content related to that event. Events can range from happenings within the community to events on a global level.

Location Hashtags

When an event comes up in your area, it is a good idea to use location hashtags to get your business recognized locally and unite with people using the same location hashtag. As a local shop owner, you can use the hashtag of your town to interact with other people looking up that specific geo-location.


Tips for content hashtags

  • Think about what kinds of hashtags your customers, competitors, and suppliers use.

  • Do not spam your posts with unrelated hashtags.

  • Think about your target audience’s demographics and lifestyle.

Remember that hashtags can be used to help build up your own personal brand, connect with a wide range of audience members though trending hashtags, and expand your potential customers through common and local hashtags. Using hashtags can be a successful way to get more exposure for your product when used correctly and is extremely effective for improving your hashtag marketing strategy.  

Social Media for Business Checklist

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Facebook Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 2, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Do you have Facebook? Of course you do. Just about everyone with access to the internet has a Facebook profile, it’s bizarre to meet someone who is not on the social platform.

Not only that, but businesses have found a way to get on it as well, since Facebook offers the opportunity to market products for your company efficiently and for a relatively low cost.Facebook Marketing Tips

Marketers that have been successful with their pages or profiles have found a way to get the user involved and invested into the company on a new platform using some of the below Facebook marketing tips.

Facebook recognizes the top brands that have done the best unpaid advertising on their website, and released the top 20 companies that have won the annual "Facebook Studio Awards".

Number One was Oreo who won the Facebook award when they made 100 posts for 100 days to celebrate its 100 year anniversary. They gained a million new likes during that time span. Other notables include: the show Dallas, Allstate, Nike, AT&T, Ford Mustang, Air Asia, Lay’s, Grey Poupon, Ted (The Movie), Intel & Toshiba, Skittles, and a small village named Graubunden in Switzerland.

What made these pages so successful?

Besides the obvious “like”ability the companies already had, they also found a way to incorporate life events around the world into their content so that people could relate.


Make Posts That Create Emotion

Oreo had posts that celebrated gay pride and Allstate created a page that chronicled “mayhem” throughout history that involved a comedic twist to all of their posts. Consumers go to Facebook to be entertained, albeit for the 10 seconds that can capture their attention before they move on. If you can create something that will inspire, erupt laughter, or feign new emotions you have hit the jackpot to promote your product and brand name.


Make Your Fans Feel Elite

Other insights you put on your page that will make someone feel like they have the inside scoop or new information on their favourite athletes will promote you as well, as seen by Nike UK page called the Nike Academy, a social media football club that gives access to the players journey from amateur to professional. Potential customers want to feel a connection with a company that they are going to spend their hard earned money on, and to understand the values that the company holds and is aiming for and relates to themselves.


Keep Your Fans Connected And Engaged

AT&T had Will Arnett play a lawyer who argued why kids should get a smartphone. Kids were able to find this video and show it to their parents, who may have been convinced to go out and buy their kids that product. Team Detroit allowed Facebook users to customize their own Mustangs and battle against friends by providing a link and gaming application to further promote Mustangs.


Offer An Incentive

Other pages provided other options to enter sweepstakes or competitions to win a free flight, products, or in Lay’s case create a new chip flavour and win 1 million dollars. The internet is a fast paced domain so keeping your content fresh and exciting is crucial to staying top of mind.


Keep Posts Unique And Interesting

Don’t just post a plain picture of your product, include inspirational pictures of everyday people in your products. Your posts also don’t have to be about your new and upcoming products either, try some throwback images of previous products or promotions your company has had. Provide links to other applications and games, or short video clips that attract attention and are funny or inspiring to grab attention.


Facebook Marketing Strategy:

  • For your page, assign admin roles, and get more people involved in the creation of your page's content.

  • Whatever you post, examine viewer response, likes, and comments.

  • You can use Facebook to promote your product or brand as a page, person, ad, or application depending on your personal or business preference.

  • Create the option for consumers to be able to post or share what you have posted to other social media applications. Don’t let Facebook be your only limitation, many users are not just using Facebook anymore, but can use it as inspiration to post on other social media platforms.

  • Put it into perspective what your demographic is commonly using when browsing the web. Facebook is a powerful application, and many people check it and keep up with friends, but other applications are also gaining rise and reputation.

  • Include hashtags in your posts!

  • When your company replies to comments - provide your fans with tips and links to solve their problems fast, you will develop a good reputation and consumer loyalty.

  • Tabs are a great way for pages to post about upcoming events, and sweepstakes which will again grab interest from the reader.

Using these Facebook marketing tips can help accentuate your business as well as help Facebook users experience enjoyment through your marketing techniques.


Social Media for Business Checklist

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Tweet Your Way Towards Advertising Success

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 17, 2015 3:00:00 AM

A little (blue) bird told me that marketing on Twitter can be a very strong tool for just any business. The social networking service was created in 2006 and now has more than 500 million users on the site. The seemingly never-ending feed of 140-character messages is tailored perfectly to the short-attention spans of people today.

Twitter has had a commercial presence in Australia since mid-2013. Twitter advertising was initially solely aimed towards large business; however, they have recently made the market more accessible to smaller organizations.

Every business should indubitably have a Twitter; however, each must then decide if they should invest in Twitter advertising.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising Explained

Twitter has three primary ad options: promoted trends, promoted account, and promoted tweets.

1) Promoted trends will place the advertisement amongst popular viral conversations.

2) Promoted account is a means in which to expand your twitter following. The system will highlight your account in relevant search results and also recommend your twitter to users who follow similar businesses.

3) Promoted tweets will transform your normal tweets into an advertisement.


Benefits of Twitter Advertising

Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s vice president of global online sales, stated, “There are millions of small businesses on the Twitter platform using it organically for free. The real opportunity is to use our ad platform to take it a step further and amplify that presence and make it more powerful.”

In actuality, a tweet is one of the best ad mediums a marketer could ask for:

1) The in-stream ads demand the user to read the advertisement.

2) The process engages the user and creates an interactive experience in which followers can retweet, reply, or favourite your tweets.

3) Most importantly, twitter advertising has an intricate targeting system that integrates a multitude of user demographic information.

Be sure to utilize Twitter’s impressive analytic tools to keep track of your success!

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The Cost of Search Engine Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Oct 2, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Search engine advertising can be extremely beneficial to your advertising efforts. Especially since the number of people that can be reached can also be tailored to your budget.

Google Adwords use three main types of costing to price your ads that will appear on Google. They are cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, and cost-per-acquisition, you have the option to choose any of these relevant to your desired outcome.


Cost-Per-Click (CPC)/Pay-Per-Click

Cost-per-click involves setting a bid price that you are willing to pay for specific keywords and every time your ad is clicked on you are charged using your set maximum cost-per-click.

This is the only time you will be charged for the ad, if your ad is shown one hundred times and isn’t clicked on once there is no charge.

There are two types of bidding available, automatic and manual. When using automatic bidding a daily budget is set and Google will bid accordingly to your budget and will aim to provide as many clicks as your budget will allow. Manual bidding gives the user total control over their ad expenditure. This includes setting the maximum bid for desired keywords allowing you to move higher up the ranking list or choosing where the ad is shown. The CPC method is best used if your goal is to increase website traffic.

 Blog 6

 Cost-Per-Thousand impressions (CPM)

By using CPM, the costs of your ad is determined by the amount of times your ad is shown across the Google Display Network. The Display Network is all the potential websites, videos, and apps combined into a cluster where your ad could appear.

Within the network your ad will appear on relevant sites with content similar to that found on your site, these sites are selected with your desired target in mind. When CPM is used you pay for every thousand times the ad is viewed, CPM is only available for the options “Display Network only- All features” and “Display Network only- Remarketing”.

It is best used when the business’s goal is to increase awareness.


Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)

When using the CPA bidding strategy, a cost is incurred when a pre-determined conversion is completed by the viewer. A conversion is when a desired particular action occurs usually on a website; for example you have a “shop now” button on your website and that is your arranged conversion, when an individual clicks this button the conversion is completed.

If choosing this method you set the amount you are willing to pay-per-conversion and your bids are automatically set and are aimed to provide as many conversions your amount set will allow. This method is generally used by experienced Adword users.


The 360 Offer

Being a busy business owner, do you really have the time to create a successful campaign? With a minimum spend of $2,000 and an industry low management fee of 20% why don’t you give us a call and we’ll arrange the whole campaign for you.

To improve the success of your campaign we’ll research your keywords, implement advanced targeting to reach your specific audience, and monthly campaign reporting. Your management fee also includes the creation of the campaign, ad groups, ads, URL’s, content requirements, and optimisation to meet your goals.


New Call-to-action

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Billboard Advertising Statistics

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 23, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Billboard advertising is truly a unique method of advertising. It provides a way for advertisers to reach their audience during their every day lives. There are few other modes of advertising that are effective during a person’s commute to work, or while walking around the heart of a city.


billboard advertising statistics

Here are some interesting facts that should spark your interest in billboard advertising.

Billboard audiences have increased by 3.6% across the five major cities in 2014. Specifically, Adelaide grew by 1.2%, Melbourne by 2.1%, Brisbane by 4.2%, Sydney by 4.5%, and Perth by a whopping 6.8%. What does this mean for businesses and advertisers? The higher the population of audiences in cities the more exposure your billboard will receive. When it comes to billboards, exposure is everything. The more people that are exposed to your advertisement, the more likely it is people will remember it. Of course, there needs to be creativity, aesthetics, and memorability involved with all of your advertisements as well.

With over 400 million daily contacts with OOH advertising, this means that the average person sees 26 OOH advertising faces per day.

According to Forbes we spend approximately 20 hours per week, or 200 miles per week, traveling in our cars. This is a huge chunk of time that we are exposed to billboards constantly.

A study reported by Forbes also displayed very exciting statistics for potential billboard advertisers to heed.

58% of billboard viewers have learned about an event they were interested in though billboards. This shows us that billboards are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, creating awareness for events and businesses.

58% of billboard viewers also learned about a restaurant they eventually dined at through billboards. This is another very encouraging statistic. Building awareness is one thing, but awareness without action is relatively useless. This statistic shows us that billboards are actively changing the behaviour of their viewers.

26% of people remembered a phone number, and 28% remembered a website address from billboards. Once again, this is an extremely important statistic to keep in mind. The reason is that although it is important to have contact information up on a billboard, it is by no means the most important thing. Most people are driving, and therefore distracted, when they view a billboard. Images and creative designs will be remembered by these people, but patterns of numbers and specific names of websites might not be because these people typically are unable to write anything down during driving.

Populations in cities are growing every year. The direct result of this means that there are more people exposed to billboard advertising on a daily basis. The number of cars on the road has also been increasing every year. The more drivers on the road means the more billboards along roadsides and highways are seen.

Billboard advertising can be placed virtually anywhere along highways and cities, so there really will never be a shortage of advertising space.

Realize the potential that billboard advertising has to offer. Create something that is unique and eye-catching. Do not simply put up a billboard for the sake of doing it, but truly put the time and effort into creating something that is more than just an informational pitch. If you do that, you will be astounded how many more people will recognize your brand. 

For more information about billboard advertising, download our free tip sheet by clicking the link below:

Billboard Tip Sheet by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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Digital Billboard Advertising, Bringing Brand Experiences To Life

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 20, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Digital billboards or electronic billboards are a game changer for billboard advertising, they offer a range of benefits over traditional billboards. They can engage customers with interactivity and changing displays, showing many ads over a set period of time.

Current statistics show that digital is progressing as the preferred type of billboard. Such statistics include 72% of adults have seen a billboard in the last month, 78% agree that digital is attention grabbing, 50% have taken action after seeing a digital ad, and 34% have visited a brands website after seeing a digital ad.

Billboard Advertising Statistics in Sydney

Digital Billboard Advertising Opportunities

Digital Billboards can use facial recognition which has many benefits, including gender recognition. Recently a German beer company, Astra Bierre encountered the problem that most women do not drink beer. In order to combat this they used facial recognition to identify the gender of people looking at their billboards. The ad then could play 70 different funny videos targeting these women such as taking photos of them, asking them out for a beer, or telling their boyfriends to walk away. The digital billboard and its capability of facial recognition help solved Astra Bierre’s problem by exclusively targeting these women.

Other examples of great digital billboards include the Women’s Aid campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence which presented a woman with bruises on her face featured on the billboard which gradually faded away, or the Dailies total1 campaign ‘The London Stare’ that boasted a staring competition that could detect blinks. If someone was able to beat one of the characters a voucher would be given for contact lenses. These examples are often innovative and creative and can lead to worthy press and word-of-mouth spreading about your brand.

The limits of using digital billboards are endless as they can be creatively focussed and use high resolution. The boundaries of technology are always expanding, with that the digital billboard landscape will be quite different in a few years and with more options to advertise.


Who Offers Digital Billboards?

APN Outdoor, Ooh Media, Torchmedia and Adshel currently provide digital and electronic billboards for the Australian market. They’re offerings cover many types of digital media and unique locations. Torchmedia occupy over 654 digital screen locations in the health sector, with 58% of the Australian population visiting a pharmacy at least once per month these ads receive great exposure.

Amongst these digital screen locations, over 337 are in general practices, also receiving high exposure with 14.9 million people seeing a doctor at least once a year and of this 11% visit over 12 times. Torchmedia also have digital screens in Woolworths Petrol and Caltex Starmart locations, with screens throughout stores they can reach 43% of the Australian petrol station customers reaching around 4 million people.

Ooh Media arrange for digital billboards in cafés, bars, sporting venues, and the health sector. Their health sector network is spread across 58 Australian medical centres with 171 screens. They also have screens throughout cafés that reach people who are 91% tertiary educated and wait an average of four-six minutes for their order, this is valuable time they could potentially be looking at your ad. Ooh Media has 350 bar locations, with 78% of people visiting a pub or bar in the last six months with an average wait time of 3.1 minutes this could be the right place to target your audience. 

APN Outdoor provide digital billboards that are high definition, high traffic, LED and large format. They are located across Australia including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia. The New South Wales placements include M1 – General Holmes Drive, Sydney High Flyer, T2, The Darling, and ‘The Showgirl’.

Adshel deliver high quality digital displays throughout Sydney CBD locations including Town Hall, Central, Wynard, Martin Place, North Sydney, Parramatta, Bondi Junction, Kings Cross, and Chatswood. They also offer a CBD pack, which is a pre-selected grouping of platforms for brands to choose from.

In summary digital and electronic billboards offer some fantastic results and opportunities for advertisers, they offer flexible options for creativity and interactive options to increase engagement. 

For more information about billboard advertising, download our free tip sheet below;

Billboard Tip Sheet by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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The Basics to Outdoor Advertising in Sydney

Posted by Amy Baker on Jun 16, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Currently outdoor advertising in Sydney is a huge market and has great potential to boost your advertising efforts. There are numerous spots to choose from, depending on your budget and market. And with the right know-how, it can be an extremely cost-effective advertising choice. 

The primary types of outdoor advertising in Sydney include transport, billboards, and public places.


Using transport for outdoor advertising is a great way to reach your audience when they’re on the move; options can include bus wraps, taxi backs, and train stations. APN Outdoor currently offer a range of options from full bus wraps to fullbacks. They also offer options for trams and double decker buses.

Trains can also be used to reach out to your audience, during the working week: 11.2 million people travel by train and spend 21% of their time at the station looking at advertising around the platform.

Torchmedia and APN Outdoor offer options such as maxi views, portrait views, and track views. Taxis are almost always on the move, traveling to many areas and bringing exposure to many people.

ROVA Taxi Media are a vendor for taxi backs throughout Sydney, your ad can be seen 24 hours a day and generally can be seen from 40 metres away. Bus shelters can be seen by pedestrians and motorists and also can take advantage of digital displays with interactive options and facial recognition, which will engage your audience.

Adshel provide many alternatives to standard bus shelter advertising turning them into memorable experiences, examples include turning bus shelters into theatres, banks, and farms.



A billboard gives a brand great exposure to the public, 81% of people notice billboards and 74% also see billboards several times a week. Billboards can either be digital or static, each have their own benefits. Digital can be attention grabbing, time specific, interactive, and flexible.

APN Outdoor offer digital billboards while Adshel focus on providing digital displays throughout major Sydney train stations and bus shelters. Static on the other-hand are cheaper than digital billboards, and if placed correctly cannot be missed. APN Outdoor and ooH Media provide a variety of locations and billboard types.


Public Places

By advertising in public places you can reach your audience right before they intend on buying something, for example outside of a supermarket or at a petrol station. Torchmedia offer in-isle advertising with the use of fins, these can offer a unique and engaging medium for your brand. For example they can feature the use of near-field communication for people to scan the fin, scratch and sniff for detergent products, product samples, feature windows, and motion-activated lighting to capture shoppers attention.

Shopperscapes can also be used, reminding people of your product as they walk from car to store. Petrol stations deliver many options also including on the pumps, upon entry, on the shop floor, and windows.

Ooh Media provide outdoor advertising in universities, café’s, sporting venues, and medical centres. The airport is another popular place for advertising it is the perfect way to reach your travelling audience, according to airport passenger data 81% of people saw APN outdoors media. APN have an array of options such as portrait and digital displays, standouts, bespoke, and externals.


All the mentioned forms are highly effective if they’re suitable for your specified audience. To navigate the confusing minefield of choosing appropriate outdoor advertising in Sydney contact 360 and we’ll do the hard work for you, and negotiate the right rates for your budget.


To find out more about outdoor advertising, download our free billboard advertising tip sheet, it's full of helpful tips for advertisers considering billboard marketing:

Billboard Tip Sheet by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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