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Posted by Dominic Gouw on Jun 27, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Outdoor advertising can be considered one of the oldest forms of marketing. We are continuously coming up with innovative ideas to create an entertaining and engaging marketing medium. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the world of cross track advertising. Looking at the two main format types of cross track advertising and the benefits of implicating this medium into your marketing strategy. From digital and static solutions to station dominations, advertising within rail environments can deliver a highly impactful and unmissable advertising experience for commuters. 69% of commuters claim that they pay more attention to advertising in the rail environment than anywhere else.


There are two format types of cross track advertising in railway stations across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. They are cross track panels/ billboards and XtrackTV. XtrackTV, the latest evolution in rail platform advertising and currently the only large format, cross- platforms Digital screen network in Australia. These are currently exclusive to APN Outdoor.


Cross Track Panels/ Billboards

  • Description: Static panels – no animations
  • Location: Along side the railway platforms nationally
  • Posting period: 4 weeks + (Lunar cycles)
  • Share of Voice: 100% - 1 client per posting period
  • Creative execution ideas: Increasing brand awareness through multiple Panels (Foodora “SupperTime”)




  • Description: The latest LED technology accompanied with high definition, full motion and audio capabilities.
  • Location: Key CBD stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide
  • Posting period: From 1 week to 12 months
  • Share of Voice: 2.5 minute loop – 6x 15secs faces (6 clients per rotations). Includes 1min content inclusion – Sky News

Creative execution ideas: Quick and easy creative changes during the posting period to give the brand a story/ difference


It is reported that there are over 11.2 million train journeys taking place from Monday to Friday each week. With train commuters being the number 1 most used public transport, it is not surprising that cross track advertising is a strong consideration in promoting brands. XtrackTV provides advertisers with the ability to extend their TV/ Cinema and Online campaigns by playing TVC formats directly on the rail platform. Taking mass media to the consumers. XtrackTV delivers a captive audience with high dwell times, looking for the perfect distraction while they wait.

Here is an example of an Xtrack TV advertisement we organised for THE ICONIC. 


Benefits of using cross track advertising:

  • Entertain and inspire a captive commuter audience throughout their journey
  • High dwell time with train commuters spending up to 12 minutes on average waiting on the platform per trip
  • High impact medium with 69% of train commuters claiming that they pay more attention to advertising in the rail environment than anywhere else.
  • High engagement medium – that demonstrates an incremental impact in advertiser brand preference of +9% when platform dwell time is over 3 minutes – demonstrating the power of the rail environment to not only drive reach, frequency, impact and visibility and drive sales outcomes. (Sources: Neuroscience Commuter Study, Hoop; Nielsen CMV 2015)


If you want to find out more about outdoor advertising, download our FREE eBook - 'The do's and don'ts of outdoor advertising'!

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Posted by Lauren Jolly on Jun 24, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Name: Scott Bowley

Title: Media Planner/Buyer   


Three words that other people would use to describe me

Tall, dry (sense of humour) and cruisy


Which client at 360DMG would you most like to work with



What is the strangest job you’ve ever had

Door-to-door Austar salesmen


What is your favourite TV show currently on Australian TV

The Hunt (David Attenborough)


What is your 360DMG claim to fame

Team Scott


If you could own a restaurant what would it be

All you can eat Mexican


What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on at 360DMG?

Entertainment Quarter – Food Truck Jam, because it was the first campaign I executed on my own


What is your favourite Youtube video/clip?


Best piece of advice you have given

Think twice before supporting the Newcastle Knights


Best piece of advice you have received

The only stupid question is the one not asked


What music would you like played in the office?

Triple M


What is your passion?

Beach or Snow

Cats or Dogs

Radio or Outdoor

Sweet or Savoury



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Posted by Scott Bowley on Jun 20, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Outdoor advertising, from large format billboards to branded scooters, demands attention because it has a high level of impact. Outdoor advertising is effective at reaching a mass audience, whilst cutting through to reach hard to find consumers, like young people or busy professionals.

The list of advantages for outdoor advertising goes on, but it truly comes into its own when it is used effectively with other media.


Outdoor and Print

Many people say that print is dead, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when you combine it with impactful outdoor advertising. These two mediums are effective when combined because they reinforce a message in two different environments. Outdoor is effective at reinforcing a branded message before and after a consumer is exposed to print advertising, which often drives home specials or sales.

A campaign for Supabarn, which is a supermarket chain located in Sydney and Canberra, utilised this approach in advertising their store in Sans Souci, Sydney. A local newspaper was employed to advertise weekly specials. Whilst outdoor advertising, in the form of branded scooter’s, bus shelter advertising and railway billboards was employed to generate brand awareness and increase foot traffic. This was an effective approach a tailored message was created to ensure best results in each media environment – print highlighted retail offer and outdoor promoted brand.



Outdoor and TV

Outdoor and TV work extremely well together. Television acts as the primary medium that drives awareness, and then outdoor reinforces the message. The combination of these two mediums allows to reach the target audience on their way to work and again once they are relaxing in front of the TV.


Outdoor and Digital

No other medium has had such an impact on the media landscape in recent times like digital. Outdoor and digital work exceptionally well together – the large broadcast reach that outdoor offers can drive consumers online. This can in turn create a path to purchase, which is often a sought after result.   

A campaign for Ugly Pizza, a pizza restaurant in the South of Sydney, utilised both outdoor and digital advertising during their venue opening. Outdoor, in the form of railway billboards and bus shelter advertising, was used to create awareness and hype before the venue opening. Digital, in the form of Facebook, Instagram and Google Search Advertising, was used to engage consumers and increase website traffic.


Digital advertising can capitalise on the awareness that outdoor advertising generates – it creates a path to purchase with consumers searching online for Ugly Pizza after being exposed to outdoor advertisements. 

With digital outdoor we can take this even further. Outdoor as an increasing audience of 3.7% per year. Mobile phone consumption is at 86% of people owning a smart phone that they use multiple times each day. Connect these two formats and the message can be amplified and gain the benefits from the immediacy that these mediums can provide.


Outdoor and Radio

Outdoor and radio go hand and hand. They are both high frequency mediums and together they act as frequency drivers. The visual aspect of outdoor works well with the rich content audio that can be provided through radio advertising, creating a dynamic relationship.


Outdoor and the Marketing Mix

Overall outdoor advertising can increase the reach and impact of a campaign when employed within a media plan. Outdoor is a true team player within the media mix. We can create a truly cut-through campaign.

If you’re interested in learning more about outdoor advertising, download our FREE 'Do's and Don'ts of outdoor advertising' eBook or contact us today and see how we can help you with your outdoor advertising and beyond.

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Posted by Lauren Jolly on Jun 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Name: Mikaela Dunn  

Title: Media Planner/Buyer   

360 Nickname: Clever One  


Three words that other people would use to describe me

Loyal, determined and bossy


Which client at 360DMG would you most like to work with

I've been lucky to work across some of our biggest brands (THE ICONIC, Adrenalin, Sumo Salad, Gloria Jeans) - probably next I want to work on is Watches of Switzerland. 


What is the strangest job you’ve ever had

I worked at Build-A-Bear where I made stuffed animals and ran parties for little kids. 


What is your favourite TV show currently on Australian TV

I loved Love Child while that was on - can’t wait for Jessica Marais’s new show on channel 10


What is your 360DMG claim to fame

I helped work on THE ICONIC billboard on the silos!


If you could own a restaurant what would it be

It would have to be a fusion place - awesome breakfast cafe and then an Asian place for dinner, probably Thai and Chinese mix. 


What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on at 360DMG?

THE ICONIC sports campaign


What is your favourite Youtube video/clip?

Currently - Obama's last White House Correspondent Dinner speech


What is your unique talent / personal trait that you bring to 360DMG?

Retaining information wayyy after I need it and bringing it up at random moments. 


Best piece of advice you have given

Smile & Nod


Best piece of advice you have received

Do one thing at a time, do it right and finish it


What music would you like played in the office?

Country music


What is your passion?

Beach or Snow

Cats or Dogs

Radio or Outdoor

Sweet or Savoury


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Posted by Mikaela Dunn on Jun 13, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Billboards! Bus Shelters! Billboards and Bus Shelters everywhere! For everyone!

Outdoor or Out of Home advertising seems to have become so common that you can’t go anywhere without seeing it. Think about how many times a day you see a billboard, or a bus shelter?

Roadside advertising is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. Here are a few of the biggest roadside formats that brands can use to gain audiences’ attention:



When it comes to outdoor, most people think of billboards. Go big or go home! Large format billboards are one of the most noticeable and eye catching formats around. Billboards can range in size and shape but they are all attention grabbing if done right. Strategic billboard buys and placement can ensure an “always on” approach is achieved, with a static billboard being in place 24/7 for a lunar cycle (4 weeks). As with any form of advertising it is important to keep in mind the format when you are creating the content; roadside billboards need to be clean and simple with an eye catching factor. With thousands of billboards located across Australia, and more people spending time out of home, this format allows you to reach mass audiences in targeted areas, and have a high frequency with that audience.


Digital Billboards

While billboards have been around for a long time, the newest innovation in Billboard advertising is Digital Billboards. Digital Billboards are one of the fastest growing advertising sectors around the world. Using the newest technology, Digital Billboards are computer controlled LED displays that can be updated with the click of a button – crystal clear image with vibrant colours. Digital Billboard advertising allows for multiple messages to be rotated through the feed. Most roadside digital billboards are static – rotating through multiple advertisers in a set rotation, however digital billboards that are in areas only seen by foot traffic allow for video content to be displayed.

Another factor to consider is production: static billboard advertising incurs production cost for the skin (or print) that will be applied to the Billboard; Digital Billboards have the benefit of no print production costs which allow for quicker lead in times and as well as the flexibility to change your message daily, weekly or monthly. In Australia, Digital Billboards are currently in high-profile and high traffic areas and are continuing to grow across the nation.


Bus Shelters

Bus Shelters are everywhere – conveniently placed at eye level to reach the maximum amount of people on foot and in cars. Bus shelter advertising is a tried and tested roadside advertising solution that delivers reach and frequency through numerous panels. While bus shelters may be everywhere, one of the best things about this form of advertising is that you can geo-target specific locations – allowing you to target social spaces, retail centres, business districts or specific neighbourhoods. When these are placed in close proximity to each other it allows for creative messaging with a single brand.



New innovations have also been brought to the bus shelter advertising format.

  • Panorama wraps completely immerse people into a brand, with the limits to this format being only your imagination. 
  • Wi-Fi capability is also an opportunity that can be used with bus shelter advertising and panorama wraps. This can increase drive of consumers to a website as well as increase consumer brand interaction.
  • Similarly to digital billboards, digital bus shelters allow roll-through of multiple advertisers (usually a maximum of 6) on the same panel. This format makes it easier change messages or have multiple messages displayed.


While not all roadside advertising was created equal, they definitely all have their benefits and nuances that will be valuable to different brands and campaigns:

  • Large format – solus placement, brand awareness and frequency
  • Digital billboards – awareness and the WOW factor – be creative with the message and execution
  • Bus shelters – brand awareness, creative storytelling in the multi formats with reach and frequency. 


Contact the team at 360DMG and let us assist you to make your next campaign a success.

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Posted by Lauren Jolly on Jun 10, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Name: Beau Crellin         

Title: Account Manager                 

Three words that other people would use to describe me

 Weird, direct & mono-toned.


Which client at 360DMG would you most like to work with

I love all my clients equally.


What is the strangest job you’ve ever had

Forklift Driver.


What is your favourite TV show currently on Australian TV

Game of Thrones.


What is your 360DMG claim to fame

Banned from most of Sydney’s watering holes.


If you could own a restaurant what would it be

I wouldn’t own one, hospitality hours are horrendous.


What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on at 360DMG?

My first ever campaign: a promotion on KIIS 1065 for – it involved Kyle & Jackie-O + a birthday wheel. What could possibly go wrong?


What is your favourite Youtube video/clip?


What is your unique talent / personal trait that you bring to 360DMG?

I can spot a lie from a mile away.  


Best piece of advice you have given

Don’t ever turn up to a meeting without a notepad and pen.


Best piece of advice you have received

“…hard work is never wasted” - Christine Murphy


What music would you like played in the office?

Triple J


What is your passion?

Beach or Snow 

Cats or Dogs 

Radio or Outdoor 

Sweet or Savoury 


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Posted by Beau Crellin on Jun 8, 2016 12:00:00 PM

In today’s fragmented marketing mix, it’s becoming increasingly harder for brands to compete and gain any sort of cut through. There are so many mediums out there and the internet is filled with 500 word pieces on why you should and shouldn’t utilise this particular channel. 


This piece on Guerrilla Marketing is exactly one of those.


One of the reason’s 360DMG love Guerrilla Marketing is that it allows our clients to compete with international brands like Coca-Cola but on a local tactical level. As an agency, we work with a lot of start-ups, owner operators and retailers throughout Australia, The United States and Singapore. If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s creating bespoke unconventional, innovative and low cost ideas.


The options are endless when it comes to Guerrilla Marketing and whilst there are literally hundreds of executions. Let’s break it down into two categories: Ambient and Experiential.




Ambient media is now firmly entrenched in an industry where jargon is the norm, it can be defined as a hybrid form of out-of-home where your product or service is advertised at unconventional places. Due to the mediums youthfulness there is ample opportunity to let your imagination run wilder than Grant Hackett on an airplane. Whether it’s Transformers in Times Square or Velociraptor’s in the carpark of 2Day Hit 104.1 – there is no limit to where your imagination can take you.  

However, if Velociraptor’s aren’t a good brand fit there are several other popular ambient mediums that are a little safer: street posters, graffiti, chalking, stickers, digital light projections, aerial advertising and mobile street media, to name a few. 


When planning your next out-of-home campaign, consider Ambient for the following benefits:

  • Virality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Attention grabbing
  • Limited regulatory compliance issues




Experiential Marketing is where things get interesting, it’s a form of advertising that predominantly takes the consumer on a journey of brand experience. Experiential corners the product or service and aims to engage as many other social senses as possible.

Ultimately, the purpose of experiential marketing is to create a conduit of expressive connection between the consumer and the brand whilst influencing decision makers on their path to purchase.

Because experiential marketing influences consumers across several levels, it can focus a purchaser on a brand message relatively quickly. Therefore, in today’s tech-addicted age, it is the perfect environment to engage consumers who exhibit a shorter span of attention. If the campaign is successful, the consumer who reacts to the messaging ultimately ends up moving from a passive respondent to a brand evangelist.

Engagement is key when it comes to planning and executing across this medium, engagement in turn brings about chatter online and offline and will ultimately lead to new customers.


Guerrilla Marketing is like any other channel, you have your goals and your consumer profile, the rest is only limited by your imagination – whether it’s ambient campaigns that are running across the sky or an experiential execution on Bondi Beach.


Contact 360DMG to find out how we can help you with your next Guerrilla Marketing campaign across Australia, the United States and Singapore.

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Posted by Mike Delaney on Jun 3, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Bus advertising can be confusing. There’s all kinds of shapes, sizes and formats that work or fail depending on what kind of creative messaging you use.

Not sure what to brief your designers for your new transit campaign? Let us guide you on journey through a range of bus advertising formats and creative tips that will maximise your branded bus messaging.




The Full Bus Wrap

The Full Bus Wrap is the largest ad format you can get for a city bus. With full advertising coverage down each side and also the rear, this high-impact format is all about brand dominance, eye-level street ownership, and brand elevation.

360 Creative Tips: Keep any copy short and sharp, and don’t be afraid to go for grand visuals with highly colourful artwork to really generate cut-through in busy environment. Create the artwork to the bus landscape. Consider where the images are and eyelines.


Full Back

Another highly impactful and engaging brand format, the Full Back bus advert capitalises on long motorist and pedestrian dwell times in and around an often traffic-heavy city.

360 Creative Tips: There’s little space to play with for text-heavy creative, so keep to high-impact branded visuals and simple messaging. Be aware that creative must work around bus safety messaging. This can vary in location on each bus type.


The Megaside

The last in the high-impact, brand building formats we’ll be covering, the Megaside format is essentially a large static billboard on wheels. It’s a popular choice for many of our clients and can occasionally be snatched up at a heavily discounted rates shortly before a transit campaign start-date (minimum quantities apply).

360 Creative Tips: Treat the space as a good old-fashioned billboard with a visually compelling focus and clear text that spells out the brand or brand message without any fuss. Consider use of colour as images cross over translucent material for the windows and will have lighting behind them.




Portrait Back

Away from the blockbuster set-pieces of high-impact bus advertising lies the cost-effective and humble Portrait Back. The Portrait Back provides affordable CBD and suburb-based exposure to motorists, and can be used independently or as an extension of a multi-layered transit campaign.   

360 Creative Tips: Smaller in size but not in scope, the Portrait Side allows brands to capitalise on dwell times and push specific products and call-to-actions to motorists. Our client Sumo Salad used Portrait Backs very effectively by showcasing one of four different new drink flavours on each bus as part of a multimedia marketing campaign.


Portrait Sides

Sitting in a different environment to the Portrait Backs, Portrait Sides are a great alternative to standard street furniture formats like bus panels and road-side formats. Providing cost-effective reach and frequency in market, Portrait sides are typically used to keep retailers top-of-mind throughout a client’s path to purchase.

360 Creative Tips: Simple visuals, simple products and a strong informative call-to-action would be the best way to maximise this ad format.


The final broadcast format in this journey, the Twin 8 provides eye-level exposure to pedestrian foot-traffic and frequent commuters typically across business and shopping districts.



360 Creative Tips: The unusual split-style format presents an opportunity for copy rich question/answer, repeated-sequence and multiple-sequencing messaging that can impact nearby pedestrians and provide creative cut-through.

Remember to think outside the bus for your next campaign! Contact 360DMG today to find the best transit package for your next campaign.

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Posted by Lauren Jolly on Jun 1, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Name: Mike Delaney

Title: Marketing and Business Development Coordinator

360 Nickname: Magic Mike


Three words that other people would use to describe me

Dry-witted, Pommy (British) and Driven


Which client at 360DMG would you most like to work with?



What is the strangest/coolest job you’ve ever had?

Interviewed movie stars for a year in London


What is your favourite TV show currently on Australian TV?

The Bachelor


If you could own a restaurant what would it be?

Burger & Beer Bar (partnered with Foodora)


What is the most memorable campaign you have worked on at 360DMG?

Suppertime Bondi Junction “Messina & Chill” Campaign


What is your favourite Youtube video/clip? 

One of the most spellbinding matches in Sports history. Brings a tear to my eye every time. 


What is your unique talent / personal trait that you bring to 360DMG?

Soccer, Rapping and Organisational Form


Best piece of advice you have given

Always Swipe Right


Best piece of advice you have received

Always Ask The Question – Aaron Monks


What music would you like played in the office

Ludovico Einaudi


What is your passion

Beach or Snow

Cats or Dogs

Radio or Outdoor

Sweet or Savoury