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Beauty HQ: How 360DMG helped the company run their marketing campaign

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 28, 2016 11:00:00 AM

In 2015, 360DMG had the opportunity to conduct a marketing campaign for Beauty HQ, an up and coming beauty supplies website. Being in a highly competitive market, Beauty HQ was faced with the issue of creating awareness of their website and encouraging consumers to shop rather than using well-known sites such as Priceline or department stores for their cosmetics.


With a strong female target audience, 360DMG sat down with the Beauty HQ team to discuss their goals and expectations for the campaign. Beauty HQ outlined four main objectives that they wanted to achieve:

  • Increasing clicks to their website
  • Increasing sales on their website
  • Increasing Facebook and Instagram engagement
  • Building trust for their website


Beauty HQ wanted to achieve the above objectives through Instagram, Facebook and Google Search advertising. Through Facebook and Instagram, ads were created to increase clicks to website as well as engagement and using Google Adwords, specific keywords were targeted in direct relation to the Beauty HQ website.

                         Mar_28b.png      Mar_28a.png

With a strong female target audience and 68% of users on Instagram being female, Instagram was a no-brainer when choosing which platforms would be best for Beauty HQ to advertise on. The strong imagery of the products the website stocks as well as key beauty influences showing the use of their products meant Instagram was a great platform for displaying what Beauty HQ is all about.


Over the course of the campaign, weekly, monthly and end-of-campaign reports were completed to provide Beauty HQ with an update on how each of their campaigns were performing. This was an important part of the process in order to provide the company with specific information on how their investment was performing as well as provide any feedback for how specific components could be optimised for better results.


360DMG was able to generate significant results for the company. The overall campaign results (Instagram, Facebook and Google Search Advertising) resulted in:

  • Reaching a total of 184, 416 people from their target audience
  • 4,293 clicks directly from the advertisements to the Beauty HQ website
  • A large number of sales as a direct result of marketing efforts
  • Increased awareness, engagement and trust amongst consumer.


Specific Instagram-based campaign results included:

  • 1,594 clicks to website
  • 75,406 reach


Through this campaign, 360DMG was able to provide Beauty HQ with great results, increased post engagement, sales and reach as well as build trust amongst Beauty HQ consumers. They also found that a number of customers that had purchased off the website as a result of our campaign ended up becoming repeat customers.


If you’d like to speak to a member of the 360DMG team about us creating and managing a social media campaign, Click Here and someone from 360DMG will contact you. We can:

  • Meet with you to discuss how the 360DMG team can help you get results
  • Plan your campaign and work towards the best possible solution
  • Execute and manage your campaign from start to finish
  • Provide you with weekly and monthly reports to show success/areas for improvement
  • Discuss plans for future marketing efforts

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How to create successful Instagram advertisements

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 25, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Creating successful Instagram ads is easy when you have the right formula. There are a number of best practices to follow in order to create great Instagram ads that will captivate your audience. This blog will explain 3 of these best practices and give you the best shot at being followed by relevant people.


  1. Create good great content

If you want to engage your audience then the key is to create amazing content that resonates with your audience. Well-crafted, thought-out content will engage your audience and entice them to use your call-to-action. When creating Instagram ads for business, remember that it is not always about showing images of your products of service. Sharing great content that other people have used or uploading content that shows a real-life situation (such as snow outside of the company office building) also engages users and shows them that you’re a real company.


Filters and effects are a great way to take your photos to the next level and stand out on the Instagram feed. The following tools can help you create great content:

  • Boomerang
  • Hyperlapse
  • Layout
  • Snapseed
  • VSCOcam
  • Camera+
  • Hyperlight


Your checklist for a great Instagram ad is a captivating image; a catchy headline (not too long);  hashtags (maximum of three) and a call-to-action that relates to your image (learn more, shop now, download etc.).


  1. Tell a story

Instagram is all about telling stories and it’s important to use your content to tell a story about your brand. Create a voice or persona for your business and use this to tell your audience what you’re all about. Through engaging photos and videos, brands allow their audience to understand them and interact with them as well as gain a mutual understanding about what the content is trying to say.


From an Instagram ads perspective, it’s important to base this storytelling around a campaign. Having a campaign will allow you to tell a story from beginning to middle to end. Whilst you might have a more general story to tell about your overall business, you are also able to tell more specific stories within your advertising campaigns.


  1. Use Instagram Advertising

If you want to reach more of your potential audience then advertising on Instagram is the way to go. Businesses of all sizes are able to tailor the advertising solution to their budgets and objectives to create a personalised method of reaching more people. Monitoring is an important part of this process in order to analyse which ads are working and which are not. Through the Facebook Ads Manager tool, you are easily able to see how well the ad is performing, pause the ad if needed, alter the ad to something more suitable or add more budget if the ad is performing well.


Here are some extra dos and don’ts for you Instagram advertising:


Do utilize captions

Do take pictures with your logo visible

Do have a strong focal point

Do keep your audience in mind

Do obtain permission to use imagery (third parties)



Don’t use text overlays

Don’t place direct logo overlays

Don’t use busy complex images

Don’t use specific dates or times

Don’t use copyrighted imagery


If you’re still not clear about the best ways to create a successful Instagram, Click Here and someone from360dmg will contact you. We’ve got qualified, knowledgeable staff members who can assist you with your advertising needs.

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The connection between Facebook and Instagram advertising: What does it mean for creating your ads?

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 21, 2016 11:00:00 AM

In 2012, Facebook made the bold decision to buy Instagram. Whether it was to quash any chance of Instagram becoming a stronger competitor against Facebook; to enhance data-sharing between the two platforms or any number of other reasons, Facebook purchasing Instagram and monetising it was a huge step in the social media world.

 Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can not only create ads for Facebook but also for Instagram which is a huge advantage if you want to have ads running on both platforms with a consistent message. The ads manager is easy to use and allows you to customise your ad using a number of different options. Different areas you can customise to your campaign include objectives, audience, budget and the ad itself.



Once your ad has been created, there are a few key takeaways to consider in order to have your ad approved. These include the ad review process, using text in images, mentioning Facebook in your ads and age-restricted material.


The ad review process

Before your Instagram advertisements are approved, they will be reviewed by Facebook to ensure they adhere to their Advertising Policies. This review process will usually occur within 24 hours however it may take longer. Facebook will alert you if there are components that need to be altered.


Using text in images

Ads with a higher percentage of image over text have proven to be more effective in engaging people compared to ads that contain large amounts of text. Facebook has a 20% rule which means that you text is only allowed to consist of 20% of the total area of the ad. Facebooks grid tool allows you to check and ensure that your text is within their guidelines.


Mentioning Facebook in your ads

On occasion, businesses may want to refer to Facebook in their advertisements. There are a few do’s and don’ts when using the world ‘Facebook’ in your ad.



  • Write “Facebook” with a capital “F”
  • Display the word “Facebook” in the same font size and style as the content surrounding it



  • Use the Facebook logo in place of the word “Facebook”
  • Make Facebook plural, use it as a verb or abbreviate it
  • Use an altered version of the Facebook logo in the image for your ad


Age-restricted material

Images and text used must be suitable for the audience that you are targeting. For example, alcohol advertisements must adhere to strict guidelines and only target audiences that are of a legal age to view the content. It’s important to also remember that different countries have different regulations in relation to ages of people who can view the content.


Other factors that could stop your advertisements from being approved include the use of prohibited content, the use of restricted content, discriminatory targeting and so on.


If you’d like some professional assistance getting your Instagram advertising up to speed, Click Here and someone from 360DMG will contact you. We’ve got the expertise to manage your social media campaigns from start to finish and get results. 

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An overview of the success you can gain from Instagram Advertising

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Choosing an objective for your Instagram advertising is an important factor before you undertake any Instagram advertising. Ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve from your Instagram advertising? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website in order to increase sales or you’ve got a new mobile app that you want to tell the world about? No matter what your objective is, chances are it will conform to one of the objectives outlined below.


There are eight key objectives to choose from when setting up your Instagram advertising campaign. These include clicks to website, app installs, video views and mass awareness.


Clicks to website

The objective of clicks to website is based around using your Instagram advertisements to encourage people to click on your ad and drive traffic to your website. This objective is particularly useful when trying to improve engagement on your website whether it be to increase sales, encourage people to learn about your company, download a content offering or more.


App Installs

Mobile App Installs encourage people to click-through to install your mobile app or simply click the call-to-action to install directly. By using this objective, companies with new mobile apps or existing apps that need promotion are able to increase awareness of the app as well as potentially increase their installs.


Video views

The objective of video views is all about increasing the amount of views on a particular video. In a way, it is kind of like sponsoring a particular video in order for more people to view it. Videos can be on a wide range of topics that aim to increase the awareness of a product or company.


Website conversions

Website conversions has a strong focus on encouraging people to take certain actions on your website which will in turn lead to a conversion. A conversion may be downloading a specific piece of content, purchasing a product and so on.


Mobile app engagement

 Whilst App Installs is focused on people installing an app, this objective is focused on engaging people through the app.


Reach and frequency

 This objective is based on achieving predictable reach and greater control over message frequency.

Through this objective businesses are able to monitor the reach and frequency of their Instagram advertisements


Page post engagement

 Page post engagement allows you to select particular posts and boost the post (like in Facebook) in order to increase likes on your post, comments, shares and photo views.


Mass awareness

The aim of the mass awareness objective is to deliver your ad to a broader audience with guaranteed impressions and premium placement at the top of the Instagram feed. This objective is for companies that do not want to target a particular audience but rather just have their ad seen and used by a mass audience.


Using Facebook’s self-service platform, Ads Manager, you are able to buy and place ads on Instagram. It’s as simple as choosing an objective and following the steps. The Ad Manager also allows you to measure and analyse your campaigns to ensure they are performing positively or optimise if they need adjusting.


Instagram has seen great success from its advertising platform with the following key results:

  • 97% of measured campaigns generate significant lift in ad recall
  • 85% lift in app installs
  • 10% increase in order value
  • 21% brand engagement rates


If you’re unsure which objective would work best for your business or would like some general assistance with your social media campaignClick Here and someone from360dmg will contact you

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Instagram Advertising Budgets: How to make sure you don’t blow it!

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 14, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Setting a budget for your Instagram advertising campaign is much like setting a budget for anything else in your life – it involves trial and error and may need to be adjusted multiple times before you find the right fit. Different business sizes have different budgets and it is therefore important to factor this in when setting a budget. For example, a small business isn’t going to spend $100,000 straight away on Instagram advertising, if ever!. Instead, it’s best to start with an affordable amount that will get results without blowing your total advertising budget – after all it is likely that you will be advertising on other media in addition to Instagram.


Setting a budget

Setting a budget for your Instagram Advertising is the same process as for Facebook Advertising and involves choosing whether you would like to set a daily or lifetime budget. A daily budget it the total amount that will be spent on each day of your campaign with the minimum amount being $1/day. A lifetime budget is the total amount of money that will be spent over the duration of the campaign.


Once a budget has been decided on, Facebook uses this information to bid against other businesses with similar ads for ad spots. The below outlines the budgeting process you should follow when setting up Instagram ads:

  1. Create the ad
  2. Choose the audience
  3. Choose a budget and duration for the campaign
  4. Facebook will optimise your ad by default (no action necessary)
  5. Facebook will bid on behalf of your ad to reach your desired audience and make it as effective as possible. Alternatively, you can submit your own bid
  6. As people see the ad, your budget will be spent. Once your budget has been used or it has reach the end date (whichever comes first), the ad will stop


Maintaining and monitoring your budget

As discussed earlier, it is import to test different ads and budgets to work out the best fit for your business. The Facebook Ads Manager tool allows you to do this through being able to pause, add extra budget and so on to your ads. Therefore, if you find that an ad isn’t going as well as you would have liked then you are able to pause it, re-work the ad and resume. Alternatively, if you find that an ad is working really well then you are able to add more budget and let it keep performing.


If you are wanting to control your budget across multiple ad sets, you are able to create an entire budget for the ad account through an account spending limit. By setting an account spending limit, you are able to put a maximum figure on your total spend across multiple ad sets and ensure that you don’t blow your total budget.


If you would like more information about Instagram Advertising budgets or Instagram Advertising in general, Click Here and someone from360dmg will contact you. We’ll help create a personalised solution for your business.

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Instagram advertising for business: which ad type should you be using?

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

From hospitality to retail to service providers and more, lots of businesses are seeing great success from Instagram Advertising. With companies all around the world being able to use Instagram advertising campaigns, it’s a great platform for businesses from any industry to get on board and start reaching more of the their target market.


Here are some key businesses success stories:

  • McDonalds saw a 46 point lift in recall to connect through meaningful moments and building brand love
  • Porsche ‘Slick Boxster’ videos drive 41 point lift in ad recall
  • Snail Games saw a 339% lift in installs with Instagram videos
  • Holden’s cinemagraphs drive 8 point life in brand favourability among 35 to 44 year olds
  • Myer saw a 13 point lift in awareness of the new season fashion campaign
  • The Iconic’s Facebook and Instagram campaign lead to 23% uplift in conversions for the online retailer
  • Qantas saw a 30 point lift in ad recall to reach millennials with emotional sentiment


In terms of the type of businesses having success, a wide range of companies within varied industries have had success. From retail to hospitality to sport to entertainment and more, Instagram is a great platform to visually showcase what your company is all about. Therefore, it is not important to be within a certain industry but rather to focus on the content that you will create, post and promote using your Instagram page.



Photos are the most simple ad format available through Instagram advertising. They are clean, concise and easily display your offering to the user. Photos are also easily customisable through filters and effects which allow you to take your photo to the next level and stand out from the crowd.



Video is a newer format than photo and allows you to display moving content on the platform. Video has a great engagement rate and allows companies to display more about their brand with the ability to upload up to 30 seconds worth of video content. Video is however a slightly harder medium to shoot using an amateur recording device however filters and effects can also be used for video which will increase the appeal of your content.



Carousel allows you to display multiple ads within the one post, almost like a reel or slideshow. By having multiple images on the carousel, you are able to showcase multiple facets of the one subject. For example, a restaurant may showcase four different images of meals you can order throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert) to not only entice people to visit their restaurant but show that they are open throughout the day.


When deciding which ad type you will use, it’s important to try out different formats to see what works for your business. Using trial and error, you can measure engagement with your content as well as which format/s have the highest click-through rates on so on. When testing different formats, it’s a good idea analyse the performance of each ad type against your objectives. This will also give you a basis for future advertising.


If you would like to find out how Instagram advertising can help your business grow, Click Here and someone from 360DMG will contact you

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A guide to the different types of Instagram Advertising and how to use each one

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 7, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Instagram offers ad solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The main thing to remember is that the content you are posting needs to be relevant and able to be displayed in a responsive fashion. For example, if a plumbing business wanted to use Instagram for its advertising, it wouldn’t look good for the company to post images of toilets they’ve fixed, however, if the company posted images of bathroom renovations they have completed it would be a more successful campaign.


Ad Formats

There are three formats available for Instagram advertising: Photo, Video and Carousel. All three formats allow you to add a caption as well as a call-to-action.


The photo format is the simplest of the three and allows you to display your image. Only one image can be posted at a time in this format which allows you to showcase a particular product or service. By using a call-to-action with this format, you are able to prompt the viewer to take a particular action towards your brand.


The video format allows you to showcase 30-second or less videos which show what your business is all about. Once again you are able to make them as visually appealing to your viewers as possible and prompt a response through a call-to-action. Videos can also be posted in landscape format.


Carousel ads display a number of images which users can swipe through. This ad format is important for businesses wanting to showcase multiple facets of the one concept. Whilst this format is the most complex of the three, you are able to add a layer of strength to your post as well as still use a call-to-action to prompt further action.


Mar_7_a.jpg       Mar_7_b.jpg       Mar_7_c.jpg       



When deciding to undertake Instagram advertising, it is important to understand the objectives you are trying to achieve. Whether you are trying to drive traffic to your website; promote content or just make people aware of your brand it is crucial that you understand what is it that you are trying to achieve. When you go to create your ads, you will have to select an objective so be prepared. The Instagram objectives available are:

Clicks to website: Clicks to website allows you to use the ads to encourage users to go to certain pages on your website

Website conversions: This object is aimed at getting people to take certain actions on your website which will lead to increased conversions

Mobile app installs: The App Installs objective prompts people to download your mobile app. Once again, through a specific call-to-action such as “Download” or “Install”, users are prompted to install the app onto their mobile device.

Mobile app engagement: This objective is similar to app installs however it is aimed at creating engagement on an app once it has already been installed.

Video views: Video views is as simple as it sounds, using Instagram to tell a story through video. As this objective is based on video that is the only format it is available in.

Reach and frequency: This objective is based on achieving predictable reach and greater control over message frequency

Page post engagement: Page post engagement allows you to boost certain posts in order to increase likes on your post, comments, shares and photo views.

Mass awareness: This objective provides you with guaranteed impressions and placement in Instagram’s top ad positions.  It allows you to gain wide awareness of your brand and be seen by a large amount of people.


If you’d like to know more about which ad format or objective is right for your business, Click Here and someone from360dmg will contact you. We can provide you with a tailored solution for your business!

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Instagram Advertising Explained: What it is and how you can use it

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Mar 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network that allows its users to share photos and videos within the community. Content can also be shared from Instagram onto other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. With over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is a great advertising platform. 

Instagram therefore allows people to share photos or videos of different moments in their lives with people all over the world. It’s as simple and taking a picture on your mobile and sharing it on the platform.


How did Instagram come about?

Instagram came about when the founders were enjoying playing around and taking pictures with old cameras. They loved that these far from instant cameras marketed themselves as being “instant” and that taking snapshots of people was kind of like sending telegrams, hence why the platform is called Instagram.

As the technology evolved, mobile phones became the new, popular way to take photos. Instagram provides people with the ability to take not-so-great photos on their phone and transform them into something better using filters. The three problems Instagram aims to solve are:

  1. Mobile photos always come out looking mediocre. Their awesome looking filters transform your photos into professional-looking snapshots.
  2. Sharing on multiple platforms is a pain - they help you take a picture once, then share it (instantly) on multiple services.
  3. Most uploading experiences are clumsy and take forever - they've optimized the experience to be fast and efficient.



What can you use Instagram for?

Taking and sharing content

Instagram allows you to take photos using your mobile phone and upload them to Instagram. You are able to add a caption for your photo, hashtags and location tags to ensure more people find you.

Adding filters and effects

Why just upload your normal photo when you can add filters and effects to your photo and make it look even better! Instagram has a number of filters as well as effects such as brighten, fade, saturate and more.

Connecting with others

Instagram isn’t just about uploading your content and forgetting about it, after all it is also a social networking site. Instagram allows you to connect with other people by ‘following’ their profile, ‘liking’ their content as well as sharing other people’s content. Hashtags are also an important way that people connect with each other – by hash tagging your content as well as searching for hashtags, you are able to find content that is relevant to your interests as well as allow others to find you.


How can you advertise on Instagram?

In the beginning, Instagram was not monetised and there was no way for a business to ‘advertise’ on the platform. Sure, a business could post images of their products or services and hope that their customers would see their posts however, there was no official Instagram Advertising.

After being bought by Facebook in 2012, Facebook quickly began working on the platform to ensure that businesses could use it for advertising purposes. Using Facebook’s ‘Ad Manager’, businesses are now able to purchase and manage their ad buys through the self-service platform.

If you would like more information about Instagram advertising or would like to speak to the 360DMG team about how we can help your business, Click Here and someone from 360DMG will contact you.

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