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Australia’s Newspaper Advertising Landscape

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Feb 29, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Australia’s newspaper advertising landscape is large and diverse with a number of major and minor players contributing to the environment. News Corp, Fairfax and APN are the three key players in the newspaper world and control most of the publications seen on all levels.

This blog will take you through the different levels of the landscape including metropolitan, regional and community newspaper advertising.

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Metro newspapers are seen as providing the world view on issues as well as the gatekeeper on big picture issues. These are the large publications that you will find in newsagents, supermarkets and so on such as The Australian Financial Review, The Daily Telegraph and the list goes on. Large, state-wide or national companies are best to advertise in metropolitan newspapers as they have a higher readership so will therefore be seen by more people across different demographics and locations.

Whilst large, national companies see metropolitan newspapers as they key to success, many underestimate the power of regional and community newspapers.



From a regional perspective, newspapers dictate the local concerns of residents and inform them about issues happening in their local area. These issues would most likely not become articles in metro newspapers and therefore provide local residents with location-specific information. With over 7.8 million consumers living outside of the metro areas, regional newspapers are an important part of life in these areas and are well trusted by their readers. Whilst it’s important for national companies not to forget about regional newspapers, these papers also see a high representation from local businesses or services who are trying to get local residents to use their business.

Here are some key findings on regional newspapers:

- Readers are twice as likely to enquire about a product or service seen on a newspaper ad than they are after seeing an ad on TV or radio

- Readers are twice as likely to stand up for important local issues seen in a newspaper (71%) than on local TV (36%)



Community newspapers provoke emotion in their readers and are where people turn to for local community information, local events and so on. Community newspapers are most often filled with local business advertisements due to the content contained within the publication.

Here are some key finding on community newspapers:

- Nearly twice as practical as information provided by local TV, local radio or letterbox flyers

- More than three times as likely to visit a store or business after seeing a newspaper ad compared to an ad seen on local TV (62% vs 17%)

- More than three times more likely to consider their local area would be worse off without their local newspaper than local TV or radio (74% compared with 20% for local TV and 24% for local radio)

Whether you’re talking about metropolitan, regional or community newspapers, the biggest growth has been seen in the digital news landscape. Whilst physical newspaper sales are down around 9% across the board, digital newspapers are fusing the gap with many readers even opting to use both offline and online platforms. 

If you're interested in doing some newspaper advertising, download the 'Cheat Sheet' below or get in contact with the 360DMG team today. 


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The Top 10 Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

Posted by Lauren Jolly on Feb 26, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Over the past few years there have been many unfavourable opinions that newspapers are on their way out. However, the statistics prove quite the opposite! As you’ve read in our previous blogs on Newspaper Advertising, there are many benefits to using this type of media. This blog will outline the top 10 benefits of newspaper advertising.

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1. Wide Audience

Each month, around 15 million Australians consume newspaper media every month as well as 10 million consuming digital newspaper media. Newspaper audiences are therefore diverse in their demographic profile and use the medium in different way

2. Affordable

There are many options to choose from when deciding which type of newspaper advertising is right for your business. Whether you’re a well-known, national company with a large budget or a local butcher with a small budget, most newspapers provide a variety of options to suit your needs.

3. Trustworthy

Newspapers have long been shown to be a trustworthy source of information. A recent study shows that newspaper is the most trusted paid medium at 58%, followed by television (54%), radio (49%) and online (27%).

4. Engaging

Newspaper audiences have proven that they find the medium more engaging and have less distractions when compared to other mediums such as television. This is mostly due to people engaging in other activities such as scrolling through social media feeds whilst watching television or using the medium as background noise.

5. Digital

Whilst offline newspapers are said to be in decline, digital newspapers have surged in their numbers with some consumers even using both platforms. This allows newspapers to reach a wider audience by reaching two very different markets. Furthermore, digital allows for further audience targeting as well as digital advertising.

6. Flexible

Unlike other mediums, newspaper advertisements can be quite easily altered or changed if a business decided that an advertisement is not working. As long as the new material is provided before the given deadline, businesses are able to change their ad to something more suitable. This also allows you to trail types of advertising and see what works best.

7. Targeted

Newspapers allow for quite targeted advertising to specific areas or demographics especially in local or community newspapers. For example, if you were advertising a restaurant in Cronulla, south of Sydney and only wanted to target people who lived in the local area, it would make sense to place an advertisement in the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader. This is compared to advertising in a state-wide or national newspaper which could run the risk of not reaching the target audience.  

8. Effective for targeting shoppers

Newspapers are an effective way for businesses such as retailers to target shoppers. It has been shown that newspapers are the most trusted medium for shoppers as well as the most favoured medium for shopping advertisements at 59%.

9. Multi-platform

Many other media platforms are in constant contention with other mediums to gain the business (and the money). However, newspapers are different. Many newspapers have now developed online versions of their newspapers in order to ensure they are reaching the whole market. With 7/10 of the ten most popular offline newspapers having a digital platform, it is evident that having multiple platforms is important for businesses to reach a large audience.

10. Diverse options

When choosing which type of newspaper advertisement you would like to purchase, a business must consider a number of factors including who their target audience is, their budget and so on. Newspaper provides people with a wide range of advertising options from large full-page spreads to small advertisements in the classifieds and everything in between.

If you need help deciding whether newspaper advertising is right for your business or would like to speak to someone knowledgeable in the space, contact us at 360DMG.


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An overview of Newspaper Advertising in Australia

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 22, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspapers are a great medium for your advertisements despite the discussion that they are declining in readership. Their readership is actually growing with many now having a digital presence, what a publication loses in print they regularly will gain back in their digital editions. Newspaper advertising can be an effective edition to your next campaign accompanied with the appropriate research.

 Here are a few quick stats to get your head around newspapers as a medium.

- A total of 15 million Australian people will read a newspaper in a month

- Newspaper media will reach 16 million Australians and around 10 million will access a newspaper digitally

- 86% of people under 30 will come into contact with newspaper media

Feb 22 resized 600

When placing an ad in a newspaper there is more than one option you could opt for. Depending on your needs you could choose a display ad which you could feature an ad with colour and pictures or a more straight forward ad in the classifieds section. The ads in newspapers work in modules which are smaller boxes that split up a newspaper - the more modules you buy the higher the cost.

Newspapers are considered the most trustworthy of all mediums. When people see an advertisement in a newspaper they associate the same trust with the ad and its publisher. When it comes to newspapers and their websites, they sit on top of the list of media options that are considered to have the most believable advertisements. People will also go to a newspaper as their first point of information or news which further reinforces the point of them being the most trustworthy of mediums.

Newspaper advertisements can also target specific areas with metropolitan, regional or community papers. Depending on your needs you could use either of these options. For example, you may own a single business in a specific area and are on a smaller budget. To enhance your advertising ability you could advertise in your local paper which will save money and reach an audience that is located in your area instead of spending money reaching consumers that may not use engage with the advertisement. Unlike other advertising forms, newspapers are a subtle way of reaching your audience as they are expecting advertisements to be in there. This is a bonus compared to other ads that disrupt and annoy consumers.

Newspaper advertising is an effective tool for shoppers. Shoppers consider newspapers as their main tool for when they go shopping and are more likely to act on an advertisement they see in a newspaper as they find them more engaging than other mediums. People can immerse themselves in a paper unlike other mediums such as TV where people can be distracted by their phones and social media and miss the ad altogether.

The common trend of thinking about newspapers is that it is a dying industry however some forget to realise that newspapers are also evolving by going digital. Some publications in Australia are seeing their readership drop however the same publications are gaining an audience on their digital platforms.

If you’d like to know more about newspaper advertising and start your own campaign, you could contact 360DMG and you can let the experts steer your campaign in the right direction. 

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10 questions to ask before using Newspaper Advertising

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 19, 2016 1:00:00 PM

To help decide whether newspaper advertising is right for your business, you should check these ten questions to see if it can help you decide if you want to persue Newspaper Advertising.

Feb 19 resized 600Is your target market reading newspapers?

Firstly, you should only be considering newspapers as a medium if you know that your audience is reading them. Newspapers can reach a great deal of people, although there are particular audiences that do not read newspapers often such as the younger demographics that are less inclined to read the newspaper. So if you have an older demographic as your market around 30 years and older, newspaper advertising may be a good medium to choose.

Where is your audience and where are you?

Your choice to use newspaper advertising could be dependent on where your audience is located. Are they dispersed throughout a wider area? If so, a metropolitan paper may be ideal for you. Or is your audience concentrated in a single area? Then a local paper may be better suited. Or if your business has just the one location, you may want to reach the people strictly in your vicinity as they may be the people who will most likely visit.

Do you want your ad to have longevity?

One of the issues with digital and TV ads is that they’re not around for long when compared to other mediums. People can now skip ads in recorded shows and click through online advertisements. Whereas print advertisements can lie around in a house or business for as long as they’re not thrown in the bin and for anyone to pick up and flick through.

Did you want a targeted advertisement?

Newspapers and print advertising can offer a targeted advertisement whether that be targeted by local community or in a particular section of the paper. If your audience is most likely to be reading the early general news section, you could easily place an ad there in your local paper to target them most efficiently.

Are you looking for a trusted medium?

If you’re looking to increase the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand, you can look towards newspapers as a medium. Newspapers are the most trusted medium of all and this trust is transferred over to your brand and advertisements.

Are you looking at reaching your audience subtly?

Many advertisements today are often pushy and in the consumers face, which often disrupts them and annoys them. Newspaper advertisements are accepted by consumers and even sought after in some case by people searching specifically for products. When it comes to the most preferred medium for shopping newspapers dominate at 59%.

Did you want to use an engaging medium?

With the growing presence of the digital environment, many consumers are caught up in more than one screen at a time. How often would you watch TV and then pick up your phone when the ad starts to scroll through your Facebook feed? I’m sure you wouldn’t notice half of the ads that were played. Newspapers are an engaging medium and often they do not compete with other mediums.

Did you want to reach numerous people?

Newspapers have a great ability to reach people and plenty of them. The total number of people in many publications readerships and circulations are quite impressive and now with newspapers having a digital presence this is multiplied.

Do you want your medium to be one that is often referred to?

Newspapers are often a person’s first preferred point of contact for news and information, people will look to a paper as it is a credible and reputable source - this is known as the halo effect. With people having newspapers as their number one choice for information and news, this would make them referred to numerous times.

Do you want a flexible medium?

Advertisements in newspapers are relatively easy to interchange. If you don’t like the ad or change your mind, then it’s easy to change the advertisement if it’s in before your deadline. This is also great for testing, you could easily find which ad works better or even if you’ve received poor feedback. If you want an ad to be replaced or altered, it is much easier to do than taking down a whole billboard for example.

Hopefully some of these questions have helped you make up your mind in your decision to take up advertising or not. If you’re still unsure about newspaper advertising, contact the team at 360DMG for more information. 

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Posted by Lauren Jolly on Feb 16, 2016 4:42:32 PM

360DMG worked with THE ICONIC to plan and buy a number of out of home opportunities that created awareness of their new sub brand and retail site. 

The introduction of the new sub brand THE ICONIC SPORT sees the online fashion retailer now offering a comprehensive range of active wear with new stock from Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, 2XU, Speedo, Puma, Mizuno, Lorna Jane, Running Bare, New Balance and more.

     Iconic3.jpg    Iconic4.png


Coming to market on the 18th January with billboards, street furniture and transit buses, there was an east coast impact from city, to gym, to beach. Following with an Australia Day weekend WOW unveiling on the truly iconic site of them all, the Glebe Island silos -the largest billboard in the southern hemisphere.


THE ICONIC creative team maximised the out of home opportunities providing bespoke creative for all of the prominent, impressive and position focused sites around the east coast including Bourke St Mall, Melbourne, Darlinghurst Rd, Sydney and Queen St, Brisbane. Compiling an amazing portfolio of over 50 pieces of artwork.

   Iconic_1e.jpg    Iconic_2e.jpg  iconic_3e.jpg


Taking it indoors to Fitness First and another 50 sporting centres with a digi lite campaign and personalised EDM. 


All that’s left to do is follow your new year’s resolution - get out of the office and into sport, performing your best with THE ICONIC SPORT | WE’VE GOT THIS.

If you're interested in working with the 360DMG team or would like to know what opportunities are available to your business, get in touch with us today. 

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The Top Newspaper Advertising Tips

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 15, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspaper advertising is a great way to advertise your brand although it can be strange and unfamiliar territory. To help you navigate this landscape 360DMG will provide you with some helpful tips to start your journey.

First and foremost, research is your priority with any advertising you’re planning to undertake. Each newspaper and publisher has their own distinct and differing audiences covering varying areas, which may not reach your target market. Once you’ve conducted your research you will be able to determine the medium you find most appropriate (it may not necessarily be newspapers). Though if your desired medium is newspapers you should also consider where exactly in the newspaper you want your ad to be placed - depending on your target audience and your budget. For example, whether that be in early general news (EGN), classifieds or sport.

When using newspaper advertising it’s important to test different ads to ensure you are using the right one for your audience. Sometimes different ads outperform others and they may resonate more with a particular audience or they may just simply look better. So after testing you’ll be able to create better ads in the future that will perform better and appeal to your audience. When testing, you can also test differing ad sizes and placements to see what works best. You could place smaller ads over a few scattered pages or in each section, or the complete opposite and use a full page ad.

Feb 15

The content of your ad is one of the more crucial elements. Even if you get the right  audience by being in the right publication, if the copy and headline are not right there’s no point as this is what attracts people's attention. The headline needs to stand out, as people often skim through their newspapers and it should be able to catch their eye at a glance. The copy should also be large and bold to help make it stand out and be able to be read from around three feet distance. Think of the colour you may want to use throughout your ad - different colours have different connotations and could mean different things to different markets.

Make an attempt to get your advertisement to stand out, once again people often skim through newspapers so getting their attention is of utmost importance. There are several things you can do to get your ad to stand out from the crowd. Using white space effectively can help distinguish you from the other ads, in particular if you’re on the same page. Creative images are also a great way to grab attention when partnered with aesthetically pleasing fonts.

Putting these tips into use when undertaking your newspaper advertising will be a major benefit to you and help you on your to advertising success. If you’d like 360DMG to do the hard yards for you, get in contact with us today. 


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What you need to know about advertising in the North Shore Times

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 12, 2016 1:00:00 PM

The North Shore Times reaches a large range of people in varying demographics with the most prominent being professionals and the affluent especially with the location being in the vicinity of the city. Their audience is generally considered to be up to date with the news and live in a traditional neighbourhood. The North Shore Times is published twice a week, Wednesday and Friday.

When thinking about advertising in the North Shore Times , it is crucial to consider the readership and also the circulation. The readership of the North Shore Times is 79,000 and holds a circulation of 35,358. It also has a presence on web, tablet and on mobile. The newspaper’s website has an average of 48,771 weekly page views and 34,440 unique visitors which is also important to consider when buying in conjunction with press as these hits could also amplify your advertisement. The North Shore Times covers a vast region including Castle Cove, Chatswood, Chatswood West, Lane Cove, Northwood, St. Ives, Roseville and Willoughby and more.  

The Wednesday edition of the North Shore Times is a tabloid format which covers News, Street Watch, Conversations, Lifestyle, Best Recipes, Smart Shopper, Home, and Sport. Whilst the Friday gloss format covers News, Near You, Conversations, @school, Real Estate, What’s On, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Best Recipes, Carsguide, and Sport.

Jan 4

Below is a brief outline of each feature:

- Street Watch is about crime in your local area

- Near You offers specific news about your area

- Conversations is about opinions from the community on varying topics. Opinions are collected from letters, emails, Facebook, and polls.

- @school allows readers to become more up-to-date with issues surrounding local education

- Real Estate provides the latest listings, PR statistics, and advice for  buyers and sellers

- What’s On presents a weekly calendar of things to do in the area

- Lifestyle and Health & Fitness provides people with information on how to live healthy

- Best Recipes highlights what people are cooking and how anyone willing to try could attempt them

- Smart Shopper tells readers where to get the best local products and deals.

In regards to deadlines, the Wednesday edition (Tabloid), display advertisement bookings are due the Thursday before publication and classifieds booking deadline is the Monday before publication. Concerning the gloss edition published Friday, the deadline for display advertisements is the Monday before publication and for classifieds is the Wednesday before publication.

As the North Shore Times is available in both in tabloid and gloss format, the page and advertisement sizes will vary. Some of the specifications are below, however, for more information on specification sizes you can contact us. A double page spread (M12x12) is 380x551 in tabloid and 293x534 in gloss, half page spread (M6x12) is 188x551 and 144x534 in the gloss, quarter page spread (M3x12) is 92x551 in tabloid while the gloss is 70x534, half page horizontal (M6x6) is 188x262 and in the gloss it is 144x262, small strip (M2x6) is 60x262 and in gloss format it is 46x262.

For the above mentioned specifications and for access to more competitive rates please contact the team at 360DMG.

If you wish to view their Facebook page click here - or if you wish to view the paper online .

To find out more about advertising in the North Shore Times, get in contact with 360DMG today.


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Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 10, 2016 2:36:48 PM

Despite the talk of the demise of newspapers, the medium is surprisingly doing well – reinventing itself to keep up with today’s media landscape. Publications are now adapting to the digital age and investing more time and money into producing shareable content for their online platforms. Whilst some publications are facing a decline in circulation numbers, others are seeing substantial readership and audience growth as their audience shifts online and consumes both traditional and digital formats.

In 2015, major publications such as the West Australian and the Daily Telegraph increased their audience 0.9% and 0.5% respectively. Those that excelled in their digital platforms included publications such as the Mercury (up 44.8%), the Financial Review (up 33.4%), and the Sunday Times (up 28.2%). Taking into consideration these statistics, it is clear to see some papers are adapting to the digital age and experiencing a positive shift in their audience.


Furthermore, several publications grew both their online and offline audiences, proving that traditional publications can still gain success and maintain their audiences by keeping up with the industry.  Publications that have seen growth in both print and online formats include:

- The Daily Telegraph (2.2% across both platforms)

- The Financial Review (13.9% across both platforms)

- The Mercury (20.7% across both platforms)

- The Newcastle Herald (1% across both platforms)

- The Australian (0.1% across both platforms)

- The Sunday Times (5.4% across both platforms).


Advertisements in newspapers are still considered the most trustworthy of all advertising mediums, with 58% completely or somewhat trusting in them. Australians still turn to newspapers for their consumption of information each day – in particular, the news. This is important to consider when choosing which media to advertise with as your advertisement will be displayed in a medium where there is a predisposition by the reader of thecontent being trustworthy. 




With community newspapers, 56% of readers will read seven or more newspapers in any given week therefore showing that it is still an important focus for audiences wanting to receive up-to-date, region-specific news in different communities across Australia. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about Newspaper Advertising and how we can assist your business, please contact 360DMG today.

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An insight into the top newspaper advertising statistics

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 8, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspapers have often come under scrutiny for dwindling readerships, however the digital newspaper format is thriving in the new digital world as the former traditional newspaper viewers are now converting over to the online editions. While some publications are losing readers, the same publications are increasing in readers digitally. Due to this confusion in performance, we’re providing you with some key statistics about the publications and their audiences.

Regarding the papers that have lost readers in their traditional newspapers and then regained them digitally, here are some of the examples:

- The Sydney Morning Herald lost 51,000 readers between 2014 and 2015 from their traditional papers, however they gained 101,000 in the same period digitally; almost doubling the lost numbers from print

- The West Australian had lost 7,000 readers in the period of 2014 to 2015, though again dramatically made up numbers digitally with an increase in 20,000 readers. Along with this, there are also several publications that are doing better in both print and digital formats, despite what some are saying

- The Financial Review is one of those, as it picked up 19,000 readers in print and another 70,000 readers digitally in the year 2014 to 2015

- This is the same for the Mercury where they gained 6,000 in print and 15,000 digitally.

- The Australian gained 1,000 readers in print and a further 82,000 readers digitally.

Feb 8

When using newspaper advertising you can potentially reach a great audience depending on your requirements. There are many unique groups that access newspapers on a regular basis as their trusted source of information. The Telegraph, when combining print and digital they have a total reach of 1,881,000.  Of the people who read the Telegraph, 49% are male and 51% are female, with an average household income of $96,809.

Whatever your audience, you must understand where and how they are consuming media. To provide you with some insight into the people that are consuming newspapers, here are some statistics surrounding how they consume the papers. Of all daily readers, 45% of them spend a minimum 60 minutes reading the paper. The people that read newspapers earn on average $7,400 more than the Australian average and they will also spend $31,700 on their next car which is $2,500 more than the average car budget. Australian gamblers prefer newspapers to any other medium; as recreational gamblers, TAB punters, and online punters all prefer newspapers for the tips and form guides. In the last 4 weeks, 7 million newspaper readers visited a bottle shop and regular readers spend 6 percent more on beer than non-newspaper readers.

Newspapers play an important role in the buying process, having a great influence on consumers when it comes to information search and the final purchase decision. A recent study by GfK showed that 55% of consumers researched digital and traditional news sources before making a purchase and 1 in 3 visited a store or purchased a product after seeing it in a Fairfax publication. A further 52% of readers stated that Fairfax mastheads inspired them to think of ideas to buy something.

When it comes to newspaper advertising, you should always have information at the ready. The more you know about it, the better your advertisements will be in terms of results and success. Contact 360DMG if you would like tailored information about newspaper advertising. 


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Newspaper Advertising: Should you advertise online or offline?

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 5, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Newspaper advertising can be a confusing space for a first timer with the many different publications, specification sizes and jargon. Though now it is more confusing than ever with online newspaper advertising entering the space. Here is a quick run through on what publications are available online and some of their benefits and disadvantages when compared to offline newspaper advertising.

Many of the publications available in the traditional format of newspapers also offer the same editions online. The following is a preview of the publications in the Sydney area that have both online and print editions. 

Feb 5 resized 600

However, depending on your campaign and advertisement you may have to make the decision whether online or the traditional format will suit your needs. To help you make up your mind, we’ll share with you the pros and cons of both formats.

The advantages of online newspaper advertising are quite distinct from the traditional print format. Online is readily accessible, it is available essentially anywhere there is an internet connection. In saying that it is also can be instantly updated, which is important for breaking news as people no longer have to wait till the next time the paper comes out. People can stay connected throughout their entire day thanks to online newspapers.

A disadvantage of online newspaper advertising is that as a medium it is not as trusted as traditional print newspapers. This could affect how people interpret your advertising messages and this should be a consideration if you’re aiming to be a trusted brand. One major bonus for online newspapers is the content that is published can be tailored and specific people will go searching for it. This is a bonus for your advertisements, as you can reach the people you want to reach. With traditional newspapers on the decline, their readership is transferring over to the digital editions which is a big bonus for online advertisers. Online newspapers have great measurability compared to the traditional format, as you can often see how many people are clicking on advertisements and when they have done so for example.

The traditional newspaper is quite the contrast to online newspapers and is the most trusted source of information from all the mediums. This trust is often transferred over to the advertisements within it and brands that advertise in newspapers can also be considered as trustworthy. Newspaper advertisements can often be interchanged if they’re not performing, though some newspapers may not be so flexible. Newspaper readerships are gradually eroding, which is a major disadvantage to advertisers. When newspapers are compared to other media formats they can often be more expensive and therefore inefficient.

No matter what option you choose it is always crucial to keep in mind your target audience, they should be the ultimate variable that determines where you end up advertising. If you need a hand with the many advertising options that are out there, get in contact with 360DMG.


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A Guide to Newspaper Advertising in Sydney and New South Wales

Posted by Casey Whatton on Feb 1, 2016 1:00:00 PM

When it comes to Sydney and New South Wales newspaper advertising, there is a vast range of potential publications you could choose from. Each having their own demographic and readership, some publications may suit your advertising needs more so than others so it is important you choose the right one.

As mentioned, certain papers will suit better than others. The Hills Shire Times for instance is a family friendly publication allowing the locals to connect to their area. It has an audience of families with children under 18 at home and the social grade A as well as a readership of 79,000 and a circulation of 58,494 plus online views totalling 52,442 weekly. With this audience in mind, you may only advertise in this publication if their audience fits with your own target audience. For example, if you were to advertise a new family car you could potentially advertise it in the Hills Shire Times.

The Penrith Press on the other-hand is a hyper local publication bringing all the news from around the area to the one newspaper. It has a readership of 58,000, a circulation of 48,093, their audience is Families with children under 18 at home and baby boomers and they also have 76,934 online page views. Again for the Penrith Press, you would have to ensure that your target matches with their demographic.

Feb 1 resized 600

Now we’ll discuss the larger publications, bear with me as there is a few. Firstly we’ll start with the News Corp publications in New South Wales:


-           The Australian

-          The Weekend Australian


-          The Daily Telegraph

Community Titles

-          Blacktown Advocate

-          Canterbury Bankstown Express

-          Central Coast Express Advocate

-          Fairfield Advance

-          Hills Shire Times

-          Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate

-          Inner West Courier

-          Liverpool Leader

-          Macarthur Chronicle

-          Manly Daily

-          Mosman Daily

-          Mt Druitt & St Mary’s Standard

-          North Shore Times

-          Northern District Times

-          Parramatta Advertiser

-          Penrith Press

-          Rouse Hill Times

-          Southern Courier

-          Wentworth Courier.

Now for Fairfax in New South Wales;


-          The Australian Financial Review

-           The Weekend Financial Review


-          The Sydney Morning Herald

-          The Weekend Sydney Morning Herald

-           The Sun-Herald


-          Albury Border Mail

-          Armidale Express

-          Armidale Express Extra

-          Batemans Bay Post

-          Bathurst Western Advocate

-          Bathurst Western Times

-          Bega District News

-          Bellingen Courier Sun

-          Blayney Chronicle

-          Blue Mountains Gazette

-          Boorowa News

-          Southern Highlands News

-          Bowral Southern Highlands POST

-          Camden Haven Courier

-          Canowindra News

-          Cessnock Advertiser

-          Country Leader

-          Cowra Guardian

-          Crookwell Gazette

-          Deniliquin Pastoral Times

-          Dunno Daily Liberal

-          Dungog Chronicle

-          Finley Southern Riverina News

-          Foster Great Lakes Advocate

-          Forbes Advocate

-          Glen Innes Examiner

-          Gloucester Post

-          Grenfell Record

-          Area News

-           Namoi Valley Independent

-          Guyra Argus

-          Hawksbury Courier

-          Hawkesbury Gazette

-          Hunter Valley News

-          Illawarra Mercury

-          Inverell Times

-          Kiama Independent

-          Leeton Irrigator

-          Lithgow Mercury

-          Kempsey Macleay Argus

-          Macksville Mid Coast Observer

-          Maitland Lower Hunter Star

-          Maitland Mercury

-          Moree Border News

-          Moree Champion

-          Mudgee Guardian

-          Musswellbrook Chronicle

-          Nambucca Guardian News

-          Nambucca Heads Hibiscus Happenings

-          Newcastle Herald

-          Newcastle Star

-          North West Magazine

-          Nowra South Coast Register

-          Oberon Review

-          Orange Central Western Daily

-          Orange Midstate Observer

-          Parkes Champion Post

-          Port Macquarie Express

-          Port Macquarie News

-           Port Stephens Examiner

-          Queanbeyan Age

-          Scone Advocate

-          Singleton Argus

-          South East Town and Country Magazine

-          Southern Weekly Magazine

-          Tamworth Northern Daily Leader

-          Tamworth Times

-          Taree Manning Great Lakes Extra

-          Taree Manning RiverTimes

-          Tenterfield Star

-          Wagga Daily Advertiser

-          Wagga Wagga Rural

-          Walcha News

-          Wauchope Gazette

-          Wingham Chronicle

-          Yass Tribune

-          Young Witness


-           Blacktown Sun

-          Camden Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser

-          Fairfield Champion

-          Hills News

-          Liverpool Champion

-          Parramatta Sun

-          St George Sutherland Shire Leader

-          St Mary’s & Mt Druitt Star.

There are also smaller publishers such as APN and GOFB. The APN publications are as follows; Byron Shire News, Coffs Coast Advocate, Grafton Daily Examiner, Lismore Northern Star, and the Tweed Daily News. The GOFB publications include; The Canberra Times, The Canberra Sunday Times, Byron Shire Echo, and the Canberra Chronicle.

The range of publications in New South Wales is immense, practically whatever your target area there will be a publication available to you. Get in contact with the team at 360DMG to help you decide which publication you should advertise in. 

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