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Did Video Really Kill The Radio (Star)?

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 29, 2014 4:00:00 AM

As society is making its transition into the digital world, many things have changed. However, radio is still as prevalent and effective as it has been. Radio accounts for 7% of total media expenditure. Part of the reason it has been able to keep up is due to its mobility: users listen to the radio in the car, at work and at home.


The Benefits of Radio Advertising:

Radio's elective targeting:

Although a radio station has limited reach, they have specific targets based on demographics and locations. For businesses advertising in radio, this is something to take advantage of because it is easier to analyze the audience and alter the advertisement to best fit their interests.

Radio Advertising resized 600

Increased frequency:

Radio advertisements are constantly repeated, allowing for listeners to become familiar with the ad. For this to happen, mere exposure is the only thing needed, as the listener will subconsciously become familiar with it. Since most radio listeners tend to stay loyal to one or two stations, frequency leading to familiarity is an important benefit.



Sound is naturally more memorable than writing, so a radio ad has a greater chance of being remembered than a newspaper or magazine ad. Even if the listener was not paying close enough attention to hear what the ad was about, they are likely to recognize it later due to things, like a jingle.


Cost effective:

Radio advertisements are more budget friendly than other media due to the requirement of fewer production resources. This cost difference can assist in a promotional campaign by reassigning the extra funds to places with greater need. While radio advertisement rates are lower than that of television, they both reach the same intended target audience. 


Time efficient:

While creating a television advertisement takes long periods of planning and production, a radio advertisement takes only a few weeks. This is a huge benefit when dealing with changing market conditions because you have the ability to act fast and get ahead of your competition. In addition to changing markets, this can be helpful when launching a new ad, and receiving results and analysis on how it’s preforming in order to tweak it to make it better.



Radio analysis can occur on the daily, so measuring the reach and effect on the audience is quick and effective. Not only are the results fast, they’re accurate. This is important for any form of advertising and media because a business needs to understand how their efforts are working and where there are areas in need of improvement. This allows for a business to launch an ad and analyze how it’s doing shortly after.

Not only are radio advertisements prevalent, they’re still significantly effective. There is no way to fast forward through or pause a radio ad, which just increases exposure, adding to the potential reach.


Going Forward

Making the decision to do a radio advertisement is easy, but going about it and creating an effective and intriguing one is a bit more difficult. Using a marketing agency to assist in the planning, implementation, and analysis of your radio debut could make all the difference. Since the design, content, and timing are the most important aspects of an ad, it’s important to work with people who are comfortable with the platform and know the ins and outs. For more tips on running a successful radio campaign check out our article on the topic here.


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Is Print Newspaper Advertising Still On Top?

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 25, 2014 4:00:00 AM

As media consumption is becoming increasingly digitalized, the role of traditional print advertising has come under heavy scrutiny. Many media scholars suggest that commercial printed newspapers are suffering a slow but inevitable demise, however, in the meantime they continue to play a significant role in the marketing world.

Print and Newspaper Advertising


It reaches a widespread audience:

An issue of a newspaper has the availability to reach more adults than other advertising mediums, such as a daytime television commercial. Compared to direct mail, newspaper ads are frequently sought after to fulfill a specific need, whereas majority of direct mail gets ignored and/or thrown away.


Comparably cost efficient:

A newspaper ad costs less than one would on television, in the mail, or on the radio. This is because newspaper ads don’t require any extra costs for things such as creative material. The out-of-pocket costs are minimal. When it comes to designing the ad while working with a budget, there are many different and less expensive options to deal with, such as size. The low costs allow for more frequent ads, giving a business the opportunity to gain familiarity from readers quickly.


Offers flexibility among options:

A benefit to advertising through a newspaper is the many options, which offer flexibility. Between the shape, size and design of the ad, you can attract readers in a creative way. It’s quite easy to schedule advertisements during the key selling periods in your business, unlike with other advertising platforms. The short scheduling time also allows for changes to be made up until the paper is sent for printing.

Print and Newspaper Advertising

Impact on consumers:

In contrast to other medias, readers seek out advertisements in newspapers, clearly identifying a want and need from the consumers for newspaper ads. The textual and visual aspects of the newspaper ads engage readers on a deeper level. Ads in newspaper are easily cut out and plastered somewhere, having a reminder effect on the consumer.


The best way to ensure an effective, appealing advertisement is to work with an agency. When it comes to newspaper advertising, there are a few things that could disrupt the performance of an ad. Printing can alter the look of an image, so it’s important to choose one that will come out clear and attractive. Most importantly, newspaper ads are competitive so yours must provide more detail, answer more questions, attend to more needs, and attract more readers than the others in the paper. An agency can assist in making sure these issues are minimized or eliminated completely. For more ideas on how you can use print advertising most effectively be sure to check out this article.

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How Your Business Can Utilise YouTube Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 22, 2014 4:00:00 AM

YouTube is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums around. In majority, YouTube audiences do not browse randomly, but deliberately search for videos they are interested in, as they have precise, intent-driven behaviour. Through targeted advertising of videos and key search terms, YouTube provides opportunities for businesses to express themselves through unique visual experiences in order to attract viewers and potential customers. Marketing agencies have the ability to make it easier to manage your advertising platform and achieve full potential for your business.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

In contrast with other advertising channels, with YouTube advertising, you pay only when your ad is viewed. This saves money spent on people who are uninterested in your business. By narrowing down your search specific to demographics, location and interests, you are able to achieve a more effective target reach to view your ad. People spend a substantially greater average time on YouTube viewing videos compared to other social media outlets.

The ad itself has the ability to create more opportunities to reach customers through video shares and new channel subscription. After the ad has experienced traffic, you are provided with an analysis through your Google Analytics account of the ad’s interaction and communication with viewers. This allows you to monitor how effective the individual ad is and how far it has reached in the YouTube community. 

In order to make YouTube viewing and advertising easier, YouTube recently launched an app for all devices. Not only is this more convenient, but it increases the potential reach for ads.


Formats of Advertising

Promoted Videos

These videos will be displayed at the top of the search results and in other places throughout the site. Video producers can use images, ad text and keywords to promote their video.


Click-to-Play Advertisements

They are similar to normal YouTube videos with the addition of a banner above the advert.


Overlay Adverts

These are the transparent banners following the video. The purpose of this video is to prompt the user to continue to your sight by clicking away from the video, since it has to be actively closed by the viewer.


Masthead Ads

This is a more targeted form of advertising, which costs more, suiting less restrictive budgets. These ads contain full capabilities, such as images, video and audio.

YouTube Advertising

Benefits To Using YouTube For Your Business


  • Attention: Creative videos captivate audiences and increase their willingness to share content. Exposure through YouTube is impressive as the site generates over two billion views each day.
  • Traffic: Over 60 million of YouTube users visit the site each month, creating high-traffic and the opportunity for a video to reach a broader scope.
  • Viral: YouTube sharing creates a viral effect when people post and share a video, which in turn continues to be shared by people in their community.
  • Digital Marketing: YouTube videos are easily sharable through other forms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. From larger amounts of shares, videos receiving rankings, which increase their popularity, in turn, increasing their reach, growing your business.
  • Accessibility: YouTube is available globally and locally, and it has recently been made available on all devices, providing an even greater potential for exposure.
  • Other: benefits include its low cost, its measurability and its frequency.


YouTube Advertising Cost

The cost of placement-targeting advertising for the YouTube site in general is $1 minimum cost-per-thousand impressions, and to target further specific targets, the cost doubles to $2. For more details on price visit our article specifically on price here.

Although YouTube advertising can be quite successful and effective, it’s important to include other advertising platforms in order to achieve the most comprehensive approach.


ROI Through Analytics

The three most important aspects of YouTube’s analytics are viewership, watch-time and traffic source. Understanding these will help you proceed further in your marketing plan.

Through viewership, you are able to see how many total view counts you have for each individual video as well as each channel. You can compare the numbers to find the days and weeks of the highest traffic and use that information to analyze reasons why they may be more successful than the others. In order to increase the traffic, create annotations in the most popular videos to attract people to your others.

Watch-time analyzes how long viewer watched your videos. This is a stronger indication of performance compared to view count. Create annotations on the videos with the highest duration percentages.

Traffic source is the process of analyzing how viewers discovered your videos. Most commonly, you will be given specific videos, which suggest your video, driving your exposure and popularity.  


Free Social Media Checklist:

For more information on how you can best manage your social media profiles, download our free social media checklist by clicking the link below:

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How To Enhance Your Advertising's Visual Appeal

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 18, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Employing the services of a full service team of graphic designers and brand managers in the know of current trends can create memorable visual advertising content for your business. The past year has revealed 5 essential trends that your team of designers and brand managers can utilise to create brand appeal for your business: real life photography, motion video graphics, flat page designs, soft colour schemes and bold textured fonts.  


Photo: Real Life Imagery

Your business should attempt to create authentic and trustworthy visual content that connects with your consumers. Instagram can aid your business, with proper understanding of filters and visual design, it can help create the content that not only is believable and realistic but can bring you that much closer to your consumers with the ability to engage them on the social platform.

Advertising Visual Appeal


Video : Motion Graphics

Video sharing and video streaming has never been has big and popular as it is now, with the growing popularity of Vimeo and YouTube the future of motion graphics is growing at a huge rate. It is a known fact that people are more interested in seeing facts and information rather than read it, therefore your businesses’ visual advertising should with the help of a trained graphic and brand manager incorporate professional motion graphics.


Illustration: Flat Design

your digital advertising should jump off the pages of your web sites or banners and in general. One of the trends that literary aids your logos or other graphics stand out and command the attention of your consumers is flat design. Flat designs a minimalist approach that drops many of the traditional interface design techniques to give that 3-D objects illusion, by dropping shadows, gradient and textures.

Colour: Soft Pastels

They saying less is more is applied to the use of soft pastels in another trend that is sweeping the advertising market as of 2014. Backgrounds, videos, photographs, fonts, and other graphic elements seem to utilise the soft pastels approach and are ditching the loud and strong colours. 


Typography: Textured Fonts 

Typography like photography and illustrations like outlined above can be very influential in conveying your business identity. With the aid of brand and graphics manager, textured fonts can breathe new life into your brand and help you push the boundaries while helping you stand out from the crowd.

In this day and age of mass information and constant bombardment of brands and logos to the consumer from businesses, you can stand out from the rest. Your business with the aid of a qualified and trained team of graphic designers and brand managers can create visual advertising content that leaves a lasting memory and is visually appealing.

From magazine ads to web designs these are the visual trends that in 2014 can make or break your business. You too can elevate and break the norm of your brand by simply employing these trends: real-life imagery, motion graphics, flat illustrations, pastel colours, and textured typography.

Social Media for Business Checklist

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Staying Informed: Social Media Platforms

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 15, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Social media can make or break your business without proper management or monitoring of all social media branding. Social media advertising is an extension of your physical brand and must treated as such through the use of an agency to monitor and manage every asset of your social media advertising.

Digital advertising must be planned and executed tactically to avoid digital marketing risks. I will outline below how your business can stay ahead your competition on social media while still being relevant to your consumers by avoid some common mistakes.

As a business you only have one chance to impress your consumers on social media, falling behind makes your job twice as hard to cover lost tracks on social sites.


Limit your presence

With digital advertising the temptation is strong to be everywhere and increase your chances of being picked up by anyone. However you can work together with a consulting media agency to pick the right channels and networks that have the most targeted prospects and largest audiences. Your focus in the initial first stages should be about quality and not quantity digital content that is original and relevant.

Social Media Platforms


Balance is key 

Extensive promotion with audience engagement is the key to holding the balance between self-promotion and your consumers. Your social media should be a two way communication channel with the right amount of digital advertising and dialogue with your consumers. 

Your digital media content must be engaging, interesting and most of all allow your consumers to be able to communicate with you. If you are like most of us who feel our words might be well executed, then hire a media consulting agency to help you manage your social pages and avoid social media oblivion.


Planning is vital

Planning allows you to track your progress and results from your social media advertising, with the help of a consulting media agency, you can set clear objectives. Your objectives might be to create leads, brand recognition or sales, either way they should all be planned and adhered to. If you are interested in learning the top social media sites for teens visit our post specifically on that topic.

Your posts must be scheduled for instance for times when your page has the highest traffic, however scheduling posts allows your audience to know your presence.   

Social Media Platforms


Boring content is counterproductive 

Your content should attract eyeballs and engage your consumers without appearing to sell. Your posts should have humour, personality and must be intelligent without turning off consumers. Strong posts command your consumers to draw strong social media branding of your business.


Stay enthusiastic 

Do not lose your steam, start off strong and stay strong. Many businesses become impatient and lose the charisma and drive after long periods of social media advertising. This will be reflected in how your digital marketing or advertising will appear to your consumers. 

If you are losing the flair call in the experts, media consulting agencies can take off where you left off or can bring in fresh new ideas to keep the steam going. Social media branding with proper management and planning can further cement your physical and printing branding.

If properly planned and executed with a media agency showing you the ropes, digital advertising and marketing can help you avoid the many risks that are associated with social media. As a new business you have only one chance to impress your consumers on social media, so why not start off on a high note?


Free social media checklist:

For more information about how to best manage you social media platforms, download our free social media checklist by clicking the link below:

Social Media for Business Checklist

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Digital Fever: Making Your Online Content Go Viral

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 11, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Most marketers can only hope of producing content that goes ‘viral’. While it is not something that can be easily or definitely achieved, there are certain strategies, traits, and common features that one can implement to increase the likelihood of this occurring.

This blog post will discuss possible strategies and approaches that can enhance the viral capacity of the content you are producing/sharing, mainly the benefits of being original, emotionally engaging, and having a high degree of ‘stopping power.’

Every marketer understands the potential that exists with viral advertising, but creating viral content that travels virally is no easy feat. Below we have put together a list of actions that you can employ in your online advertising to create reaction to your content.

Viral Marketing

Here are the highlights

Emotional content

Emotional stories aren’t just the heart wrenching stories you see on the news at night; if done right, this form of content can evoke viral emotions as part of your online marketing strategy. Stay away from advertorial content and overly branded assets. Create viral content that pulls your customers’ heart strings. 

Interact with your customers

Interactive projects are highly sought after by consumers.  Find ways for your viral advertising to incorporate more interaction between you and your customers.

Viral Content has great headlines

Headlines are the most important piece of your viral content. With the current information overload we all experience, we read headlines and then decide whether it makes sense to actually see the content in question. If your headline doesn’t get attention, neither will your content.

Get published by influencers

You cannot drive your content viral by yourself; you need influencers to help you.
The following approach can be used:

1 . Find thought leaders in your industry (bloggers, Twitter users, and journalists)

2 . Build relationships with them; help them in any way you can

3 . Ask them for feedback when you are creating content for online advertising. Involve them in the content creation, and showing them the finished product will usually prompt them to promote your content. 

Viral Content is innovative and original

Viral content has to be innovative and original, although about 98% of content is a spin-off of something else on the web. Here is an example of a viral video advertisment that had great success due to the bizzare and comedic approach. Having original and eye catching content is the key to getting your online advertising viral.

Many marketers have been quick to point out that it is impossible to create viral content and that virility is not a product in itself but an effect. However, viral advertising can be achieved if well planned and well executed.


For more information on how you can make the most of your content using social media marketing, download your free copy of our social media checklist by clicking the link below:

Social Media Checklist by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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Advertising And Cinema: Combatting Audience Disengagement

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 11, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Cinema advertising combined with online and print marketing in a well-planned marketing plan drawn up by an experienced agency can increase your brand recognition by 40%. With ad avoidance and the increasing trend to multi task by consumers, cinema advertising is redefining audience engagement.

Cinema advertising benefits are astounding, benefits such as higher production potential, captive audience, quality audience and visible results.

Advertising in Cinema

Higher Production Potential

Cinema advertising can result the creation of a visually appealing ad that captures your audience’s engagement and allows them to remember for longer after the film is over. 

The big screen and large audio sound system can be used tremendously and to your advantage when creating a cinema based advertisement.


Captive Audience

Cinema advertising allows your business to directly market to your target market. 

Your media agency will know in advance what movies will be screened when and can help you in placing your advertisement at the right time and for the right audience. 

Unlike viewers at home, cinema goers are unable to change the channel or opt out of viewing. 

Business who take advantage of cinema advertising have the opportunity to send home a forceful message about their brand and services. 

Ultimately research by Val Morgan has indicated that cinema advertising can increase your chances of brand exposure by 6 times than that of normal television. 

Advertising in Cinemas


Quality Audience

Cinema delivers young, affluent, educated consumers. They usually are early adopters and trend setters.

These target groups will usually live in the local community of the cinema providing a targeted and cost effective branding.

This no doubt provides effective advertising for your business but generates revenue opportunities at a reasonable price point.


Visible Results

Upon completion of your campaign, your business will be provided with relevant statistics such as how many people saw the campaign, which movies they were coupled with, and the number of times your ad was screened. 

This information is vital as you and your agency are then able to decide what works and does not work for your business and possibly change your future strategies.


3-D enhancement and the booming cinema industry allows you capitalise on cinema advertising.   

3-D imaging can be adapted to feature your logo, photography and computed generated content. 

The sky is the limit with cinema advertising, which is why incorporating your marketing plan with cinema can increase your brand recognition and give you visible and tangible results.

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On The Move: The Benefits Of Scooter Advertising

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 8, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. In terms of marketing and advertising, there is an abundance of avenues through which this can be achieved. When trying to reach and eventually attract large audiences, businesses often look towards the big players in TV, radio, newspaper and even online to achieve their respective goals and targets. But why not outdoor advertising? Or more specifically scooter advertising?

Scooter advertising has a large reach

The effectiveness of any advertising is concerned with its ability to reach as many of the targeted audience as possible, and more often than not, in the most cost-effective fashion. While the merit of using traditional mediums has been proven time and time again, you generally get what you pay for, and for many small businesses this may not always be the most practical or beneficial method for them. There are a host of benefits to be shared by implementing alternative outlets that mainstream ones cannot provide. In regards to scooter advertising alone, Media-V lists targeted reach, flexibility, cost effectiveness, high impact, and versatility as its key benefits.

One of the simplest ways to distinguish yourself from your rivals is to simply be different. While other examples of outdoor advertising including billboards or bus-shelter advertisements have the potential to be ignored or overlooked, the unique nature of mobile advertising commands attention. The eye-catching, innovative and eco friendly qualities ensure that distinct, lasting messages are delivered to your target market.

Scooter Marketing

Mobile outdoor advertising

Mobile outdoor advertising provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach targeted and segmented audiences based on factors such as their geographical environments or lifestyle choices. Thus, with the enhanced flexibility afforded by Scooter Advertising at your disposal, your business will have the opportunity to control the timing, frequency and location that your advertising is seen. The trailers and moulds themselves also have the capacity to be altered towards your business needs, allowing greater flexibility for design.

By using this method for your business, you allow for precise geographical targeting in areas of high foot-traffic in locations that your target demographic will be, and at times when potential audiences are at their peak. However, not only can you pinpoint the location of your campaign to target areas that your desired audience frequent, but also leverage off a range of special events and product launches to further increase the impact of your advertisement. If looking to get involved with taxi or bus advertising, check out our blog on that specific topic.

Scooter Advertising

Scooters are manoeuvrable

The nature and design of scooters themselves provides a degree of manoeuvrability not seen with other outdoor vehicles like trucks and buses, giving this style of advertising yet another distinct advantage. You’re Scooter Advertising can simply navigate where others cannot! At the same time you have an unrivalled capacity for adaptability, permitting you to alter the schedule in cases of unforseen events or lower than anticipated reception.

As I mentioned earlier, effective advertising generally sees the maximum amount of exposure to your target market within the budget of your business. This notion is exemplified within this unique style of marketing, giving you the best possible return on investment. While the most popular locations and timeslots are typically reflected by the premiums you pay, this mobile platform allows prime-time advertising at a fraction of the usual cost. The fact that Australia’s leading scooter operator Media-V requires no minimums or forced packaging, allowing you to tailor your next campaign to suit the budget of your business, is just another reason to get involved.


How to use scooter advertising

Despite many advertising solutions being available to your business, none can afford you the flexibility, cost effectiveness and competitive edge quite like scooter advertising. If you require a lower cost, specific placement, or any general advice regarding this unique form of advertising so get in contact with us today!


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How Your Business Can Maintain Strong Brand Loyalty

Posted by Amy Baker on Nov 4, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Brand loyalty is one of the most integral features of a successfully run small business as it generally means regular, repeat purchasing. Whilst there are significant differences between the notions of brand equity and brand loyalty, they share a unique correlation or level of interdependence. You can’t achieve rock-solid loyalty without a positive, healthy relationship!

Advertising giant Kevin Keller states that a strong brand involves “establishing breadth and depth of brand awareness; creating strong, favourable, and unique brand associations; eliciting positive, accessible brand responses; and forging intense, active brand relationships”. He believes that the benefits of creating long-lasting, positive associations between the target consumer and brand would be seen by any business.

According to Wells et al brand equity can be defined as the “reputation, meaning and value that a brand name or symbol has acquired over time”, with the premise lying in the consumers perception of the name of a particular brand or business. If these associations remain positive, the customer is far more likely to stay loyal to your business. Keller's Customer-Based Brand Equity model outlines a series of logically, interrelated steps that contribute to the formation of this desired business goal. The basis of Keller’s model is in shaping desired consumer thoughts and feelings towards your brand by adhering to the following four steps.

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Relationship Model

The first step, or brand identity, is where your business should look at establishing brand awareness or salience. During this stage, it is critical that the consumer is also able to clearly recognize what purposes your brand or business serves and more specifically which of their individual needs it will satisfy.

Next we have brand meaning, which highlights the performance and imagery of the brand, or how well your product meets the customer’s needs. For you to achieve loyalty and resonance for your business, the experiences a customer has with your brand must be of a positive manner. Basically, you need to ‘walk-the-walk’, backing up your marketing and advertising campaigns with strong performances on the park so to speak.

We then move on to the brand response where we look at the consumer’s reaction to a brand based on their judgements and feelings. It is at this point that you can begin to connect to the consumer on an emotional and more personal level. The customer will essentially evaluate and judge your brand based on its comparative quality, credibility, consideration, and superiority, in conjunction with their individual feelings or emotional responses. If these reactions or responses are negative, the consumer generally has little or no inclination towards repeat purchasing.

Once we have done all of this, we can move towards the pinnacle of the model, which focuses on the relationship and level of affinity that the consumer shares with your brand.  Brand resonance or relationship occurs when customers share an intense loyalty or bond with a particular brand, and is something that all businesses should strive for. If properly achieved, brand resonance can promote behavioral loyalty, attitudinal or emotional attachment, a sense of community with other buyers and active engagement.

Each aspect or step that Keller outlines serves a particular purpose in the creation of a strong brand. These stages, which he labels ‘brand building blocks’, question the make-up of the brand, the responses and feelings it elicits and the unique brand/consumer relationships it generates. Should your business successfully follow the logical process that I have outlined, it will go a long way towards achieving positive ties with your target market, and more importantly developing substantial brand loyalty within that demographic.

If you would like to know more on how your business can achieve this, get in contact with The 360 Degree Marketing Group today!

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