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The Launch of Pinterest Advertisements

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 29, 2014 12:00:00 AM

In the fall of 2013 Pinterest announced that it was going to start with “Promoted Pins” the first form of Pinterest marketing that will fit their format and be aimed at select retailers and other small businesses.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest has started the promoted pins campaign with larger brands such as ABC Family, Banana Republic, Expedia, GAP, General Mills, Kraft, lululemon athletica, Select Nestle brands, Old Navy, Target, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Ziploc. The social media giant has kept the pool for this first part of the program small on purpose so that they can collect feedback from these customers before launching promoted pins on a larger scale. This will benefit the small business end by working on any of the major kinks before smaller companies with smaller advertising budgets come in and purchase pins.

The current commitment that Pinterest is looking for from the pool of partners it has opened promoted pins for is between 1 and 2 million dollars and they are looking to price their CPM’s between 30 and 40 dollars. The pins currently show up in the search pages but do not appear in the main feed of its users; this form of integration of the pins is being done as not to upset the user base.

As they stand now promoted pins are labelled with text that state they are a promoted pin, other than that, however they appear like any other image would when you are browsing the site. This can make ads hard to spot, but this may be beneficial as users who are looking at the site will not feel as if they are being bombarded with your advertisement and will take a more honest interest in your image and business information.


Marketing on Pinterest


Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is taking a big leap in their launch of Pinterest advertising, and it may be the last big step for the company to truly become a powerhouse. Since its launch in 2010 users have added over 30 billion pins to the site, proving that it has the momentum to justify advertising, but leaving it prove that monetization will work.

If the current format of Pinterest advertising is a good marker we can expect to see great things from promoted pins. Keeping the pins unobtrusive but well placed will aid businesses in being able to have a marketing foot print with a good chance of being seen. Internet users are all to use to seeing basic text ad’s and pop ups that they close or just ignore. A good sized picture such as those seen in a pin with a basic message is something new that can feel refreshing to users, therefore making it a better marketing tool.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is a valuable social media marketing tool for any small business owner, even if you aren’t in the first trials for paid pins. There are millions of users every day on Pinterest and making sure that you place photos of your products and some basic business information is key in the new world of social media marketing.

The key to successful marketing of your small business is to think outside the box. As previously mentioned, everyone is used to seeing banner and text ads that are all over the internet these days. To get your small business noticed you have to be creative and think of a way to sell your product or service to the masses without making them feel like you are over selling to them. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pinterest truly is the new frontier for advertising on a larger and smaller scale. The entire site is dedicated to pictures with small descriptions.

If you are considering using Pinterest to attract business through promoted pins or basic free pins, do some research. Spend some time on the site browsing in the category that would be similar to yours. Doing this research will show you what gets repined and seen and what is just not drawing much interest from users. Knowing your audience and what they want to see is the key to any social media marketing campaign. Once you have found what is working in your sector, put your own spin on it and enjoy using Pinterest.


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Radio Advertising 101

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 25, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Radio marketing is still an effective medium for business owners to look into when they are seeking to expand their reach. Radio can be received by anyone, anywhere, anytime and it is up to date as long as you keep the copy fresh. When considering purchasing radio advertising most stations will provide you with research as to what you are able to get for your money when you buy time with them. You will be given information that includes the target audience during a specific time slot as well as the general pattern of listening that comes along with the audience.

When you are given that information you can further see how to apply your marketing strategy to the strengths of advertising in radio, these strengths include:


Radio gets through to people:

Whether at work or at home doing things on the internet radio is something that a lot of people still tend to listen to. Since they listen at different periods of the day it provides opportunity for a message about products or services a company offers to reach out and meet with the listeners. You don’t have to worry about only having a very specific and small frame to succeed with.


Radio Advertising


Radio has a large reach:

Radio has an expansive reach and can get to people in many kinds of environments and walks of life. People listen to the radio at home, at work, in the car and any other variety of places thanks to radio being able to play to mobile devices today (Radio AU, 2014). This reach allows you to reach a broader customer base with your products.


Radio targeting:

Using radio marketing allows you to tailor the message that you are sending to the audience to the exact area you are reaching for. If you have specific communities, age groups or a geographical location to reach out to find a radio station in that area and tailor the message that you send out to them specifically.


Any time of day, any medium:

Radio advertising truly allows you to reach out to people who are on the go and at any time of day. It gives you an edge over other forms of advertisement by being so portable. If you are advertising in a newspaper or online a person actually has to sit down and be paying attention to that item, while the radio can be on any time anywhere and not cause a distraction.


Connect with the heart of the community:

Many people listen to the radio to find out what is going on in their community, special events, traffic, news and other information that is specific to their area. By using radio advertising you will be connecting directly with a local community that wants to know what is going on and what you have to offer.


Year round listeners:

The great thing about radio is that statistics show that radio has a steady year round audience. While other mediums tend to see a influx of audience in the summer months when school is out, the radio stays steady year round.


It is influential:

Radio is influential and you can target your advertisement campaign to exactly hit a time you want it to. Maybe you are having an annual sale, or a special offer, this is the time to reach new customers.


It is cost effective:

While radio might seem initially more expensive than some mediums the reach and the overall impact that it has made it affordable. You never know how many people will see your advertisement online or in the paper, but radio provides you with solid research stats when you decide to advertise with them.


A flexible choice:

If you have a sudden urgent update to your campaign, or a need to get something out right away radio is the way to go with it. There are often productions delays with other mediums of advertisement, radio copy can be updated easily with little notice.


Call to action is strong:

The message you can put out on a radio advertisement scheduling it exactly as you want to enable you to make the strongest call to action possible for your customers.


Ability for growth:

Radio stations are continually growing between national talk stations and music networks. As the station grows that means it gives more reach for those who have chosen to use radio advertising to gain customers (Radio AU, 2014).


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What You Need To Know About SEO

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 22, 2014 12:00:00 AM

If you have just started your small business, or are just getting into online advertising you may not understand the mysterious form of advertising known as SEO. However, anyone can learn the SEO basics and have an understanding of why it is important for small business owners to take part in SEO writing on their business website.


An Introduction to SEO

The first thing you need to know for your introduction to SEO is exactly what it is. SEO is the practice of writing for search engines, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines expect websites to tell them exactly what the site is about and being used for with every piece of content that is on the website. The key to communicating with the search engine using SEO is building relevant content and linking your website to other sites that see you as relevant. The use of SEO helps you build your brand online and the presence that you have, the better your online presence the easier it is for customers to locate you.

Patience is important when you start out with SEO, the impact that good SEO will have is long lasting on your traffic and rankings but it can take time to see results. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to make search engines recognize your efforts in SEO basics. There are many factors in the length of time it will take to see results, from how competitive your keyword is to the search trends. Just remember, be patient, keep at the good SEO work because in the end the results are worth the time investment.


SEO Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is perhaps the biggest key to success in SEO basics of any website. You need to make sure that the keywords you choose are able to be incorporated into your site, but at the same time feel organic. The search engine needs to be able to find those keywords so they know when to bring up your site in searches, without seeming like it is just being aimed at pages of the same word (this doesn’t work ever). Take time to research the keywords that are being used on sites similar to yours.

The next step you should take when you are working on an introduction to SEO for your site is considering all of your site content. Every piece of content on your site counts, Titles, URL names, HTML, picture titles, all of this goes into factor with a search engine. Search engines also rely heavily on the actual text of every page you have on your site, and you want your site to be seen as the top authority on the topic you are representing. Make sure your content is valuable, keyword rich and organic.


Content is King

While content is an important part of making sure that your site is SEO optimized it is not the only thing that needs to be done for your site to reach the top of the rankings. Your website and brand must be associated with other sites that also discuss your selected keywords. It can seem daunting at first, but the easiest way to build this association is through the process of link building. Link building has two purposes; it will get search engines to see your site as associated with quality content and provide links that bring customers directly to your site. Make sure that the content your link is associated with is relevant or it could count against you and remember that link building is a process that is always ongoing.


While learning SEO basics is not a hard thing, you must remember that search engines on a whole are complex and always evolving. The algorithms that are used by search engines to build rank are never fully disclosed and there are hundreds of them. Search engines want to constantly provide better results for their services so they update criteria often.

Anyone can learn SEO basics and utilize them on their small business website. However, if you find yourself wanting more from your SEO experience you will want to work with a company that knows the more detailed ins and outs of SEO and will work for you. Solidifying your brand's online presence is the best way to grow your traffic and business profits.


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Our Top Ten Twitter Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 18, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Twitter is one of the biggest social media outlets. Maintaining a brand presence on Twitter is one of the most important steps that any small business can take. Twitter marketing, and engaging with your followers, is one of the best marketing methods you can use: and best of all it is free. Let’s take a look at the top ten tips every small business owner should know when using Twitter marketing.


Share tips:

Give your followers tips to make things more understandable for them. Keeping a balance of tips for your products and website along with everyday tips will keep users entertained and interested.


Share photos:

Users on Twitter love media content. While 140 characters are easy to read, images help users feel like they are interacting more with your Twitter feed and therefore your brand. Remember the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words.


Join lists:

Twitter has lists and other topics you can join in when you are on the social media giant, make sure you are joining the lists that are relevant to your company an industry so that you get the most out of the experience.


Participate in chats:

Whether you are joining in a chat you found on Twitter or hosting your own Twitter chat, make sure you participate. These chats can be found by specific hashtags and taking part of them is as easy as using those hashtags and responding to participants in the chat. This is a great way to take part in Twitter marketing for your industry.


Twitter Phone

Respond to tweets:

Whether a customer has tweeted you or you find an industry related tweet that would be appropriate for you to respond to, make sure you do so. The way to keep a growing and effective presence on Twitter is to interact with users. When a customer finds a new brand to feel comfortable with, they want to be heard, they want to know you are more than just a big faceless company. By responding to tweets in a timely manner that has been directed to you, they know you care. When you respond to industry tweets you are alerting a new possible client to your presence.


Give shout outs and referrals:

To build your own followers and help others you need to give shout outs and referrals to those who have helped you. Twitter is a community and putting your best foot forward and paying it back is a must in this community. If another industry professional or a customer has just given a referral to your twitter to their followers make sure that you do the same on your Twitter feed.


Use your logo or other suitable image:

Get rid of the default Twitter image as soon as you can. Labelling your Twitter has part of your brand is one of the most important things you can do, let customers know it is really you by using an image they will be familiar with. It is also a good move to ditch the free backgrounds and get one that fits your small business.


Link to relevant content:

Linking to content that is relevant to your industry is important in making your feed interesting and something that customers want to read. While promoting your items is always something you should on your Twitter, mix it up. Customers are more likely to continue following your feed if you interest them.


Report news:

Along with sharing content on your feed make sure that you share news, which is relevant to your industry. News will keep customers abreast of developments and show other fellow industry professionals that you have your finger on the pulse of what is going on in your industry.


Be yourself:

Always be true to your brand and be authentic when you are working on Twitter marketing. Twitter can be a harsh environment and if users feel you are being fake they will lash out fast and send you viral in a bad way. Keeping yourself truthful, authentic and brand savvy will assure that you have a good presence on Twitter.


It may seem a little frivolous to maintain a feed like Twitter, since it is just 140 characters per post. However, with the millions of users worldwide on the social media marketing giant it is a business must. This is one of the new ways of advertising and it is here to stay.


For more information about how to make the most of your social media platforms, download your free social media checklist by clicking the link below:

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How To: Produce Direct Mail Copy That Sells

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 15, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Direct mail marketing is a form of advertising that many in today’s highly technological world have forgotten about. However, it is still a very useful tool in marketing and can garner new customers. The main thing that you have to keep in mind for direct mail marketing is that you must write copy that is engaging to your audience and that will make them want to give you a chance and buy your product or service. In other words you need to know how to write, direct marketing content that sells.


Make it easy to read your content: 

When people take your direct mail marketing out of the mailbox and look at the piece the very first thing they will do is simply glance through it, you need to grab their attention at this glance through, so the copy must be interesting and not complex. Tips for accomplishing this are:

  • Keeping paragraphs short

  • Easy to understand sentence structure

  • Bullet points are effective for pointing out the benefits and features

  • Keep repeating the main point of your product or service, in different ways

  • Make sure the flow guides the reader along


Use keywords and images:

Do not be afraid to use compelling images in your content, but also make sure the image doesn’t take away from your copy. If you are selling a vacation package, use a beautiful picture of a beach or some other luxury that is included in what you are selling to allow them to picture your product or service. Keywords you should use in your copy are selling points, words that make people interested as soon as they see them: New, Free, Sale, Special offer are just some of these words.


Direct Mail Writing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Go in with an angle:

You need to be clever in the use of headlines on your direct mail marketing material. A headline such as “Learn the secret that helped me to drop weight and be beach ready in 4 months.” is more likely to grab attention than “I know how you can lose weight”. You need a hook that is clever and informative without being too long, this is what grabs interest to your target audience and helps encourage them to continue reading your material.


Have a clear cut story:

Sales pieces that have length can work for you in direct mail marketing; however, they need to be entertaining with a specific story. A long sales piece that is dry and nothing but simple facts will not hold the attention of your audience and is likely to end up in the recycle bin. Give your customer information about you; tell them the company story in a way that makes them feel connected with you and what you have to sell them. You don’t want to make it all about you and forget the product, but you want to have a steady balance of story and product information.


Keep the readers guessing:

If you can make the reader of your direct mail marketing guessing they are more likely to continue on. Human nature is to be curious about something that we do not fully understand and read through until we have all of the answers. A useful method in this continued intrigue is to keep hinting at what the big reveal will be without fully revealing it until the end. Let your copy continue to give them small hints, crumbs of information that makes them want to keep going to see what you are drawing them in the end. A second method of this is to structure your piece with subheading; if you use subheadings properly, it can be like an interesting trail that leads down into the final outcome.


Direct mail marketing has a great deal of benefits as long as you get your copy written correctly. The information is hard copied and there for your target audience to look over several times before they make a firm choice, it is also a relatively affordable method of advertising. You can also choose to have your direct mailers go out at specific times so reach customers at key points or in a certain season. Direct mail marketing has flexibility and reach you might not find in other forms of advertisement and should not be overlooked by small business owners.


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Google Adwords 101

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 11, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Google Adwords marketing is an effective form of pay per click advertising. It is a way for small businesses with varied budgets to use Google and partners for its advertising.

When a user searches on Google there are ads that are displayed along with every search result, they can be on the top or along the side of the page depending on the results within the Google Network. Google Adwords marketing can be an easy venture if you know how to use the process and choose the right keywords to associate with your brand. Let’s take a look at a basic introduction to Google Adwords.

Google Adwords terminology 101 (Google) :


Ad Groups: 

This is how one or more related Ads can be grouped into a single campaign and display them in rotation. Ad groups are set to target a certain set of keywords. Ads that are within the same ad group will share a budget and you can set each ad group with a maximum cost per click, as well as a cost per keyword. This is a great way to set up similar ads and see which of the ads seems to be performing better before spending a lot on one ad.


A campaign will consist of one or more Ad group for advertising. You can set total budgets for a single campaign. Campaigns will also be set to targeted demographics, set language, geography and even a date range. You may run up to 25 campaigns on each Ad word account.


Google Adwords by The 360 Degree Marketing Group



This is the actual advertisement that you will place on Google. If you have one more Ads it becomes an Ad group.



An impression on Adwords is an ad impression that is counted every time your ad has been displayed on Google or the Google network.



A click happens when a user has seen your ad and actually clicks on the title of the ad therefore taking them away from Google and directly to your website.

Effective tips for starting with Googe Adwords marketing:

  • Keyword list needs to be effective.
  • Doing keyword research is a must when you build an Adwords campaign.
  • List each of your major products or services in separate campaigns
  • Keep your mind on the customer, think like a customer and what would make you click, what phrases you would search to find a company like yours. Try to stay away from technical industry wording because not every customer will know to look for that.
  • List specific keyword phrases for each of your major product offerings or services. Focusing on specific phrases versus one word will lower competition from other sites that offer similar products.
  • Do your keyword research and see what is working for your competition.
  • Always make use of keyword tools, they will help you to effectively target the right audience and get the most out of your Google Adwords.


Google Adwords marketing is effective and is one of the easiest forms of marketing to track how many views you are getting with. Google always monitors the traffic and gives you a full statistics breakdown on a daily basis. If you find that one campaign is not working well you can switch it up and use another. The system does take a little time to update, but overall it is really as easy as changing your campaign copy to get a new sale, special or keyword set out for your customers.


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Mobile Marketing Is King

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Almost everyone today has a way to view the internet and other forms of marketing while they are mobile. There are a number of mobile marketing applications that you can use to send SMS messages directly to your client's phones if they sign up for the service. If you are hesitating about using mobile marketing let’s take a look at ten reasons why you should stop hesitating and get right into using mobile marketing.


Mobile Phone Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


SMS marketing reaches customers wherever they are.

Today when a person leaves the house they tend to take three things with them without fail, a wallet, keys and a mobile phone. By using SMS marketing you are guaranteeing that no matter where your customer is they will get the message that you want them to in a person to person manner.


They can see the offer right away.

Most people who have a mobile phone will check their messages almost instantly when they get an alert (Yep mobile). Current or potential customers will not have to wait for weeks or longer when new campaigns hit the market, it will go to their phone and they will see what you have to offer them right away.


It saves you money.

While wanting to get your message out to the public every small business has a bottom line and saving money is an important thing for your company. When you use SMS marketing you only pay when customers who have opted into the offer gets the message. You will never pay for someone who isn’t actually going to get your message.


Mobile Marketing Strategy by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Text messages are an effective form of marketing.

Redemption rates for Mobile application marketing currently reside around 20%-70% according to market studies. This is a large distance of percentages, however, when you factor in that other forms of media advertising like print or TV being at 1% or less, it is a positive redemption amount.


High open rates of the messages.

Studies show that on average about 95% of text messages that are sent out are opened and 83% (RPJ) of those are opened and read within an hour of being sent. There is no other form of marketing that has that kind of turn around and interactive relationship with your customers. SMS marketing allows you to reach your customers on a new level and you can be creative with the advertising including things like flash sales.


Cost effective.

Going hand in hand with how it saves you money, mobile marketing is simply cost effective. Depending on the application and network you go with text messages on average will cost you around 5 cents to send, where a piece of direct mail will on average cost you 2 dollars to send. Factoring in the affordable cost of sending and the open rate you can easily see how the costs are effective.


No filler advertising.

A text message on average is just 160 characters there is no room for filler content. This allows you to give your customers exactly what they want, the information they need to work with you and nothing else. You will be short, direct and customers will respond to that.


Measure your results.

When you use mobile marketing you are able to measure the results of your advertising, something that is not always able to be done with other media tactics. You can track the messages, and you will see what day you saw an increase in sales.


Highly targeted.

SMS messaging is a highly targeted form of advertising and getting your information into the hands of your customers. You are able to customize each campaign for a specific group of your own customers so you can see the highest redemption rates. When you hit the right target group you will see immediate sales from each SMS campaign.


5 billion users overall.

If the idea that you can target specific users from your current customer pool was not enough, think of the fact that over 5 billion people currently use mobile phones. This is a huge customer pool that you can potentially target with your SMS marketing campaigns in the future. Watching technology trends and keeping an eye on the fact that technology should be utilized to guarantee you stay on top of your industry. 


For more information about how you can measure your marketing success; no matter what the medium, download your free copy of our ebook 'Closed-Loop Marketing' by clicking the link below:


The 360 Degree Marketing Group Free Ebook On Closed Loop Marketing for Marketing Managers

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Loyalty Marketing: Your Options

Posted by Amy Baker on Jul 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Chances are, as a consumer you have seen loyalty marketing at work. Many top retailers have loyalty cards that offer special sale prices, loyalty fliers or other programs that encourage you to stay with them as a customer and do the majority of your shopping with them. There are many different forms of loyalty programs. Figuring out what works best will depend on your industry and your general target audience. In this article we will focus on the top forms of loyalty marketing that you can consider offering to your customers.

Points system loyalty marketing scheme

This form of loyalty program includes things like frequent flyer miles. It allows you as a company to keep track of what the customer is purchasing and offer perks for certain visits and/or item purchases. You can use simple tracking methods such as a punch card when a customer visits and buys something or high tech forms of keeping track as well. What systems and forms of this will depend on what works for you and if you are  online vs. brick and mortar store.




Memberships loyalty program

This form of loyalty marketing will generally come with an upfront fee that is laid out for your customers. This form of loyalty marketing tends to work well and it gives customers the chance to choose what level member they would like to be if you offer a tiered system. A prime example of this membership would be Costco or Sams club memberships or VIP lounge memberships offered for flyers. You will want to make sure if you go this route that you have specific perks laid out upfront for your customers to see when they join the club.


Non-monetary perks and benefits

Taking full of advantage of this form of loyalty marketing is going to make sure that you understand your customer. What this perk involves is giving your customer a reward when they have met the guidelines that you have set, such as a sports store that offers to buy back items that are out of season or no longer fit as long as it meets parameters. This form of perk helps the customer and the companies as often times they can refurbish items and resell them online or through a special store department.


Social media loyalty

Social media marketing is one of the hottest growing trends in advertising and there is no reason that you should not be able to harness that within a loyalty program. You can offer things like special social media contests, games, flash sales and gifts to customers who have interacted with you. Don’t just use social media to advertise your goods, interact with customers and show them that you can also be loyal to them as a company it will keep them coming back.

Brand loyalty

The only real limit to the type of customer loyalty program you can use is where your creativity ends. These programs can be as unique to your company and business as you are in the industry. If any of the current listed customer loyalty marketing ideas don’t appeal to you, try your own idea. Many of the current loyalty programs that are widely used were first used as beta programs for a selected group of customers within a specific target group.

In an age where customers often times feel like they are just another face in the crowd and that they can go somewhere else for a better deal, loyalty programs are a must in order to keep them coming back to you. Along with offering excellent products or service with customer service that can’t be beat you need to let customers know they are important to you, because they are. If your customer base stops, shopping with you no matter what your business is it will begin to suffer, so everyone needs to have loyal customers. Whether you choose to have an expansive program or something simple as offering a 25% discount once your customer has spent a certain amount of money with you, programs work. Show your customers that you care about them and they will continue to come back to your company, making it a successful relationship for both of you.


For information about how you can better measure your marketing success, download your free copy of our ebook 'Closed-Loop Marketing' by clicking the link below:

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