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Find Success With Content Marketing

Posted by Amy Baker on May 30, 2014 6:00:00 AM

We have all heard the words, “content is king”. Your marketing strategy will fail if your do not have great content. In order to empower marketers and businesses to achieve success and attain measurable results, it is important to religiously follow the rules of content marketing. These rules apply for every industry across the board.


Do not create content for search results

What happened when the blonde walked into the bar, liquor store, restaurant, nightclub…… that is called keyword stuffing and is the biggest “no, no” when it comes to content marketing.  Content should not be created for the sake of Google. The aim of writing should be to provide value to your target audience as well as to your existing subscribers. Great content “speaks” for itself is sharable and will drive traffic to your site. This is not to say that you should not use keywords. When well placed, they will help with your SERPS but as soon as you start stuffing keywords, your content’s value will diminish both on Google and in the reader’s eyes. Remember that after you have created content you can recycle it if done correctly, learn how here.


Stick to your goals

Do not create something without first establishing what its goal is. Whenever you create something for your liquor store marketing strategy, have an end goal in mind. Whether it is an infographic, slideshow, blog post or even publishing an e-book; there has to be an end game in mind. For example, if you are trying to increase your market share, it will not be helpful to create a blog post that is copy pasted from other blogs. Do not be afraid to create something new so as to turn heads and get people talking about your brand or product.

Your content marketing strategy should have goals as its foundation. Identify what they are and use them to create a story behind everything you create. This will place you in the best position to achieve success.

Content Marketing for Business by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Do not be indifferent

Stand for something and never sit on the fence when it comes to decisions about your business. You cannot just “think” that your brand is the best; you have to know it without a doubt. You need to know that your product offers value that your competitor does not and care enough about your audience to know what it wants. Your aim should always be to entertain and provide your audience with what they need.


Do your research in order to find quality

Your audience is most likely to share content with others if it’s interesting. Research helps you to enhance your content by making it valuable. Look for quotes and statistics from experts or trusted individuals in your field. This is the best way to appear as a reliable and trustworthy source for information.


Write topical content

Reactive story telling is still one of the best success drivers in terms of liquor store marketing. Reactive story telling is very easy to do. Marketers combine their branding message with a trending story.

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Vigorously promote all the content that you create

The point of creating content is to share it. Your aim should always be to influence others so as to realize your goals. There is no need to create something if you will not share it with others. Today’s digital age provides marketers with hundreds, if not thousands of ways to promote their content and get it in front of millions of people.


Use Google alerts

Google alerts are an easy way for you to find out what is being said about your brand and by whom. When you know how your audience perceives you, it’s also a lot easier to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and be able to jump into conversations when necessary to clear up a misunderstanding or explain a position.


One of the superstars of liquor store marketing is Gary vanyerchuk. Gary decided that the wine industry was intimidating to the common man and didn’t provide much value. He delivered valuable, expert wine advice and grew a $4 million business to a $45 million franchise that includes books and blogs. This was done by simply creating a video blog with relevant and useful content.


For information regarding how you can utilize your content in an email format, check out our Email Marketing ebook by clicking the link below:

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Email Marketing Ebook For Business Owners

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Learn How to Use Facebook Advertising to Drive a Result

Posted by Amy Baker on May 27, 2014 6:00:00 AM

There are many different views when it comes to Facebook ads. Can you relate to any of the feelings below?

  1. I have tried Facebook ads before and they don’t work.
  2. I have never tried Facebook ads as I do not have the budget.
  3. I have tried Facebook ads and they have worked, but I would like to know how to get better results.

Keep reading if any of the statements above apply to you.

Facebook Advertising The 360 Degree Marketing Group

The effectiveness of your Facebook advertising strategy is dependent on 5 things:
  • Knowledge of your audience. Figure out where your audience spends the most time online.
  • Setting a budget before you begin advertising. Setting a budget will allow you to track the effectiveness of your ads. A set budget on a defined timeframe is the easiest way to determine the ROI you gain from your campaigns. Make sure you know the number of factors affecting the price before you get started.
  • Providing something your audience wants. Your ad must give your audience a reason to click on it.
  • Know your advertising terms. CPC, CPM, CTR can get confusing brush up on advertising terms so as to understand exactly what you or your social media manager is doing.
  • Keep track of your campaign. Tracking is vital, do not neglect this. Tracking allows business owners to know what is working and whether their investment is worth it.
  1. Convert ad dollars into aales as quickly as possible

While the number of fans that your Facebook page has is easy enough to improve, it should not be the focus of your campaign. The number of clicks your page receives that convert into sales is. Figure out the “money page” on your website and customise it to your ad. This way, every person who clicks on your ad is automatically directed there.


  1. Target your ads

Facebook allows marketers to laser target their audience. This can be done in two ways:

  • Precise interests: this allows marketers to advertise to users who have listed specific interests on their pages For example a user who has listed canoeing as a hobby can be advertised to by a small business that sells life jackets or oars.
  • Broad categories: this allows advertisers to target a large group of people. For example, soccer fans, or people who have a birthday in the next two weeks.
  1. Get into newsfeeds using promoted posts

The average post is only seen by about 16% of people. Promoted posts are a great way to get featured in people’s news feeds, which is where 70% of the traffic on Facebook is.


  1. Target decision makers precisely

You can use targeting to get in touch with people who have buying power, or a vested interest in what your company is selling. For example targeting people based on their occupation or job title e.g. CEO, Architects or dentists. Choose your audience wisely.

Facebook Advertising Audience The 360 Degree Marketing Group

  1. Use demographics

When you run any sort of ad, you try to target as many people as possible who have the same interests as your audience. Your friends’ actions dictate the type of information that they will show. Facebook uses two methods to do this,

  • Page suggestions
  • Newsfeed stories
  1. Create ads with calls to action

Pictures are a simple way to send a message, without necessarily using words. Your messages should be consistent and tell a story. Experiment and try something unusual to get more clicks. Calls to action can be a great tool if used correctly.


  1. Use Facebook campaigns to create better ads

The campaign manager and insights are an easy way to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Spend some time reviewing your ads and figure out which ones have the highest click through rates and why, then create versions of these ads and spread them around.


  1. Turn your “likes” into sales

You can and should post offers and promotions on your Facebook page and allow your audience to claim these incentives. The offer should not devalue your brand, but be good enough for your fans to share.


  1. Out-last your competition on Facebook

Facebook has more than 800 million users. Your Facebook advertising strategy should be to craft campaigns that will get you noticed. If your ads do not have a CTR, they will stop running on Facebook. To prevent this, monitor your ads and pause non performing ones before they hit rock bottom.


Running a Facebook competition is a great way to increase your fan base, awareness, and sales. For information on how Facebook competitions work, download your free case study by clicking the link below:

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Competition Case Study For Business Owners


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How to Effectively Run a Facebook Marketing Campaign

Posted by Amy Baker on May 23, 2014 6:00:00 AM

There are numerous useful techniques and tools that enable small businesses to run successful marketing campaigns. In order to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign, you have to understand the terms used in social media marketing.


Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank is similar to Google’s page rank. Its purpose is to determine the quality of your posts. The Edgerank formula includes:

  • Affinity: is described as the relationship between a user and the person who posted the update.
  • Weight: photos, videos etc determine the weight of a post.
  • Recentness: posts lose value as time goes by.

 Facebook Marketing Edgerank The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Businesses use "pages" and people use "profiles"

They can also contain apps and custom tabs. There is no limit to the number of fans a page can have or the number of pages a business can have.

You are only allowed 5000 friends per profile and 1 personal profile. You can choose the privacy settings of your page.


"Groups" are for people with a common interest and can be secret, open or closed

Members are allowed to upload files, collaborate on group documents as well as participate in chats.

You should also understand why you need to pay attention to this platform and the kind of environment that it provides.


Facebook marketing is young

Understanding the psychology of Facebook is imperative. It revolves around fun and every business needs to know what “fun” means to its audience. Word travels fast online and the best way to get noticed is to run ads that require collaboration or are in the form of a game. For example, Nike’s GPS app for runners allows runners to track the number of miles they run then share this information with their friends. This in turn lit their friends’ competitive streak and people all over the world were challenging each other. Mission accomplished! Facebook os one of the best social networds for teens, here are the other top contenders.


Facebook is a platform where people connect and share with other people

Engage in conversations and show your audience that you are a real person and that your business cares for their needs.


Your audience needs to feel empowered

Everyone wants to know that they are making a difference so don’t underestimate the power of a great cause. Give your audience control and autonomy over the recipients of your good deeds. By doing this, you take care of promotion as well as CSR.


Timing and spacing is critical

Facebook marketing for small business is all about timing. Considering that small businesses may not necessarily have a large advertising budget, knowing the optimal times to post updates is crucial. Also remember that too many posts may be viewed as “nagging” while too few may cause your users to forget about you.

Facebook Marketing and Facebook Post Timing The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Pictures speak louder than words

Big clear visuals are similar to a flying a flag, they get noticed better than text and more likely to be shared. Videos and pictures increase engagement.


Facebook marketing ideas for small businesses:

Promote your app using mobile app install ads

If you have an app and have an ad running on Facebook, take advantage of mobile app install ads. These ads are said to provide much better click through rates and are 45% cheaper than desktop rates. When users download your apps, it is safe to assume that your sales margins will increase.


Exploit Facebook’s new ad exchange, FBX

Marketers bid in real time to show ads to audiences based on their online behavior. This type of marketing gives businesses an amazing ROI rate. You will have to provide your own data though, as Facebook does not provide User information to businesses.


Cross promote

Increase your page visibility by telling as many people as possible about it. Link your page to as many sites or social networks as possible.


Use Facebook’s features

  • Vanity URL
  • Post Targeting
  • Pinned Posts
  • Highlighted Posts
  • Featured Likes
  • Custom Tabs
  • Events
  • Post Scheduler
  • Offers
  • Promoted Posts
  • Milestone
  • Questions

If you get stuck, use the help section in Facebook. Remember that your audience wants to know what’s in it for them. Provide value to your audience and be mindful of what you post. Campaigns that motivate and encourage sharing are the most successful as they make your audience your advocate. 


For more information on how you can make money using your Facebook fans, download your free copy of our ebook by clicking below!

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Fans Ebook for Small Business Owners

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How Liquor Stores Can Use Facebook Competitions To Generate Sales

Posted by Amy Baker on May 20, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Every Facebook page should have the ability to do two things. Firstly it should provide enough entertainment and incentive to keep people subscribed to your page and secondly it should attract people into your store. Social media marketing is only as valuable as what you get out of it. Advertising on Facebook only loses you money when you use it ineffectively.

The below liquor store Facebook tips below should help you to gain customers as well as awareness online.


Give people a reason to subscribe to your page.

A simple, cost effective way to keep your audience engaged and generate new likes is by offering free stuff. Free stuff does not necessarily have to be monetary in nature. You can provide your audience with recipes of the cocktails you offer. List all ingredients used and remember to add a photo of the finished beverage.

You can even go as far as stocking all the supplies necessary to make the cocktails and encourage your audience to come to the store to stock up on the necessary ingredients for a small discount. This opens up a new “business” for your store.

Facebook Competition or Contest for Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Ask poll questions

Chances are that every so often, a customer walks into your store and asks for a special drink. Custom orders are the norm at bars and liquor stores, and a savvy businessman will view this as an opportunity to expand his beverage menu.

Ask questions on your feed about the drink and post photos in order to get an idea of what your customers’ preferences are. Poll questions do not need to be complicated. A simple yes, no, or maybe question should give you all the information you need.


Advertise your products subtly.

One liquor store Facebook marketing tip that everyone should keep in mind is that sometimes, it’s best to use a little tact when promoting items. Do not be afraid to post an article you find online of a product that you stock at your store. This article will not look like advertising but will have the effect of creating an interest in the consumer’s mind of the product. This interest is exactly what is necessary for a customer to walk into your store so as to try the product out for themselves.

Liquor Store Facebook Competition


Run Facebook specific competitions

Keeping your subscribers glued to your page is a necessary marketing strategy. Running a liquor store Facebook competition, promotion or offering a discount specific to your Facebook audience is one way that businesses can do this.

You will most likely also get more “likes” if you have ongoing deals for your audience. A competition does not have to involve prize money. You can ask your audience to create a cocktail and post it to your feed. The drink that gets the most votes gets a prime spot at your store. This is also a great way to introduce new drinks into your store, without having to think too much about them.


Remember that the best way to keep your store in the mind of your audience is by posting regularly. Liquor store Facebook marketing only requires that you be creative and offer fun deals for your audience so as to keep them coming back. For a wider variety of marketing methods for liquor stores besides Facebook check out our blog specifically on that topic.


Discover how you can use Facebook to effectively market to your audience in our free tip sheet. Click below to download:

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Marketing for Liquor Stores Tip Sheet for Liquor Store, Bottle Shop and Bar Owners


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Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

Posted by Amy Baker on May 16, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Ever heard the saying, if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? If no one “likes” your update, does it count as a post?

Facebook updates are designed in such a way that the more interactions you get from a post, the more it gets seen by people. This is done using “edgerank”. Edgerank is sort of like Google’s page rank, but instead of links, it looks at popularity, relevance and “recentness” (when the post was first published). This then forms the basis of where your update will appear in people’s news feed. If your edgerank is low, chances are that people won’t see your updates.


Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

So how can you improve your Edgerank you ask?

A great way to do this is to post photos of drinks and food and always remember that great content is, and will always be, king!


The ideas below will also help you on your way to advertising stardom when marketing your restaurant on Facebook.


1. Offer an incentive

A Facebook advertising coupon is a great way to entice your audience to click on your ads, or even visit your restaurant.


2. Show off with great images

A picture is worth a thousand words and a great way to showcase your restaurant is to post photos. If your establishment offers drink specials, or a dish of the day, there is no better way to draw people into your premises than with pictures. Fans are also more likely to share photos. Behind the scenes videos also extends an invitation to your audience by providing them with a different experience.


3. Participate in a deal program

Facebook promotions are also a great way to achieve success in your marketing campaign. These types of promotions get customers into your business and once they are in front of you, it’s up to you to give them a reason to keep coming back.


4. Make use of current conditions

If there’s a heatwave, why not post a Facebook restaurant menu dedicated to frosty drinks and ice cream. Is it cold outside? Some steaming bowls of soup should do the trick. Football game going on? An offer on beer and sausages perhaps? Get creative and tailor your posts to the prevailing environment.

Facebook Advertising for Restaurants by The 360 Degree Marketing Group


5. Ask questions 

Find out what your audience wants on their plates. Base your questions around such topics as what kind of ambience they would like, or what accompaniments they prefer with their food. What constitutes a sufficient portion, and how long is too long when waiting for an order? Implement the suggestions made.


6. Get random

Sometimes, it gets hard to figure out what to say. Post a funny photo or generate a meme that will keep your audience engaged. Do not allow your page to remain stagnant just because you can’t think of something to say.


7. Give your audience some ideas

Other than just selling food to your audience, give them some simple tips and tricks that they can do at home. A series of such articles are also a great way to get links from other sites.


8. Let your audience know you and your staff

You can feature a chef, or a server every week or month. Support these features with a fun video or great picture of them in their element showing off what they do best. If you have the best bartender in town, be sure to include a video of him mixing drinks and some patrons drinking said beverages. This gives your audience the feeling that you aren’t just trying to get their money, but are offering an experience that they will remember with people they will love.


9. Offer classes

Dedicated fans can have a chance to visit your restaurant and experience firsthand what it takes to make and serve food in your restaurant. Off peak hours are a good time to do this, and if you can get consent, post videos of these classes onto you Facebook page to increase the number of “likes” and “shares” your updates get.


10. Focus on your region

If you are a local restaurant, focus on your location and provide your audience with information on your restaurants history. You can make this a re-occurring theme in your posts.

Be sure to integrate your content on all platforms that you use. Integration does not mean replicating the content on every channel but rather engaging in the most relevant way. This is the best way to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your restaurant.  


For more information on how you can make money using your Facebook fans, download your free copy of our ebook by clicking below!

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Fans Ebook for Small Business Owners

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Why Email Marketing Works So Well For Liquor Stores

Posted by Amy Baker on May 13, 2014 6:00:00 AM

With more fashionable venues such as social media and mobile marketing; which is now getting all the attention, email marketing has come to seem old fashioned and therefore assumed not to work. Some are even claiming it is dead.

Reality, however, disagrees! It has been found that when concentrating on content as a marketing strategy, email marketing becomes even more powerful than ever before, ironically, thanks to social media.

Email Marketing for Liquor Store by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Why would this be so?

Conversations are perceived to be more personal when you use email marketing as opposed to posting on a wall for all to see. The fact that the message reaches the user’s inbox makes it an invitation into “personal space”. It provides a direct line to the user, which allows for better conversion rates. No savvy marketer is willing to give up this invitation.


Email marketing is also very cost effective

What makes liquor store email marketing work? In a broad sense, email marketing can be classified as every single email sent to a current or potential customer. Therefore, whether you are following up on an order, or sending out an ad, or requesting business, you are email marketing. Every single correspondence you send should build loyalty, enable trust and ultimately spread awareness of your brand while being a budget marketing option.

Anyone who’s ever owned an email address knows all too well about spam, daily newsletters that waste time and fill up our inboxes as well as sales pitches that are just annoying to say the least.

Valuable information however, works. Offering something valuable to the user in exchange for their time tells them that they can trust you and that you aren’t just trying to get them to buy something. Valuable content deepens relationships. This is done through the effective use of the subject line and delivering niche specific content that is sharable.

Email Marketing for Liquor Store by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Types of liquor store email marketing:

As mentioned above, email marketing can be done using different types of emails.


1. Transactional emails

These types of emails are based on a customer’s already existing relationship. In order to be classified as a transactional email, the message’s main purpose should be to confirm or complete a transaction that had already been entered to by a customer. Order confirmations or email receipts fall into this category.


2. Direct emails

These are sent in order to communicate a promotion or announce an offer. These are the most well-known, and perhaps common form of email marketing. 


3. Opt-in email advertising

Also known as permission marketing, this type of email advertising requires the recipient to allow the advertiser to send them regular emails. The material sent is usually anticipated, meaning that the receiver knows that the email is coming and wants to receive it. With a foundation of contact information in your database liquor store marketing is much easier as the audience is interested in the product you want to offer them.


Bottle shop email marketing suggestions that work:

  • Content is really the most important asset when it comes to email marketing. Liquor store email marketing has the highest rate of response when compared to other marketing strategies with regard to business to business marketing as well as business to consumer marketing.
  • Buy or build your own list of emails then write an email advert. Send the list out and wait for the orders to start coming in. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It is, but the best way to do it is to build your own list, this assures you don’t get spammed.
  • Write your emails like you’re writing to a friend. Be as personal as possible and don’t use caps or colored backgrounds on text that you want to highlight.
  • If you do not receive a response immediately, do not resend the same email. Give it a while before creating another email to send. You will get results if you follow the rules.

If you can’t write the best copy, hire someone to do it. It will be worth the investment. If your emails do not provide unique value, chances are that they won’t be read. Give them something exclusive in return for their email. Send out a coupon, or discount code in your email so as to keep them interested in our product and willing to purchase it. 


Discover the marketing statistics that are most relevant to the Australian liquor industry by downloading your free infographic below:

Liquor Store Marketing Infographic for Bottle Shop Owners by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted by Amy Baker on May 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Facebook has over 845 million users, which makes the social network one of the top marketing tools for brands who are looking to market their products or services. Whether your business is established or not, marketing on Facebook does not need to be overwhelming or expensive, as there are simple tactics you can use to raise brand awareness. The cost of Facebook marketing is minimal.

Are you ready to talk to an audience of 845 million? The Facebook marketing tips below will get you on your way to the top

Facebook Marketing Tips by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

1. Use a vanity Facebook URL

Ensure that your URL is available by using a simple service called namevine. This software checks domain names and Twitter and Facebook extensions in seconds. Then, pick a simple and memorable name that relates, or is, your business name.


2. Distribute your content using a third party platform

It gets tiring and time consuming to log in and out of different networks to post content. There are third party platforms available that allow you to integrate all your social media profiles seamlessly so as to publish your content once, and then distribute it everywhere. Hootsuite is currently the most popular platform in use.


3. Build a Facebook community

The only way to turn leads into actual sales is by keeping your audience interested and engaged. Like ads, and promoted posts were created to help businesses who were seeking to implement their Facebook marketing strategies. As are not limited to the news feeds of your fans, and non-fans can like your page directly from the ad simply by clicking on it. 


4. Make use of Facebook applications

Small and medium sized companies do not have unlimited budgets for custom applications and promotions. However, a number of services, such as Northsocial are available that run on the 'freemium model' and provide the basic applications that every business needs. Marketing on Facebook will be much easier if you make good use of the tools available.


5. Provide local content

Nothing is more frustrating than landing on a page that’s written in a foreign language, or being enticed by a great offer, only to find that it doesn’t apply in your region. Target locals by;

  • Providing your audience with incentives to physically visit your store
  • Providing details specific to your audience’s location
  • Using Geo-targeting, even if you do not have multiple physical locations.
  • When targeting countries that speak a different language, change the language settings so that the different users see only the updates that are in their native tongue.


6. Create a QR code

QR codes can be easily created on Facebook in a matter of minutes. It is a simple and effective Facebook marketing strategy that can also be leveraged on napkins, coasters, billboards, magazines and a myriad of other marketing materials.


Facebook Advertising and Marketing by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

7. Buy Facebook ads

Most people imagine that buying ads will cost an arm and a leg but in reality, a budget of as little as $100 a month can be sufficient for a small company to make waves and get noticed. It is important to keep in mind that just because your ads aren’t “liked” doesn’t mean that they aren’t being seen.


8. Use “Custom Audiences”

Your Facebook marketing strategy should be simple: sell more. While buying ads will help to garner a larger audience, the custom audience feature allows you to target concrete leads. This is done by uploading your existing email list onto Facebook. When you create an ad, select the “custom audience” on the dashboard to increase your ads conversion rates.


9. Use Facebook insights

This is a great way to find out which updates get the most reactions from your audience in order to figure out how to increase your likes. It is also an easy way to present a report of your Facebook metrics. Simply export the data onto an excel spread sheet and filter the data according to your chosen metrics.


10. Engage with your fans

Enable your fans to engage and give feedback and ensure that you provide solutions and answers to their concerns. Writing on the wall is the easiest way to do this on Facebook, and will show your audience that you are engaged. 


For more information on how to make money using your Facebook fans, download your free copy of our ebook by clicking below:

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Fans Ebook for Small Business Owners


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Marketing To Gen Y: Liquor Store Marketing Tips

Posted by Amy Baker on May 6, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Even during a downward slump, it is a well known fact that the alcohol industry is always in business. It is the one industry that has been able to weather the storm of a slumping economy.

Generation Y has some interesting trends when it comes to their liquor purchasing and consumption habits. For many bottle shop and liquor store owners in the Australian market, this generation is vital to their business growth strategies. And in order to tap into this growing market, they need to understand them.

Liquor Store Marketing and Advertising, The 360 Degree Marketing Group

How can liquor stores capture the technology savvy crowd and boost their revenues?

In order to answer this question, some key facts about this generation first have to be understood.

  • Gen Y were generally born between 1980 to about 1990
  • Millennials will splurge on expensive products when they have the cash
  • They are not afraid to try out new products
  • Unique and foreign products appeal to them
  • They are not as loyal to specific brands, but will be more effected by the price point
  • They are proponents of new technology

Is it possible that this demographic can redefine the alcohol industry? The good news is that, this age group is willing to trade the cash they have for various wine and liquor, irrespective of the amount of expendable income they have.


So what is the best liquor store marketing idea for this demographic?

Build a brand, connect on the web and provide your audience with an experience they won’t want to forget. 


Marketing in the liquor industry

It is a commonly held belief that a struggling economy has no effect on alcohol consumption. Reduced disposable income and low morale is exactly the reason why more people would want to hit the bottle. During the good times, people want to celebrate their good fortune with a bottle or three of their favourite brand, whatever is going on with the world, the liquor industry wins.

The only shift is in the location that consumers choose to partake in their drinking sprees. Most consumers prefer to take their drinks home with them, as opposed to going to a bar. This is a logical step as you will spend less on a bottle of wine at the liquor store, than you would on the same bottle at a bar. Not to mention the extra expenses incurred.


Liquor Store Marketing to Millennials and Gen Y by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Liquor store Facebook marketing & internet essentials

Reasonable prices, a great selection, and a good location are simply not enough when it comes to generation Y. Yes, a physical presence is necessary but you will also have to find them where they are every single day: the web. Socialize with the community and become one of them, this is the best way to market yourself.

The internet is not just a place to socialize but is also a great place to put your liquor store marketing ideas into practice. Through social media, retailers can create a following of thousands which will translate into sales if you can create a relationship with them.

You have to create a traditional online presence too. Creating a domain that allows for the user to shop for items, and have them delivered to their doorstep makes things convenient for this generation. The key, however, is to provide all the necessary information about your store, as well as the services, without having to physically visit it.

In order for your liquor store marketing ideas to be effective on Gen Y, your plan has to be creative yet simple: an active presence on social media that directs traffic to your website, where the user can purchase products, or find incentives to physically visit your store. The visitors will then tell their friends of their experiences who in turn become your newest customers and so on and so on.

Ensure your store runs efficiently and stock popular items by using your relationships to learn what is “in” and what isn’t, so as to stay ahead in the game. 


Other great Gen Y marketing ideas can be found in our free Facebook marketing for liquor stores tip sheet. To download your free copy, and start generating more sales, simply click the link below!

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Marketing for Liquor Stores Tip Sheet for Liquor Store, Bottle Shop and Bar Owners

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Sample - How To Post

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on May 5, 2014 3:43:48 PM


Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps.

Begin your blog post by explaining what problem you are going to solve through your explanation and be sure to include any relevant keywords. Add in a personal story to establish your credibility on this topic. And make sure to end your blog post with a summary of what your reader will gain by following your lead.

Need some inspiration? Check out these "How-To" examples from the HubSpot blog:


Now deliver what you promised in the first section. This is the longest part of the post, so make it easy to read. Use short paragraphs, bullet lists, and bold headings to set different sections apart. 

Some common section headers include:

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Do Your Background Research on…

Step 3: First Steps for…

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Event Marketing for Liquor Stores

Posted by Amy Baker on May 2, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Heineken sets the bar for liquor retailers:

In 2007, Heineken decided to run a campaign that would energize its brand in Puerto Rico. The brand realized that they needed more than the traditional television ads to capture their audience. This led to the creation of a virtual universe called Heineken city, modeled to resemble a luxury residential development.

Property was acquired through engagement with the brand and the size of a user’s apartment depended on the amount of “Heikens” they had. These were points earned playing games on Facebook. The campaign wasn’t just virtual, but also extended into real life.

Players received welcome kits that included a “key” to their apartment: which could also be used as a bottle opener. Residents of Heineken city received a free email service using a Heineken domain, and winners of the various games earned VIP status to attend parties and events held by Heineken. The campaign generated over 10,000 loyal fans!

While you probably don't have a multi-million dollar marketing budget like Heineken, there are still a myriad of public relations efforts and events that could work for you and your store!


Heineken Marketing, Liquor Advertising, The 360 Degree Marketing Group

Liquor store public relations: a high-definition media and marketing ecosystem

The term “high definition media and marketing eco-system” was coined by advertisers to describe the new media landscape. Consumers are targeted not only online, but also in the real world. Digital marketing is not only cheaper, but is also leaps and bounds beyond television advertising in regards to allowing consumers to interact with you and your brand.


Consumers want to engage with your brand in a more meaningful way than simply being bombarded with messages to buy, buy, and buy some more.

Increasing profits, attracting new customers and boosting sales is what every liquor store owner wants. In order to expose customers to new products and encourage them to spend, you need to come up with imaginative reasons why they should come to your store. Special in-store events or innovative expense reduction techniques are some ways to help improve profitability.


Liquor Store Marketing and Events The 360 Degree Marketing Group


Bottle shop event ideas to increase your profitability:

1. Hold wine tasting events at your store location

You can introduce customers to wines by inviting winery representatives to your store. The representatives can teach your customers about vineyards and the different types of wines for different occasions. 

Wine tasting events not only draw people into your store, but they educate your customer base about your selection. People tend to stick to wines that they know; so this is a great way to expand their horizons and increase your average sale.


2. Bring in a professional mixologist

Invite a professional bartender to your store every once in a while to teach your customers how to mix drinks. The bartender can simplify cocktails for your customers using liquors stocked in your store. 

It is important when organizing events such as trainings and tastings that you market the event appropriately. Understand who it is you are trying to target and what their tastes are before you start planning the event.


3. Get active online and create a website for your bottle shop

Hire a professional to design a website for your business which is user friendly. Use the website to create an email list and spread information regarding your events.

You should also use your website to teach your customers about the different products on your shelves. Include links to reviews of wines and spirits. You can also provide a portal that will allow your customers to make purchases.


4. Use Facebook events and advertising

Facebook allows you to create events which can be promoted to fans and non-fans.

Whether your bottle shop is running an online event, in store event, or is running an event in conjunction with another brand or shop - Facebook's event tool is a fantastic marketing tool.


5. Run a liquor store competition

There are numerous ways to run a successful competition. Competitions can be run in store, on Facebook, on your website, or in a combination of the above. These are a great way to gather customer data; simply ask entrants to fill in a form which provides their phone and email address and then you can start utilizing email and sms marketing.

Competitions can also help in increasing your store's average basket size - by requiring entrants to have spent at least $50.00 to enter.


6. Get involved in your community

Whether it is through sponsorship, by taking part in a local event, or helping a charity, there are a huge number of community sponsorship options. Community events will not only get your business seen by attendees and members, but may also result in press. 


7. Get your store out there by attending expos

Expos are a fantastic way to generate brand awareness while also making money. Relevant expos will ensure that you are reaching your target market. By running a competition during the expo you can also collect email addresses and phone numbers for future marketing efforts.


Other great liquor store marketing ideas can be found in our free 'Liquor Store Marketing Tip Sheet'. To download your free copy, and start generating more sales, simply click the link below!

The 360 Degree Marketing Group Facebook Marketing for Liquor Stores Tip Sheet for Liquor Store, Bottle Shop and Bar Owners

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